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  1. ufk22

    VOG audible altimeter

    Got this a couple of months ago, but just got to jump it last weekend. I had to do some AFF recurrency evaluation jumps for some instructors. I had been using an old single tone Ditter and an Optima with different profiles for AFF student, AFF eval and regular jumps. I sold my Optima after five jumps with the VOG. Having altitude count down was not annoying. Not having to check my wrist mount for altitudes was great. The voice used IS annoying to listen to on the ground, but just right in free fall. Easy to hear, very clear. Much more precise than tones. The app is straightforward, it charges pretty quick, changing the settings would be easy, but why would you need to keep changing it? I kept my old ditter for a “stupid low save my life” alert. i would recommend this to every jumper.
  2. I have 3 static line jumps, some tunnel time and fly canopies with totally different flight characteristics. I fly a 95’ canopy loaded at “about” 2/1. Why don’t you just say “I have mad skill”.
  3. ufk22

    Stage 4 AFF repeat

    From what I know, the program appears to be structured about the same as USPA, just called level 2 rather than B, level 3 rather than C. If not, what are the advancement criteria for level 2 and 3? I would be disappointed (pissed off, really) with any AFF I that allowed a student to get through a release dive, let alone singe side, without first mastering hover control (proper body position, no backsliding, turn dampening).
  4. ufk22

    Stage 4 AFF repeat

    Leg position should get fixed in Cat B (level2) and Cat C1 (level 3). Can you describe your level 2 dive?
  5. ufk22

    Fear of Landing

    If the problem is gauging distance above the ground, landing downwind from something (wind sock, wind blade, anything) to give a reference of height can sometimes help. Obviously not always possible because of obstacles.
  6. ufk22

    Floor cushion in 182

    Too slippery.
  7. ufk22

    USPA Board Meeting

    And you missed the part where this was discussed by the board for over a year, at two prior meetings. Glad to know you checked into what research the board did prior. Who on the board did you talk to about that? USPA has been trying to get more of this kind of info, but no one wants to submit anything they aren’t required to. How many non-fatal incidents get reported? Don’t want to make the DZ look bad. Get over it.....
  8. ufk22

    USPA Board Meeting

    I don’t understand alll the fuss... A student can sue????? For an AAD fire????? This seems to go to the erroneous assumption that the instructor in there to save the student’s life. That is the student’s job. My job is to train them to proficiency. Maybe because is was trained S/L and trained S/L students for 20 years before I started AFF. As an AFF-I, I see my responsibilities being to train thoroughly on the ground, supplement this with hand signals in the air and assist with stability and deployment. If USPA can gain information from this reporting that allows me to do that more efficiently, great.
  9. ufk22

    AAD fires

    I’ve directly witnessed two AAD fires on student jumps, know of a half dozen more on student jumps, and have seen or heard of about a dozen on fun jumps at local drop zones.
  10. ufk22


    http://www.chutingstar.com/skydiver-smoke, good stuff http://www.paragear.com/skydiving/10000143/L1256/EG18X-MILITARY-SMOKE crap
  11. ufk22


    We’ve tried the new style demo smoke and had really bad luck, and 75% bad. Plan on going back to the traditional stuff even though it’s $30/pop. Anyone had good luck with the new stuff? This is the paradox of skydiving. We do something very dangerous, expose ourselves to a totally unnecesary risk, and then spend our time trying to make it safer.
  12. If you can find a DZ that will let you jump without a FJC refresh and at least one AFFI, do not jump there. Yeah, with 50 jumps and a 10 year layoff, it’s like falling off a bike..... A really BIG bike.
  13. ufk22

    Tunnel to AFF training BSR change

    The important question is exactly what training they received in the tunnel. As we see utilization of this BSR change increase over time, I think we will see the tunnel training items evolve. Exactly. Evaluating any training based on certain worst cases doesn’t work. Unusual for tunnel students to over arch. Basic tunnel training usually has students flying too flat. They probably weren’t trained adequately or whoever taught them was overcompensating for expectations of them flying too flat. Every program has some instructors that don’t train well and every program has dramatically changed training as the sport has progressed. Look at how tracking or turns used to be taught and remember how many more students did poorly when starting out back in the day. I spent a season as the lone AFFI at our DZ, a small S/L operation. Never took a student that hadn’t completed C-2 (1st clear and pull with S/L, 6th jump). Some were really boring and some were a shit show but this didn’t mean the program was dangerous, just variations in students and differences in advancement standards with different instructors. I agree that having two instructors for the first jump has advantages but disagree that only one is not safe. And, if any student managed to “chuck me” by arching hard I’d be re-evaluating my own methods, not the program that trained them.
  14. ufk22

    Tunnel to AFF training BSR change

  15. If your description of what happened is accurate, this doesn’t sound like a toggle fire. Without video, you will never know. What you do know is you executed EP’s and lived. Quit second guessing yourself.