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  1. White privilege?
  2. Yeah Canadian Roger, it's been a while man! I didn't mean to put words in your mouth, I was referencing when you said: so yeah, you didn't quite say 'impossible to define'. I gotta say that like most others on here, I pretty strongly disagree with your points on wokeness and racism in America. It comes across as the same BS of 'my life hasn't been a nonstop cavalcade of blowjobs and free money, so white privilege doesn't exist'. As a straight, white male I've still got plenty of challenges, but there are some people who have more. I'd say the generally accepted definition of 'woke' is being able to admit that. I've lived in several different countries as well, having had residences in Canada, US, Venezuela and Mexico, as well as spending significant chunks of time in several others. To say the US is the least racist country almost had me choking on my Timbits! Not to say that there aren't problems elsewhere, but I've not seen some of the brazen BS that I see in Texas and southern Louisianna oilfield shops anywhere else. YMMV
  3. As others have pointed out: you come on here saying woke is impossible to define and fairly cultish. When people tell you that they are woke, not in a cult and spell out their definition you ignore it and regurgitate BS from organizations that make their money by scaring folks like you about the woke monsters coming to indoctrinate your children!!! It's a pretty odd thing to witness, really. I think we used to jump together at SDD back in the day. Are you Robert V?
  4. What utter gibberish.
  5. Isn’t cancel culture GREAT?!?!?!
  6. Would you prefer he be deported, or imprisoned and live off the taxpayer's dime? How do you recommend such cases be handled?
  7. For shits and grins, I think I found the referenced story after some googling: "CBS Mortgage Revamp". Within the CBS article, it says that the change "is causing consternation among some mortgage professionals". It's evidence for this consternation is a New York Post article, linked from the main article. Bottom line is that this doesn't do what your media sources say it does. There are specific cases where a high credit score borrower could pay more than they do today, and some where they could pay less. The change will have winners and losers (from what I can see, the winners outnumber the losers, as should be the case in policy changes). Right-wing media instinctively jumps on this to paint the losers as "Joe Everyman being screwed by Biden", and gullible followers jump on the red meat.
  8. lippy


    How meta would it be if slim actually IS a trophy wife????!!!????
  9. So my 73-year old mother has been fighting the great fight against cancer for about 6 years. It seems that cancer just recently got the upper hand. I got the word on Friday morning that things were bad. From leaving my house in North Texas @ 5am Saturday to get to Northern Cape Breton was 4 airports, followed by a 6 hour drive and 30-hours total to walk into the hospital and see a literal ring of skin cancer crawling up my mother's neck: far more aggressive and gnarly than it was a week ago, although she's still awake, alert, and bitching at me for cancelling a work trip to come home to see her. I'm not fishing for sympathy and I don't do 'thoughts and prayers'....Just all this to say hug your Mom and get home as often as possible, before the possibilities run dry. Can't help but think that this may be my last trip to Cape Breton. If you'd love to visit one of the most beautiful places in North America, come check it out. The 'world famous' Cabot Trail that people come from all over the world to drive was just 'the road' when we were growing up...never appreciated the beauty of the place when I was seeing it out of the school bus window, but it's definitely one of the most beautiful parts of the world I've had the good fortune to see.
  10. Once, several years ago, my wife asked me this question. I instinctually, instantly deleted that section of my memory and I think that was the best decision for everybody involved.
  11. lippy

    VP debate

    When I clicked the 'NEXT UNREAD TOPIC" button in 2023, this popped up. I started reading out of interest and thought it might be worth bumping to see what our collective impression was of Trump/Pence back then. The last post about Springer pushed it over the top.
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    I’ve got not back-channel comms and all my tin foils is utilized in non hat-related applications, but I am impressed with his seemingly incessant ability to post bullshit
  13. lippy


    He posts videos from Belarusian and Pakistani accounts claiming that they're absolute proof of Ukraine's demise. Just take a look at the history of Youtube videos from those accounts: they've been predicting the imminent collapse of Bakhmut for months now.
  14. Thanks for catching that one (those two?), my mistake.
  15. lippy


    So once people pointed out that a bio-lab most-often a pretty benign, even benevolent operation, you've upgraded Ukraine to being infested with NAZI BIO-LABS!!!!!!!
  16. You mean they're gonna lose tactical sunglasses, MyPillow and at-home catheters?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Ohhhhhh Noooooooooooooooooooo.
  17. Just popped over to bullshit mountain, aka Fox to see what they had to say about it. Their homepage has 3 links to stories about Don Lemon being dropped by CNN, but not a mention of Tucker. Keeping their readers in blissful ignorance is what they do best….
  18. I don't believe that's the case. From what I understand, the law says that in a public place, or even on your own property but outside the house, there's a 'duty to retreat' as the first means of defence before resulting to deadly force. If the attacker makes that not an option then the use of deadly force is justified. If somebody is attacking you inside your home, the use of deadly force is justified. I'm no lawyer and I'm just parroting what I found in 5 minutes of the Goggles, but that seems to be what is stated on several NY law offices' descriptions and what I can understand from perusing NY State law 35.
  19. lippy


    Yeah look at that massive jump in 2020; whoever was president then sure was doing a shitty job
  20. I guess stranger things have happened...I don't see Trump switching from making accusations that DeSantis was grooming high school kids to inviting him to be a running mate, but I've also never accused the man of being a sound decision-maker.
  21. 2016 taught me to never make political predictions, but if I were a betting man I'd say DeSantis is spent. He doesn't have the skills or the guts to take a meaningful stance against Trump; Trump is going to dance a jig on DeSantis' political grave while DeSantis continues to bow to the alter of Trump in order to not piss off the base, while simultaneously trying to take tiny pot-shots at Trump in order to frame himself as an alternative. It'll do nothing but piss off everybody involved and embolden Trump for having taken down his biggest challenger....That'd be my prediction, if I was into the whole prediction game
  22. Yeah, and once we hit 13 we realized what those other plants were, and started raiding those instead
  23. That’s a pretty telling phrase right there. I dunno…this is the most that people have been talking about Bud Light in a while. I’d be willing to bet a few people have checked it out due to the coverage, and most likely the snowflakes who stopped drinking it in protest just switched to another A-B product. Did you know, the company still makes money even if you buy their shit with the intent of driving a steam roller over it?
  24. Two quotes from the same guy....There's either some big swings in the standards he holds people to, or he's just a troll who doesn't like trans ppl.
  25. Would you expect any less?