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  1. Curt, I hope you've got that in the mail by now. We check the each day with GREAT anticipation. T
  2. Right, Anti-inflammatory like Motrin or Ibuprofen, Ice and Ice massage is good, Didn't know about the brace, I always use athletic tape (cloth tendons) But it's best to stop doing what aggravates or it may never heal. Healing time can be anywhere from 3 or 4 days to never. No alcohol, I made that one up.
  3. Don't think so. Doesn't seem like I've been jumping a long time, just a good time :-) Heard you can't patent an idea.
  4. EVOLUTION STAINLESS is the Hot Setup Of course Freefall Accessories make more expensive altimeters, I just get off on stainless steel. The lifetime transferable warranty is hard to beat. It's a fine instrument. T
  5. > I think he left out he word "not" Thanks guys T
  6. Always liked this picture of Mark Schlatter over Indianapolis Raceway Park. Definitely pre 1999, more like 1899. I mean 1989. T
  7. I'm not pleased with any of the advice you've received so far. Is that some kind of lubricant? If so I'd like to hear a master rigger weigh in here but if it were mine I'd disassemble immediately and inspect reserve. Thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the ripcord housing and ripcord. Then wash the container in Woolite and cold water using a soft bristle brush to work on that stain. Return components to a rigger for inspection ASAP, especially the reserve canopy and tell what happened. Then reassemble. This is your reserve and reserve container, take no chances. I find those pictures alarming. (obviously) I don't lubricate my reserve ripcord or housing. I just clean it. Let a Master Rigger have the final word. T LaVonne AFF/ I
  8. That is not a hamster. It's a Guinea Pig making a tree landing.
  9. When we edit a video that we hope everybody will enjoy, it helps to use songs that have a high recognition factor. Songs that most people young and old already know and like. (not an easy task) When looking for some good CRW songs it doesn't take long to realize that ALL songs are written about CRW so it's good to know whatever the editor chooses will relate. The music selections made will certainly say a lot about the editor that chose them so choose wisely. Probably didn't realize that setting music to video was such serious business did you :-) Well, excellence in any field is serious business. We gave all the songs suggested above a listen and enjoyed them all, except that one. We REALLY did not like that one even if the guitarist did hit some fine licks. Oh well, there's no way to please everybody so have at it and have fun. The right combination can be very rewarding. Mest - I Melt With You
  10. Because a freepack is easier more reliable and consistent for experienced jumpers doing short delays. The 2 pack jobs in the picture would be a good way to tear up your gear and get yourself and your buddies hurt. We learn about snag hazards in the FJC.
  11. BS Your scared shitless of CRW. Big kids, little kids, kids who climb on rocks! Fat kids, skinny kids, even kids with chicken pox love CRW!
  12. Laurie just walked in the door with a brand new pair of Neumann's She's the BEST ! T
  13. pds made a pretty nice dive designer there. Never thought it would design a jump like this but, it did. Good Program. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. Any similarity to actual people is purely coincidental. V V V V V V
  14. It would be great to have a Wing Load Calculator link up top of our CRW Dog forum like the swoopers forum have! Thanks, T
  15. "With all Russian technical know how, You'd think they'd cut the grass." ------------------------- Not everyone is obsessed with keeping grass a half inch tall. Great video, we really enjoyed it! T
  16. I pull enough extra of the closing loop through the last grommet so that I can put in the pin, easily press the loop against the grommet, and extract the pull-up without any resistance at all. ----------------------------------- Sure, that's a great trick. Makes a closing loop last a long time. I thought everybody knew that gutted 550 was the best pull up cord. What do you think we did with all those 7TU's and T10's we took out of service? Those wide ribbons are fun but good for absolutely nothing except advertising. Some have even been hurt when they break and they punch themselves in the face and some have been hurt badly when they tried to make some makeshift dive loops out of them. Pull up ribbons are just for fun, not for utility. If you feel the need for a sissy pad just make your 550 pull up long enough to wrap it around you hand twice.
  17. CReW

    Tiny compass

    Yep, Me too. Cheap little globe compass works just fine. At a new airport it will tell you which way is north. In the aircraft it can tell you when your on jump run without looking out the window. In the clouds well, I've never been in any clouds.
  18. Mike Goodin Amanda Goodin Jim Goodin Johnny Goodin WOW. Very Cool! Congratulations Amanda. I'll bet that's the best jump Mike ever made. BlueSkies for sure, T
  19. GOOD idea Homer, Guarantee you'd be welcomed with open arms. T
  20. Coming off the top just high enough to miss the guy below you then nailing those front risers dropping you down into the burble brushing your buddies tails with you nose as you go by hoping you gain enough forward to put you right in your slot is certainly a lot of fun, and I love it. I think the best rotation teams are turning away JUST far enough to nail the opposite control putting them right where they want to be. That avoids any dirty air and leaves nothing to chance, when it doesn't work they know exactly why. But this game is still young enough that quite possibly the fastest method has not been thought of yet so have at it, and have fun! T