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  1. Thank you guys-really help me out whit the news.Btw im also become huge fan of tracking.
  2. Any news about Monotrack suit?
  3. Thanks Jarno,on 31-th of July i have a Birthday..Surprice me :) :)
  4. Im also checking is there news about Monotrack..not much yet :)
  5. Well to be honest-this is not mine picture but i use it for example.Friend has a workshop in his garage.You just need strip of light and strong metal,and and several rivets.There is nothing complicated and just look at the model and adjust it according to your preferences. Cheers
  6. In my case-works perfect and it cost me nothing :)
  7. Guess you've seen this video already? :)
  8. What's new?Pf did that before a year..
  9. Where is the ''new" suit?
  10. WOW!!! Can't wait to finally see this DVD!!
  11. 137 jumps-i had already Prodigy from internet.In Bulgaria there is no any wingsuit pilot(not instructor)so i start by my own.So i start like that but, Prodigy is really perfeckt beginer wingsuit.Yes it took me 3 mouts of talking to proove that i can jump whit,but now i jump Vampire =)Try Prodigy. Best best regards Paco
  12. Hey hey Brendon,look like you got new baby a?hahahh Best best regards from Bulgaria-the worst hiker in the world:Plamen
  13. Andy was jumping all the time whit his Trigger in ITW during the easter-thing i have in on video somewhere.Every time he was high above the landing is a such a good suit Paco
  14. she is great but prefer black and orange colors -original PF stile.Hope seen it in Brento during easter. paco