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  1. Be on good behavior. Better than you would at your home dropzone. Don't drink to much. Less than you would at your home dropzone. Less drinking = more and better jumping = more fun. Stay hydrated and eat good. Get plenty of sleep. Stay smart, stay alive.
  2. Bet RALPH at Western Parachute Sales has two. I heard he has at least 2 of everything.
  3. Didn't anybody ever do the car / parachute thing successfully?
  4. I sent my RW Triathlon 160 to Aerodyne for a reline. They replaced Spectra 500 lines with Spectra 725 and put the brake line mod on it. When I got it back openings were so hard I put 4 or 5 jumps on it and never jumped it again. My Lightning opened softer than that thing. It's still in a box back there. Never found out what the deal was but I never heard of anybody else having the same issue. If I had to do it again I'd go with the Spectra 725 and keep the original brake line configuration. That Triathlon didn't have that many jumps on it but my solution worked out to be, replace it with a 9 cell.
  5. Dar Robinson was the greatest. What I remember the most was his 311 foot world record high fall into an airbag in 1979. As someone who made a couple 101 foot high falls I found 311 feet to be almost impossible to believe but, I have it on video! Dar also broke through a candy glass window backward from Atlanta's Westin Peachtree Plaza hotel for a 220 foot airbag fall. He was so funny in Lethal Weapon I laugh every time I see it. That and the first to do the plane to plane stunt makes Dar the greatest stunt man of all time in my eyes.
  6. I'm a diver and the motion of raising your arms and locking your hands together over your head in preparation to enter the water is easy when standing on the ground. Take the ground out of the equation by putting your body in freefall and you've got something entirely different. By removing your body from the earth you've lost mechanical advantage and the muscles that helped you when you were connected to the ground are now working against you or at least in your way. That's why divers work on shoulder flexibility. Whenever you remove your body from the ground you've lost mechanical advantage. You won't be able to reach as far as easy, you won't have as much strength at your disposal and you will not be able to push or pull as hard. As a diver I realized this early on. Why is it so much harder to get my hands over my head in the air than it is standing on the ground? As a jumper the older I get the more painfully obvious it becomes. What I'm going to do about it is keep working on my flexibility by stretching slowly and patiently every day. Every other day won't get it. If my main handle becomes too hard to reach I'll have to change it or move it to a more convenient location.
  7. New kind of Velcro? I hadn't seen that. Wouldn't want it on my risers but bet I could find a use for it.
  8. Topdock can always use a little CRW experience!
  9. But not a new idea, I've been jumping them for give or take 20 years. OK Ian, It was just a matter of remembering where I put the picture. Racer Risers 3.0
  10. The takeaway here is, if you never want to worry again about you're brakes firing when you don't want them to, get yourself some Racer Risers with Snap Toggles. Whenever I get a new rig the first thing I do is order a set. If you've never used them you don't know what you're missing. See Ya Soon Win.
  11. I never understood why everybody doesn't jump Racer Risers with Snap toggles. Totally eliminate the worry of premature break release. I jump them on all my rigs, Javelin, Wings, Racers. I made 60 jumps in a row without setting my brakes, no problem. A little slower than normal but very orderly. I don't recommend that but have considered it with my Firebolt.
  12. The Wing Load Calculator link is not functioning.