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  1. I love downsizing threads!! Let me come to your DZ, and if you can pull off the sickest shit on your 190 and get the most performance out of it, by all means, go and dowsize. If not, you're a clown, bro. You're that guy that sucks balls at skydiving, but tries to compensate by going out and getting the smallest container possible to create the illusion that you're more experienced than you actually are. You're not fooling anyone though. I chased you all over the sky as you backslid, because your body podition looks like that of someone with advancing cerebral palsy.
  2. Kind of seems like a little bit of chicken little syndrome is going on here within the skydiving community... A. Jump planes are not filing IFR flight plans, because if they had to, you wouldn't be jumping. B. My DZ isn't even within controlled airspace, so who the hell would even enforce the fee? C. Congress has already voiced their opposition to the bill.
  3. Yep, ditto on the $10/minute. I'm always in the tunnel within 15-30 minutes, but the one time I had a problem getting in quickly was on a Friday. As far as coaching, the guys at iFly are just as or even more qualified to make sure you continue to progress in the tunnel. Every time I go, the instructors have always been more than willing to offer instruction or hop in and show me how to do something. Just let them know what you're working on and I'm sure they'll help you out. Do make sure to tip... trust me it goes a long way.
  4. That is very disappointing indeed because the Perris tunnel is much bigger than Hollywood, but at 120 mph, just a waste for anyone more than 150 pounds.
  5. iFly Hollywood for sure. I can fly with my own jumpsuit in their tunnel and I heard they just recently increased the max speed... powerful little tunnel.
  6. I mentioned that Vegas locals had nothing but bad things to say about Skydive Vegas because they have a bad attitude towards experienced skydivers... I never said it was a bad place to do a first jump.
  7. That sucks. Yeah if the tunnel is maxed out at belly flying speeds, I wouldn't even waste my money. Perris has a tunnel with the same problem and they try to compensate by putting you in a big ass jumpsuit.... kind of defeats the purpose since you're trying to learn to fly your body :-/
  8. I have maybe 5 hours of tunnel time, so from my limited experience, I can tell you that it will magnify bad body position x100. Sometimes I still catch myself having to remember to put my shoulders and head back to create some huge lift. Most people don't realize that their rig creates some lift, so get those shoulders back to create more surface.
  9. From what I understand, people in Vegas jump at Mesquite, plain and simple. Skydive Vegas is just a tandem factory and I've heard nothing but bad things from experienced jumpers.
  10. Do your parents know you're gay?
  11. There is no difference in flying characteristics between ZP and ZPX. Only difference is that it packs about one size smaller smaller. I'm sure someone will come on here and split hairs, but I've flown a Pilot ZP and Pilot ZPX and noticed zero difference between the two.
  12. "rang the doorbell at 10:00 pm before realizing that I'm a bald brown indian dude in a jumpsuit with glowsticks duct taped all over. luckily they were cool about it and let me use their phone. Quote of the day "what the hell are you people doing jumping out at night"...seemed like a good idea at the time." LMAO. Great stuff, man.