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  1. I never missed a dummy pull and I credit my Instructor for that. She made me practice actual dummy pulls on the ground 150 times. GroundChuck said you can practice it on the ground or in the air but it's cheaper to practice it on the ground. I believe practice is the key. Proper Practice Prevents Poor Performance T
  2. Got to love those Pioneer jumpsuits. Anyone have a decent XL they wouldn't mind selling? I'd jump the crap out of it. T
  3. Well, yesterday was probably a better day for paragliding then for skydiving anyway.
  4. Wow, not what I remember at all. Except of course,
  5. Heck, Parachutist wouldn't have printed it then. Anybody remember what team won that meet? I think I do. T
  6. > Scott, My thought is the most important, valuable and accurate input you'll get will come from your Mom. (real family) Your Mom is the one that is REALLY on your side. You caused her a lot of worry, pain and grief so if you have her blessing to do more BASE jumping and you don't mind dying go for it. If not, better stick to real skydiving.
  7. The elf picture is absolutely horrible; no amount of color will do anything for that. The artist may have some talent but needs to scrap that attempt, make some jumps then try again. You got to pay your dues if you want to sing the blues. On the other hand I've enjoyed Rickerby's work for years and even have some of it around the house here. I'd guess many do and don't even know it. But, just to upset everyone evenly I'd say Rickerby's picture has possibilities. Those bones may be landing at a DZ but he's obviously swooping molten lava in the fiery depths of a DZ in HELL. Now, I'll be out of town for a while as I'm heading for the hills. BlueSkies
  8. As we circled at 17,500 it was NASA that radioed our Otter. "We have lift off of STS 113." So, out the door we went. As a gymnastics instructor from Bedford Indiana, T flew down beside Space Shuttle Endeavour on his way to Earth. There was another Bedford Boy aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour, Kenneth D. Bowersox on his way to Orbit and the International Space Station. The two Hooisers pass in the night.
  9. CReW

    What movie?

    Yea, you'd almost have to remember it.
  10. CReW

    What movie?

    Probably no one would have gotten it anyway.
  11. CReW

    What movie?

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show but you should get one before you give one.
  12. CReW

    What movie?

    John Candy, Blues Brothers "You keep putting things off until tomorrow you'll find you've collected nothing but empty yesterdays."
  13. Wow, so an average person has a 50% chance of living if they jump into water from 90 feet? I believe it. I assume a BIG person will hit the water a lot harder then a small person. Yes, a small person will slip into the water like butter down a hot tube and a big guy will take quite a beating from the same jump. Better press them buns together and arms nailed to your side when you hit. Nice pictures Calvin, BASE jumpers always have great pictures. T
  14. Pictures? Of the cliff jump not the ass.
  15. Holy Friggen Cow, I know exactly who that is. It's just I didn't remember any of us EVER being that young. And I thought I remembered everything. Thanks for not giving it away. PM Sent
  16. CReW

    Guitar Hero

    That's too bad, Version 1 was HOT if your like 12 to 14 years old. The kids got off easy though.
  17. Actually I do remember a story or two, it's just that they are so unbelievable. I'm beginning to think the Humboldt Hummers really DID exist. Thanks Jon T
  18. Come on Jon, I'm sure your memory is not as sketchy as you let on, tell us what you know. Did the Humboldt Hummers really exist?
  19. > Scanned from an 8X10 Carl gave me. Yea, Roger's there and Trevor at 6 o'clock.
  20. Right Zing, Trevor was a Sphincter Brother. Was fortunate enough to receive a visit from Trevor shortly before... We rode the tractor, enjoyed the farm, hung out in the woods. Couldn't start to describe all the jumps we made. Harness hold students, Trevor invented AFF Ya know. All those night jumps, once Trevor covered himself with cool lights and when they crawled out most of the cool lights blew off. Of course away we all went from the chase plane chasing cool lights. I looked up and saw the base still on the plane, they got a 4 way :-) Team jumps, demo's. I vaguely remember that bicycle with the flat tires story I think. North Vernon maybe? I'll never forget the last jump I made with him, 4 way pre star with Ben, me, Trevor and Bird followed by a really nice 25 way, Dick Pigg was there too. All Trevor would talk about was that 4 way :-) Trevor is the only Sphincter Brother not still with us. I miss him something fierce. Howard Sphincter Photo by Carl Nelson
  21. Wrong, you better look again. and that's Davy Jones. The Man Who Don't Drink Beer.
  22. Who in this picture least resembles a Hippie?