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  1. Jumperintheair

    New DZ in VIRGINIA.

    Kool...thats where Jim Couch and the West Point gang are moving correct? So I guess no more skydiving at the point?
  2. Jumperintheair

    Skydive Delmarva

    I jumped in Laurel half a summer in 1997 when in was under a different owner (Gordon Riner). The place was very busy, loads flying from sun up to sun set (and maybe a bit past sunset ;), always lots of tandems, aff, plenty of fun jumpers of all different experience levels, ect. I went there a few times this summer (2011) and can not believe how slow the place is. The Twin Otter is nice, but rarely if ever turns loads around. The pace is very slow, fly a load, land, wait 20 minutes, then put the next load on a 20 minute call. As a fun jumper your lucky to get 4 jumps in a day just cause loads don't fly that often, and they often stop jumping as early as 3-5pm. The pilot is very bitter and rude to the fun jumpers and seems to hate flying. The facilities are old and outdated (same exact facilities as 1997, which at that time were showing there age) The only change I saw (other than lack of business) was they added a wooden 'shed' which serves as manifest. Was sad to see the place as gone so far done hill from my 1997 visit.