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  1. Thanks for posting this picture, Sal, and thanks even more for the condolences. We both had a great time with you that Christmas while painting the mural at La Juilliana. We're all going to miss him, but I think we should feel lucky to have been there to witness him spreading his "Rickerby Magic". What a beautiful gift he gave us all! Take care -Jennifer Rickerby
  2. This creation speaks volumes on how he viewed life, I'm thinking. ltdiver Funny thing about this one, "Ode to My Liver" is that the autopsy proved his liver was healthy, as were all other organs except his lower bowel, which wasn't his fault! He was wrong! You are right about his view on life though- at least HIS life. He had cancer at age 21 and had been told he wouldn't live another 5 years- so for the next 30 years he lived as though any day would be his last!
  3. Change of RICKERBY Memorial in ENGLAND! Dear all, Due to an unforeseen circumstance, I regret to inform you that there is going to be a change in date for David's memorial party in England. I'm presently considering the event to take place on Saturday the 6th of December, however, I have not yet been able to make this firm. Please keep an eye on this thread for further notice as to when it will happen. The DeLand event still has not been firmed yet either, but will be taking place sometime after the new year. Love to everyone, Jennifer Rickerby
  4. Dear Family and Friends, It brings me great sorrow to let you all know that my beloved David has passed away. Although this news may be distressing, I want you to know that he died peacefully in a Jamaican paradise, just as he would have wanted. His death happened suddenly on the 30th of October, around 3:00AM, due to a twisted bowel. No one was aware, including himself, that he was predisposed to this. He had complained only the night before of lower abdominal pain, which he attributed to "bad water." Nevertheless, he refused to listen to my plea (and that of others) for him to go to the hospital. I guess he thought he would be able to fight it, just as he fought so many other conditions before. He was a survivor, and he believed that he was. As most of you may know, David did not want a funeral or a wake. I've arranged instead a memorial party for family and friends, which will be held on Saturday, 22 November at the home of his lifelong friend and brother, Peter Coker, in London, England. Everyone is invited to attend. I realize that not everyone will be able to travel to this event so I'm also arranging a memorial bash to be held at Skydive Deland sometime after the new year. I will send more information when details are firm. Memorial Party in England for David John Rickerby Saturday, November 22, 2008 starting at 3:00 PM 54 Lowther Hill Forest Hill London, Essex SE23 1PY Telephone of Peter Coker: 0208 690 6522 Telephone of Jennifer Rickerby: (770) 498 8196 -USA I'm looking forward to seeing all of you there. All my love, Jennifer Rickerby
  5. type the word cleanig into the search for box and click go or hit enter.
  6. "what cool night for a skydive" you had to be there. you know who you are. Lmfao.
  7. all correct. i would expect no less from you Jack i hope you are doing well mate pm me
  8. It has to be after 79. i took the photo and my first year there was 79. so i think maby 80. Jonnie and chriss are correct.
  9. You got some of them the date is wrong, i think the other people will be a supprise. and who is the missing guy or gal. are you a brit? z hills is right but which owner?
  10. i found an old box of photos, so look out. oh and who is missing from the picy.
  11. I don't recall any crazy people in Deland.
  12. Hi Bill how are you doing. i remember being in the loft at Deland packing with Billy, when you walked in with this weird new harness junction clip on thingy. and you were raving about changing the sport of skydiving. it was almost midnight and you were cracking us up you were so exited. still makes me laugh.
  13. the first jump on the tandem system for bill booth. it may even be the first tandem. not counting bean pole etc. it was shot by Norm Kent, so i dont think handycam.