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  1. Blevins I am FED up. You came to this thread and your story was in shambles and even I tried to help you. YOU never EVER read back to the origin of the story I told other that SKIP"s contributions to 101. YOU shut down the DZ as an investigative tool. NO one wants to hear anymore about KC unless it is NEW information. You repeat the same ole same old & every one just wants you to go away. You have caused me to have to repeat myself & you used up this valuable tool to SELL a damn BOOK. U Know KC was not and could not be Cooper. THE DZ is fed UP with You and with Cooper - because YOU will not allow a discussion to be made with out promoting your book. YOU make me and everyone else to have to repeat and be boring...YOU stopped all of the investigation that was going on. NO one wants to deal with you. My posting would be a fraction of what they are IF we didn't have to expend time dealing with the PROMOTION aspect of your book and your story about a man U never met - NOT to mention that your witnesses have a way of going POOF! IF they really exist why do they not come here to defend YOU. YOU have single handedly closed this thread - you have ignored all of the warings... The regulars are fed up with the promotions & the constant REPEAT REPEAT to sell a book. The only reason it has been allowed to go on - is because there was hope beyond all hope that someone would come forward and say - my grandfather had a picture of that guy! NO one ever expect writer to come here to promote or create their books - how many book have been written in the yrs since I first came to the DZ - but NO BOOK by JO nor has Jo EVER attempted to profit by this.... Guys if the thread is shut down - would some of you regular DROPZONE posters contact not by PM, but by my regular email address as I am sure they will make sure I do NOT start up another thread. I came to the DZ hoping for closure & that closure is coming - but I can no longer deal with Blevins or Bruce. I did actually talk to the FBI today - but, they want the pictures and the things I am not good at putting together. ANY ONE know some one who can do this for me in my area - let me know. The agent tells me to mail it to them - but, I think a better thing is to MAIL it to the witnesses and the main characters a few days before the FBI gets theirs.. 377 tell SNOWMAN I need his help - TELL him I caught the things back then - but I didn't know how to handle it. Tell him to send me very thing he has on HALE and all of the other camps from 1942 to late 1943...I need pictures pictures pictutures. My private email is [email protected] I think we can put that in the thread? At least I am not advertising a book - I just good straight honest answers... I need anything I can get my hands on about the camps from 1942 to 1943 in the Colorado area...Pictures - Pictures - and names - especially NAMES. Where they are now if still alive and if deceased date of and anything they can tell me about any guys working the camps - like Hale and the salletite posts. Names of the occupants and the prisnoners and stories about how the prisoners (american boys gone wrong) how they were treated in the camps...I know Duane did well - he was a likeable person If we kept the tread and could only talk about ACTUAL jumpers and those who assisted the jumpers during the proper yrs and for these people to talk about the renagades...yrs.. Any one at these camps know how the good guys treated the prisoner...Some of them would be brother against brother....There has to a lof of good war storys agout he beginning of jumping suche and another articla tha indicates we want to talke Coop and wiith susgestions about how serious the sustpect was.[email] \ Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  2. DO U actually think they will investigate KC. Wrong height, wrong colored eyes & the people in your story went into hiding! Pretty soon I expect you to notify us that Margie and Mr. Geestman are deceased. If your story was true - the YOU would STAY intouch with your KEY witnesses. Problem is they seem to be hiding even from you. I understand Margie is deceased. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  3. You just do not listen or understand a damn thing I say...I was at the actual local office & I did make the request & was denied - a fact I was 3 yrs old in 1943 & therefore cannot be considered his wife... I produced a marriage certificate - but again it was explained I could not have the file - the man was nice enough to read some things off to me - and then CENSORED - that word came up more than one time on what the man read to me. I was never sent the actual papers and still cannot GET THEM....I was a 3 yr old unrelated child at the time...I do NOT qualify unless they changed the rules since 2000 when I was there. I would be mighty decent of the US Government to provide them - but they have CENSORED all over them. They only have the 2 months he spent at Camp Siebert - the next 2 1/2 months until discharge ARE NOT available. Hell the man even told me what Duane had wrote home in a letter to his mother about his insurance which was all covered in a letter his brother sent to me from his mother....I got the damn letter - so you want to continue to disputer this old crap? When it is CLASSIFIED it is classified. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  4. Reichenbach,I think your statement sums it up! Bevins: Have you spoke to the FBI recently...I mean an actual coversation? NO way KC was Cooper. You know what they tell you - put it together and send it to us....the will never even read it....I got 2 phone calls in 19 yrs....the rest were ON my nickel...and I don't have any nickels left. Florence: How many of you actually believe all of the things written in Greys book? Florence tried to describe two little peaks in the hair line. The chin looked right. The eyes - wrong color (she was only shown a black & white & not told the eyes were blue). Don't take my word for it - watch one of the old video's she is telling the artist Cooper had 2 little peaks & they TV artist drew a Widows peak...NOW that one blew me away. Last time the witnesses went public - the artist made a fool out of them with his sketch. Gray: embellishes - he couldn't really get where he wanted to go - but he had too much invested to back away - so he just flew with what would sell. Needed to get back to his real job. Blevins claims he gets to talk to Curtis Eng. Curtis did actually call me one time a few yrs ago, but I don't remember when. He told me the only thing that would solve the case or any reason they would look at a suspect...was a 20, the ticket - it had to be something tangible...that put the individual ON the plane. Nothing Blevins has is tangible....therefore will Curtis back Blevins up? That is what they tell everyone - put a package together and send it to them...I was told that today. March 28th was the 20th anniversary of Cooper's death. Duane L. Weber confessed, but there was no one to hear him, but his wife. His last words "Take the baby downstairs, Bring the baby back up, I can't go till the Baby get here!" Then he said "I love you" and then he was gone. I miss him, but wish with all of my heart he had kept his damn secret or I had been able to understand the messages & things he left behind - the things that would have put him on the plane. I still have 3 items - and just maybe they WILL finally put Weber on that plane - but, the FBI did not share them with the parties who would know - so How do I handle that? Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  5. It has all COME together - now the FBI need so do their thing....take the pictures & compare them - they are all the same man & then compare those with the composites...if the witnesses see age regressed pictures from the 3 pics inquestion & the background behind the pictures & then a modification of the Jefferson Pic on angles and hair cut - put it all together properly & then had a little evidence I have in my possession - but not at my home at this time as it is suddenly considered the evidence that might break the case. IT is ALL up to the FBI now - but they are not exhausting any money to do so...A company out of CA has offered to do it a NO charge! They need access to the original sketches from 1971/1972. What one sees on the screen had been repicated too many time to become a true standard for this purpose.....they need access to the actual sketches in full size & the witness description and the profiles used. We have limited pictures of Duane & only one with any high quality. Parts of what they need I do have other than the actual transcripts of the witnesses describing the suspect to the artist....and the comparisons used in 1971/1972. I took a bad fall last night. Now I need to go elevate my leg & I have a large bruise near my left temple. The leg I thought was bruised today it is black and blue and the black starts at the mid calf to 5 inches about the knee. The swelling is immense. The bruise on my head just in the hair line seems okay...but a big old black knot in hair line. I do NOT know how I fell. My right hand has been bound and slinged for several wks and lots of pain...some how this fall happened in a corner near the desk...I must have hit the window sill with my head just about the temple. The knee I thought was just a bruise - I looked at it before I started posting....& it is more than a bruise...the knee is VERY swollen & the black and blue goes down to mid calf with ODD patterns & colors (speckled)about 4 inches above the knee on the inside....weirdest looking thing I ever saw & has become more & more difficult to walk today & the pain & SWELLING has gotten out of hand. Going to the ICE and to elevate the leg.... What a mess - hand, shoulder, knee, leg and head all on one side....What else can happen...well, I guess I could die in my sleep tonight...but I have an appt with a hosp tomorrow - so I expect they are going to send me to the ER when they see me. TOUGH DAMN COOKIE - Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  6. INTERMOUNTAIN COMMUNICATIONS 1962 to 1968 - GOT it...You do not even give me time to proof my postings! I only know one that might still be alive out of the names I can connect to was a covert group. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  7. 1943 and 1964 that was 71 and 51 it time for the GOVERNMENT to release the truths? Time for AMERICA to FESS up to the SECRETS they keep. Now those SECRETS ARE being told. AWARE was very involved in the construction of the air strips & the towers...and guess were some of them got their training in the 40's. Secret CIA operations to train & arm Tibetan freedom fighter against the Chinese was called Intermountain 1960 and guess what they trained in very place that trained other special groups in 1943...high in the Colorado Rockies ---Camp Hale and utilized all of the same facilities scatter thru out the area. 1943 - it was prisoners and guys being trained for special missions in WWII and it involved parachuting and mountain climbing....they intended to retake the Italian Alps from the Nazis....They used the guys who had been sent there to pack chutes & clean & do other man power was wasted being confined unless the wayward soldier was beligerant or dangerous. Duane was actually a good boy and a good worker and willing to learn...he was hoping they would not kick him out of the ARMY so he did good. Lots of soldiers trained at Camp Hale...but it was also a place to contain young men who had not been able to cut it in the Army...until their fate could be deterimined....Duane was there over 2 months before they finally issued his dishonorable discharge. Some of those so called prisoner were actually good boys & one of them knew one of the guys who was there for training....they were connected by family. The so called prisoners got priviledges for doing things for the trainees & the officers earning brownie points. Duane actually told me about this but I didn't get it until I found the person who befriended him - lets put it this way - friend of the family. All of Duane's family had been accomplished soldiers and officers and he was ashamed of himself...but he really wanted to make good. Duane actually told me the story but until recently when young people started to write stories about their relatives who served at Camp Hale & other places none of this struck me. I was never interested in WAR stories & basically remembered some of the stories but NO reason to try to fit Duane Weber into any of this. One man connected to the Weber family reported for duty at Camp Hale in April of 1943 - the same time Duane was sent there.................NOW do you get it. I knew the story about this man before I read it. I had told others about Duane talking about these things - but when I started all of this - much of this had never made it to the computer world. Now young people are telling the stories of their relatives who have died in the last few yrs...and THERE he was the man DUANE had told me about. ALL of the stories - stories I told way back in this thread - but they seemed to be stories about heros...but this one was connected to Weber's family, but I didn't know it. The good boys who just didn't fit - were given special privelidges & Duane was one of those - he charmed himself in to the lives of others. These men were not AIR BORNE as some of them had wanted to be pilots, but did not have the correct vision like Duane - he was far he could never have been a pilot. Duane's friend shipped out in May of 1944 to make his first combat jump - he was a non-com. 377 will remember my enquiring about this man because Duane had told me his story while we were in CO, about knowing this guy & that the man was wounded & spent a long time recovering....Devils in Baggy Pants. Part of his recovery required a lot of time SWIMMING & I wonder now if they ever reconnected after 1943 . Duane had NO problem even swimming in the Atlantic - he was a strong swimmer. Duane was part of a group who trained for a special mission in 1962 to 1964 - when he was John (Johnnie) C. Collins & the only ones who could prove it are the ex-wife, Tommy Gunn, Edward Huran and a man whose name I would will not mention, because he is still alive. I think there are still 2 people who are still alive - & I hope now they know that I finally figured it out....but, would sure like to know why they couldn't tell me - but maybe that is obvious. 377 remember that badge I was looking for in my memory - remember Duane had a whole collection of jump badges from the war - that I sold. Those badges would have put Duane at Hale, Colorado. BUT, I found something else that puts Duane there - and you can be assured that must be in WEBER's Army file & one the FBI nor the government wants anyone to see. There is a picture of a man with this other guy - I had seen another picture that was similar many yrs ago. One Duane's sister sent to him & among those things that were lost - a picture of his friend & friend of the family. Duane's brother talked about a friend of the family seeing Duane (in a letter) during this time frame at Ft Benning area - and wrote a story about Duane "the Clown taking the General's Car for a ride"....that was at Camp Siebert. This man was only 2 yrs older than Duane - but connected as a friend to the family.... Only 377 will be able to follow me on this - he will know now I know & I can put Duane in CO connected to jumpers & knowledge of survival skills in the mountains. Duane spoke of this guy but didn't tell me his name that I can remember, but about what he had done with his life. Duane could still wear a uniform at the prison camp - because his army hearing had not come up yet....& in this picture you will NOTE a man who I believe PICTURE redconitions will prove is Duane Weber in association with jumpers & in a uniform Duane was exposed to jumper at Camp Siebert and at Camp Hale - he did a lot of HARD manual work, but Duane had NOT been officially put out of the Army at that time. The picture I saw was some men milling around on the ground - but this picture - well it is 3 guys & you be the judge. The poor guy on the left didn't even know how to put his cap on &I am sure some one loned him the cap & jacket for the picture...I have pictures of Duane Weber close to this time. That same guy I believe to be Weber shows up in pictures taken in the Mountains near Tahoe near Placerville and in a group who picked apple in WA and OR. Duane had indicated he knew the guys in the Placerville pic and in the Pickers and I have seen this picture before and Duane making the same claim as knowing these guys Alll of the pictures where taken in the same time span - 1943 to 1945. ODD...but I think Duane's background can now be proven. Since I had no pictures of Duane as a young man - the only man I knew was the older man I married...All of the young photos were acquired after he died. They put him with people who were jumpers in all three photo - but what I have to do is prove they are Duane L. Weber - he was running under a lot of names....he was always running right into trouble....but those ARMY records would do that for me... So would his entire criminal record. Something the FBI has missed....maybe leaving his Jefferson pic out was deliberate. There was a man who has tried to tell me the story - but he was unable to do it would complicate his life. There was a man who made pictures available that coincided with the Forestry work, picking apples and the Colorado stuff....I hope he is still alive & knows that I finally figured it out. Duane spent over 2 months in that place - called Camp Hale, but as a prisoner before he was offically released from the ARMY in 1943 on an undesirable discharge. They were NOT treated like prisoners - but allowed to commingle with others at the camps. IT was war time and they didn't keep them out of the general population. They utilized them & 1943 was the beginning of efforts to rehab these young men. Individuals who did NOT fit the molded requirements such as vision & other health conditions - the US thought did NOT make a good Soldier....but the did. In 1964 approx another group trained at Hale & they recuited some who had trained there in 1940's...but the mission was different this time...they needed individuals who would never be missed & who needed the money - one word for it was Fortune Hunters...they also knew they might not survive - they would just come up missing, like the father of the man whose daughter I befriended only to have a cheap shot taken for the information I had coveted for yrs. Ex-cons were perfect for this mission. I wasn't supposed to put all of this together. Old women, technology, a telephone, persistence and lots of REAL friends over the yrs... Now the secrets are being revealed. It is no secret NOW. Duane Weber was part of the 1943/44 group in Colo and then again in 1964 with Inter Mountain Communication. Why the hell do some of you think the files are still closed. WELL, due to technology & so many individuals willing to keep on searching for the truths - the secrets are No longer a secret & the longer the government keeps secrets the worse they look to others. The FBI & the CIA & the Government know Duane Weber (or whatever name he was using) was there in 1943/44 & he was there in 1963/64. Families of ligitimate soldiers & warriors tell the stories about their family members & they post pictures they had NO idea after 71 yrs would open up a can of worms. Duane was part of the group who trained for a special mission in 1962 to 1964 - when he was John (Johnnie) C. Collins....and the only ones who could prove it was the ex-wife, Tommy Gunn, Edward Huran and a man whose name I would will not mention, because he is still alive. I think there are still 2 people who are still alive - and I hope now they know that I finally figured it out....but, would sure like to know why they couldn't tell me - but maybe that is Obvious....they thought I would run my mouth. A picture that put Weber someplace he was NOT supposed to be in 1943/44. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  8. Partial results of the 1973 fire in St. Louis, which was the only repository at that time for anyone's full available military records and files: Branch: Army Personnel and Period Affected: Army Personnel discharged November 1, 1912 to January 1, 1960 Estimated Loss: 80% Just saying. You can get SOME records...USUALLY. The problem is getting everything that is available. No better than a one-in-five chance on that. However, as Duane's surviving widow, you can make the usual requests and they will send you everything they have. And most times this is free, you just have to send in the proper forms. DO U READ ANYTHING ANY ONE SAYS; ALL WE GOT FROM THE AUTHORITIES WAS THE CERTIFICATE THAT STATES HE WAS IN THE ARMY AND THAT IS ALL - NO DETAILS. I AM NOT CONSIDERED A PERSON OF INTEREST - AS IT WAS IN 1943 AND I WAS A CHILD OF 3. I HAVE ALL OF THE COMMUNICATIONS WITH THE RECORDS IF YOU WANT TO VIEW THEM - VERY SIMPLE THEY WILL NOT PROVIDE THE ARMY RECORDS FOR DUANE WEBER. ALL THEY PROVIDED WAS THE STANDARD CERTIFICATE. HIS ARMY RECORDS ARE CONSIDERED CLASSIFIED Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  9. Duane Weber had a hell of an IQ & some serious exposure (not just training and planning I guess).... they say a lifetime of happiness cannot teach you lessons that a few bad days can. Having a high IQ does not mean being well educated... things get in the way - behavior problems, wars, family loosing the family business and home to the depression. Duane wanted to be a pilot. The first time Duane tried to enlist at the ripe old age of 15 he was rejected & he was farsighted. Gets in the Navy & get kicked out for trying to save a damsel in distress from a 90 day wonder. In April of 1943 he writes a letter home from Camp Sibert... the penmanship & subject matter is sufficient. He encloses a picture of himself in a Army uniform, but the brother did not find a picture of Duane in an ARMY uniform. But knew he was really in the Army because a friend of the family had run into him at Camp Siebert. Duane L. Weber 35608905 Co D- 2st CWS Tng. Regt Camp Siebert, Ala. I provided the FBI with that information in 1997 and yet they claimed on 2 occassions Duane was never in the late a 2000 the agent was making this claim - and he excused himself from the phone and called me back about 3 hrs later...saying they had a number wrong! BULL! They had copies of the same papers I had with the correct number on per the letter address above. When CARR came to the thread he tried claiming Duane was not in the ARMY, but I quickly got that staightened out. NOTE the date of the letter - April 15, 1943 this is very important to remember. He would NOT be formally released from the Army until the end JULY - but he was not kept at Camp Siebert - he was sent to a place where he got some additional training along with a lot of HARD LABOR. The date of a letter Duane sent home is important for you to remember and then remember this DUANE flies off of the map for 18 months or more only to surface again in CA. where his parent lived in 1943. April 15, 1943. The Army and the Navy seem to be stacked. In lots of pain - will try to come back and finish this post in a few minutes. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  10. HALE COLORADO - 1942 forward...things only now being told by the men who were there and the relative whose family members where there. What is wrong Robert can you not read & research: Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  11. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  12. At this date you will never get the complete file. With Weber the FBI had little to nothing. ONLY because of someone who went where others cannot go did we get what little information we did get....It just so happened that Duane's sister had some of the records & I cannot tell you or anyone how the others were obtain, but we did get them....yet, even those were skimpy - it would be yrs later we obtained records. Some one who tried to obtain Duane's records was also told they where destroyed in a fire...but they were NOT! So we have a pretty damn good record of Duane's military files....but the FBI claimed Duane was never in the ARMY, but we had the papers sent to us by the family with his ARMY ID NUMBER on them....the letter he sent to his mother while in Camp Siebert in 1943. Remember I tried to get more in 2000 I believe if I remember correctly - and the file came up CLASSIFIED. The man excused himself & then came back with a code - I was not privey to the file because I was NOT listed as a wife or mother...I looked at the man and told him - I was only 3 or 4 yrs old at the time of the records and did not marry Duane until 1978. I gave him the famiy names but he still would not give me any information and told me how to file for them....what we got from all of that was nothing other than both discharge papers which I ALREADY had....none of the detail records we had ALREADY acquire in a some what illegal mannery...from the navy. I was looking for the ARMY papers & informed him I already had the Navy records - but needed the army records. HIS Army records were CLASSIFIED - because I got a sneak look at the computer when he left the room. Good Luck - if anyone can get them it would be Lyle and even he probably will not get them at this late date since Kenny did not have a wife or child. The reason we wanted the Army records was BECAUSE the FBI had claimed DUANE WEBER was never in the ARMY! THIS is WHEN I took on the FBI and confronted the AGENT incharge. When he told me again Duane was never in the ARMY - I confronted him BIG time and then 3 hours later he calls back and said that they had his ARMY NUMBER WRONG.... DUH! They had a copy of what I had and that was obtained from his sister. THE FBI's GOOF UP is WHY I went PUBLIC! Otherwise Jo would never have spoke up, but WE caught the FBI in out and out lies! The agent then tried to convince the public they had the number wrong - HOW did they GET that Wrong! THEY had the single sheet of Paper I had regarding the ARMY and the NUMBER was on it. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  13. I suggest some of u read this post & digest what I am telling and why Robt99 is so gun ho to shut me up! The secrets are no longer secrets. I am changing the posting but only to add things. The bolds are where I changed thing for clarity and I removed some useless infomation, Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  14. Robt99 MADE THE STATEMENT BELOW! "Jo Weber and Blevins main purpose, and perhaps sole purpose, in life is to post nonsense on this thread." Jo replies - my only purpose is to understand Duane's confession and his I knew nothing about until I contacted the FBI regarding his confession. "Reportedly, Jo and Duane Weber became interested in the Cooper hijacking when another escaped airline hijacker (Richard McCoy?) was killed in a shoot out with the FBI when they tried to arrest him in the city where Jo and Duane then lived." EXCUSE ME! You went on to make the statement above which you know to be a lie and a direct attack on my integrity! My reply to such an out landish remark. DUANE & I DID NOT MOVE TO VIRGINAL BEACH UNTIL 1983. I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT MCCOY UNTIL DUANE TOLD ME NOR WAS IT OF ANY INTEREST TO ME. ALL DUANE DID ON THAT DAY WAS SHOW ME HOW TO GET TO THE MALL & TO THE GROCERY - THAT SITE JUST HAPPENED TO BE ON THAT ROUTE. THE INCIDENT WAS NEVER MENTIONED AGAIN BY WEBER. WE LEFT VA IN 1989 BECAUSE DUANE WENT OUT ON DIABILITY. JO DID NOT CHECK INTO ANYTHING COOPER RELATED! NOTHING. IOTA! JO WEBER IS SETTING NOTHING UP - IF I HAD BEEN DOING SO I WOULD HAVE ACCEPTED THE OFFERS MADE YRS AGO REGARDING A MOVIE & A BOOK, BUT I CHOSE TO KEEP SEARCHING FOR MORE PROOF. ALL I WANTED WAS THE TRUTH. & NOTHING MORE THAN THE TRUTH. YOUR ENTIRE POSTING WAS MADE UP JUST TO AGITATE - SO WHY DO YOU EVEN COME TO THIS THREAD? .. YOU DO NOTHING BUT ATTACK OTHERS - NOTHING! Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  15. Robert99 You are the one Robt99 making have accused me of everything in the books - I NEVER accused Georger of killing JFK - you are the own who twisted the posting and email... As for Bruce - I hope they do truely check him out...I have held on to this for a long time - but, Bruce started laying it out himself by mention the instrument used to kill Cossey....the athorities never mention this... You will NOTE that Bruce started flying straight after that.... YOU have never gone back to the Remark on JFK - and really looked at them - I suggest you do. YOU have repeated that line one time to much. What I was accused of repetitive by you I did not do. I know what you are upset about? The fact that I knew things you had NO IDEA I knew...when I started talking about CO - you freaked! When I mentioned the Camp in Colorado you freaked. Then for some reason the most improtant post about the man Duane admired and the camps in Colorado went POOF today! Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber