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  1. Thank you so much for sharing and keeping those of us who could not be there in the loop. I was fortunate enough to meet Lee, Brandy and Lee's parents last Christmas. Marilyn
  2. You and the Mrs. have good reason to be proud. marilyn
  3. Great picture. Thanks. Still hard to understand.
  4. Glad to hear you have someone looking after you. You have sure been through it. Glad things are going better.
  5. Last Christmas was spent with our Grandson (Turtle) and his daughter. Lee and Brandy had invited Turtle to visit and meet Lee's parents from England. It made no difference to Lee and Brandy that three more of us would be visiting. What a great group of people. They made us feel as if we had known them for years. When you have met Lee's parents you can see where his smile and love for life came from. Brandy, our love goes out to you. I'm glad you have the Skydive family. Lee's parents...our love to both of you. Our heart aches. Marilyn and Larry
  6. I voted. Beautiful shot of the waterfall.
  7. Congrats. Good decision not pushing forward. Have fun on the next one.
  8. Your post was the first I read today. It made my day. I have only jumped as a tandem but love it. You have a great attitude. Thanks for your service. Pass the word that many of us appreciate you and your fellow servicemen/servicewomen. I hope you will post more in the future. marilyn
  9. Happy birthday. I keep asking Nina to show me more of those pictures. She knows which ones. Mar
  10. You are my kind of gal. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat animals. I hope you find homes for all of them. I already have pets......sorry I can't help you out. Marilyn
  11. Happy Birthday. Sounds like a fun day. Marilyn
  12. Work hard, play hard.....You deserve it. The color is you. Looks good.
  13. Thanatos, Turtle and Skinny are tied in the poll. Bring Turtle back so they can talk trash.
  14. Prayers, vibes and keeping you and yours in my thoughts. Keep us updated Shari.. marilyn
  15. Brandy..... sorry to hear you are starting the new year out this way. Heal fast. skinnyshrek will have you making up for lost time. Lee, you take good care of her. Once again, we enjoyed spending Christmas day with you and your family. Marilyn
  16. Hope you had fun and we didn't scare your family too much... Brandy and Lee...We had a great time. Thanks for the invite. Please tell Pat and Mike the meal was fantastic. I hope to see you, Shrek, Pat and Mike again some day. Sadie too.
  17. Great pics. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Our pets love us unconditionally. It is so sad when one gets sick. We feel so helpless.
  19. I thought I could sneek in before midnight, central time, and beat boinky to the greetings. I should have known better. Hope your day is special Clint.
  20. At a time like this cheering up is hard to do. I'm glad you are there with your Mom. My thoughts and prayers go out for you. Marilyn