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  1. There are no U.S. bases in Taiwan... right now OP, I replied to your ad. Shoot me an email and I might be able to help you out.
  2. I went from one Burble-using dropzone near my home to another dropzone farther away a between weekends and I forgot my documentation in different bag by mistake. They could see my prior jumps (logged in the app), active account balances, USPA credentials, merits, etc. online but still wanted me to sit through a half-day ground school and do a release jump with an AFF-I. I spent the day paragliding instead.
  3. You posted the trailing FlyMaster TAS probe as an example of the need to get out of disturbed air for accurate readings, but FlyMaster also recommends/sells mounts that PG/HG pilots use to fix their TAS sensors somewhat randomly with good results. pic Could you get similar results/accuracy with a smaller head mounted sensor, rather than the 1m belly vane? This isn't flying, its falling with style.
  4. Come on already, show us some real HP flights then. Upload your data! the people want to know! I think the point was to demonstrate a trend over a distribution of flight profiles. Even the current Kings Challenge fits, although the speeds are outside the bounds of his chart for a bit. This isn't flying, its falling with style.
  5. This is the moment we've all been waiting for!! Maybe if you whip it out and drop another flysight track you'll get a better response to your aerodynamic query. Lol. This isn't flying, its falling with style.
  6. BFL349 no-pulled flying a Freak2 and WS-specific container. He was pretty experienced but reportedly had mentioned having problems at pull time with that suit before as well. I own big PF and big squirrel suits. The internal pressure, mobility, reach, and pull are all definitely different between them. If you're accustomed to one then it's easy to find problems when switching to another. Every wingsuit can pose potential problems, so saying something like, "I think this suit's pull is the easiest/safest and since you find it hard you're an idiot/liar" is fairly ignorant IMHO. This isn't flying, its falling with style.
  7. Maybe for you. BFL #349 (among others) would probably disagree. This isn't flying, its falling with style.
  8. In fairness that rule was more of a DZO policy, although it was more widespread than you'd think. My post was satirical in part. Acceptable risk is a relative, subjective idea and it's fairly ridiculous to try to quantify or regulate it beyond broad terms. We burn jet-a and put hours on aging air-frames solely to enjoy jumping from them, gratuitous much? I agree that many people overestimate their skills and that students should be sheltered from idiots to a degree. DZOs have handled that responsibility well for the most part. If I upset a TI with my 501' flyby and he complains to the DZO, will my recording demonstrating my legally required distance prevent me from being grounded? Probably not. Does every student jump with flotation equipment? Probably not. Will this BSR demonstrably change or create anything other than grumbles from the peanut gallery? Probably not. Highly specific, poorly written, unenforceable policies. That's an example of bureaucracy in action, but that's another rant. This isn't flying, its falling with style.
  9. I'm sure you've heard of (or even remember) the days where only one of the fancy "ram-air" canopies was allowed per pass or load... we can't have people flying wherever they want after all. The USPA needs to expand this rule to cover all jumpers in freefall and/or under canopy to prevent collisions. This isn't flying, its falling with style.
  10. I saw your note about the best start compared to other suits (and the picture). Can you tell us anymore, or where I can find a demo for someone 210cm tall? This isn't flying, its falling with style.
  11. jonmurrell


    Fly it much yet? I'm still rocking the original Colugo but its starting to wear out. ps Happy birthday you magical unicorn This isn't flying, its falling with style.
  12. jonmurrell


    I'm too big to find demo or a loaner before I order one. Any thoughts on it? This isn't flying, its falling with style.
  13. I've ordered several PF suits and had similar pains. One of my suits got lost in the mail, and Robi even made me another one. I got everything I ordered eventually and it has all been a blast to fly. One day I went to filled in the order form and hit "submit..." I got an email within 24 hours to confirm my payment info, and a couple emails as it entered production (a week later), was delayed (another week later), and when it shipped to the US, and I was given a tracking number for the shipment to my house. It is, buy a Squirrel. You won't be disappointed with the product either. This isn't flying, its falling with style.
  14. Yep, that's me, and from my armchair I'd say that if it was TSO'd 50 pounds should be more than enough, regardless of direction, and if I could read I'd say that AS8015B does also. I thought I remembered something about moments, transmitting force, and axial loading in a book too, but I'm a moron it seems. This is evidenced by the fact that when carrying steel bars, wooden beams or other relatively rigid items through doorways I prefer to hold them sidewise and push reeeeaaallly hard, sometimes I pull too. Anyone want to join me in disavowing the principles of physics? I have another armchair somewhere. This isn't flying, its falling with style.
  15. Do you seriously think we care about the "respect for the manufacturer?" Why not call out a shitty solution, that's sold to the public in public, and spur some innovation? I'm uncurrent, relatively inexperienced and not even a gear manufacturer/salesperson but I could build a better solution to that problem in about 30 minutes (I bet most heads up jumpers probably already have) Hint: cantilever = bad It's supposedly a BASE-specific suit, so who cares anyways. There's no way that anyone would market and sell a BASE-specific suit with a shoddy workaround so the rest of us can use it, right? That said, what a person shares is up to them. Even after the video, I'd probably still want to buy an Apache (not to skydive with) if the lead time wasn't so long. This isn't flying, its falling with style.
  16. I wanted to buy an Apache for a while but I never got my hands on one for very long and I didn't get to see the cutaway system. That's a horrible design and I'm surprised that it only took 50 pounds to activate. Is that the setup the manufacturer recommends? Do Apache pilots normally skydive with their reserve/cutaway handles out of the pockets? This isn't flying, its falling with style.
  17. And the test video is not available "due to a copywrite claim by Douglas Spotted Eagle." Uh??? Anyone who saw it want to describe it for the rest of us? This isn't flying, its falling with style.
  18. +1 I'd love to show up at a DZ on a random weekend trip once I get back to the US and find that the DZ I just showed up to doesn't want my money. Or before I travel anywhere, I'll just call any DZ that I may stop at and ask. Problem solved! That said, hitting the tail is almost as difficult to pull off as a no pull. Not that it can't happen by accident but it's usually the product of a spectacular series of decisions... Scrunch and present like an aff student, poop, or dive. Sit in the door and roll out if you want, there's no excuse for something like that Miami tail strike. How do people manage to hit Caravans and Otters exiting at altitude? This isn't flying, its falling with style.
  19. There's no average, standard jump is BASE. Everyone has different jumping preferences and availability of objects. Each site and jump depend on a multitude of factors and require uniquely configured gear to complete safely. That an exit is XXX' above the LZ doesn't mean much Here's a prospective jump site in BASE: The exit sits at 2800' MSL and the LZ at 500' MSL. Upfront that looks like a USPA legal hop and pop. But this is BASE so it must be a 2000' cliff similar to El Cap or wherever, didn't some guys jump that with rounds back in the day just fine? No big deal, right? Turns out that the exit point is on the side of a mountain and that 2300' of altitude only provides 300' to freefall and open before an untimely impact in a steep hillside forest. Once you've got a functioning canopy, hopefully really quickly, you have to fly on a precise heading down the slope because 5500' (of horizontal distance) away is the only LZ you can feasibly land in without hanging in a tree or breaking yourself. This LZ is the size of a cul-de-sac and is surrounded by the fifty foot trees we've been trying so hard to avoid. If you can average 2.4:1 glide for the whole jump (including your freefall and while flying a huge 7-cell canopy trailing the largest pilot chute you can imagine) you'll make the LZ, but just barely. That vanilla 1000' tower you mention may not be landable inside the guy radius due to trees or maybe just a big fence - not all that rare. Now you're in the same spot and you need a pretty decent glide to make a clearing or the road, especially if you want to enjoy some freefall. When's the last time you saw a low hop and pop load spot a mile off? Ever seen a PRO candidate exit 5 miles away from their target on a declared jump from altitude? You'd never see those at a DZ but both are easily within reach. What distance is far away when you can glide 3:1? This isn't flying, its falling with style.
  20. Translated into 'merican: He didn't realize how close to the LZ he was, standing at the exit point more than a mile and a half away and 3000' above it. Chances are that LZ is nowhere near the size of If by "closer to the where you're going to land" you mean closer to the ground in general, then yeah. We'll all hit the ground eventually. Maneuvering still happens regardless of altitude, I've seen jumpers fly a standard (downwind, base, final) landing pattern from 200' exits-two hundred feet, that's approaching 10s of canopy time. Forward throw and winds aloft? Spotting your airport size landing landing area from 14k under a sport main doesn't compare to spotting your house sized landing area and planning your flight to it from below most skydivers' pull altitude. BASE and skydiving compliment each other, but they very are different. PRO ratings are for skydives so it wouldn't make sense to include both. This isn't flying, its falling with style.
  21. YEAH! Lets make a list of ALL experienced wingsuiters everywhere! So you want to rent suits to everyone, that's great, it helps people learn and get hooked on an awesome sport! Whatever happened to providing a freaking reference? It's pretty easy and simple. Anyone I've coached or taken for a first flight can reference me anytime, and somewhere in the volumes of wingsuit history between grids and records someone might remember me. For example: Hi, My name is Jon Murrell, I had wingsuit coaching with/have a first flight planned with Yuri (no last name) ). His email/phone #/facebook is (012)-345-6789 ." ...if someone wants to seek out a manufacturer and utilize its instructors, then those are available and ungodly easy to identify. ...if someone wants to find an experienced wingsuiter then we're fairly easy to find. ...and if someone can't be bothered to contact a manufacturer or find an experienced wingsuiter to teach them then, maybe they can't be bothered to pay for a wingsuit in the first place. That idea is almost as ridiculous as this one: p.s. what level coach can I seek wingsuit BASE preparation from? I remember an April fools joke... is this like a twisted continuation? This isn't flying, its falling with style.
  22. I thought the whole stop flying, shut-down deployment method had mostly gone away... don't think that serve him well in someplace with big rocks. Two cameras for a solo? From an airplane? This isn't flying, its falling with style.
  23. No worries, I meant for the tail# of his other specialty aircraft. This isn't flying, its falling with style.
  24. Can we vote yes for each jump? True, that would ruin your statistic a bit... measuring total views vs yes votes is a bit deceiving as well, right now it's closer to 33% and what's so special about a 182? This isn't flying, its falling with style.
  25. Wow, that's incredible. There's got to be a con though, or someone would've copied or scaled it by now... how was the opening? This isn't flying, its falling with style.