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  1. jonmurrell

    How Sigma & Burble’s Tech Are Changing Skydiving

    I went from one Burble-using dropzone near my home to another dropzone farther away a between weekends and I forgot my documentation in different bag by mistake. They could see my prior jumps (logged in the app), active account balances, USPA credentials, merits, etc. online but still wanted me to sit through a half-day ground school and do a release jump with an AFF-I. I spent the day paragliding instead.
  2. jonmurrell

    Rafale vs. Freak2 ?

    BFL349 no-pulled flying a Freak2 and WS-specific container. He was pretty experienced but reportedly had mentioned having problems at pull time with that suit before as well. I own big PF and big squirrel suits. The internal pressure, mobility, reach, and pull are all definitely different between them. If you're accustomed to one then it's easy to find problems when switching to another. Every wingsuit can pose potential problems, so saying something like, "I think this suit's pull is the easiest/safest and since you find it hard you're an idiot/liar" is fairly ignorant IMHO.
  3. jonmurrell

    Rafale vs. Freak2 ?

    Maybe for you. BFL #349 (among others) would probably disagree.
  4. jonmurrell


    I'm too big to find demo or a loaner before I order one. Any thoughts on it?
  5. jonmurrell

    Thinking About Wingsuits

    I have the same problem... and flying 'em only makes it worse....
  6. jonmurrell

    Dropzones around Ft. Sill OK

    Skydive Pegasus is about 40 minutes up I-44. It's a pretty nice place and they've got 2 182s at their own strip. I jumped there for a couple months when I was at Fort Sill. All the first time jumpers I saw there did static line. For tandems you'd have to go to OSC (public airport) or Skydive Dallas, about 3 hours away. What are you going to "The Best Post in the Army" for? Lawton has to be the classiest town in America...