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  1. I have a strange compulsion to watch this in the same way that eric the eel was a must watch in the olympics a few years ago (if anyone remembers that)
  2. Plus - $7M sounds like a lot to you or me but it's a rounding error at this level.
  3. Or - when a republican politician gets sued after their wife miscarrying because "suspicions". This sort of legislation seems like a good idea to the right until it affects them. It does seem that Texas has properly jumped the shark.
  4. I knew this was a bad judgement, I hadn't realised how bad though. The US takes one big step away from the civilised world.
  5. Stumpy


    Looks like he doesnt. (Ryoders post)
  6. You definitely heard it but you can't remember the exact words or find any evidence of it? Hmmmmmm. The bullshit is strong with this one.
  7. Do you think Biden actually issues every order? I'm genuinely curious. There are only two possible two options here. 1. you do think that, in which case either Joe Biden is the busiest man on the planet, and/or you really aren't that bright 2. you were lying in your original post and are now moving the goalposts. Which is it?
  8. No. I don't dispute the data from the Onion for exactly the same reason. If you think thats a credible source, that says a lot about you and has almost no other useful information.
  9. In order to prevent foot in mouth syndrome, I suggest you scroll down that page and see how he compares to previous presidents.
  10. Hmmm.That source certainly seems to be impartial and lacking any sort of an agenda. I can understand where your views come from now if thats the garbage you read.
  11. Seem to remember the Italians getting pretty punchy at one point. In a lot of ways, at least they are being honest about it.
  12. Correct. Well done. If you still think trump won, seek help.
  13. Also, a good indicator of someone who isn't as smart as they think.
  14. From your comment, you didn't really understand the article you linked, did you?
  15. Yet that debt is less expensive in terms of the ability to service it than it was in the 90s
  16. And yet, here you are. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.....
  17. Stumpy


    He didn't say "scientific leaders" he said "the government and so called experts". The previous incumbent of the WH was not terribly accurate when it came to scientific advice. I'm still suffering from my last bout of windmill cancer.
  18. Stumpy


    Unfortunately, the easily led listen to this stuff and share it on the bloody internet. A bachelors degree, even an A-Level in biology will tell you that most of what he said is complete nonsense.
  19. I think "tourist business" is probably overselling it. At half a million dollars a ticket, it's more a rich people's mutual masturbation scheme.
  20. Dictionary Definitions from Oxford Languages Search for a word close-minded adjective having or showing rigid opinions or a narrow outlook. "close-minded condemnation of people he knows nothing about" Made my point nicely I think .