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  1. I seriously forget how much I love this sport.
  2. I kissed a few girls on the dropzone...at the bonfire....after a few drinks. No one ever seemed to mind at all.
  3. Skydiving themes have been used this millenium in advertising more than before. For example http://www.spike.com/video/bud-light-skydiving/2824404 The Film 'Cutaway' was released in 2000 ~ only 9 short years ago.
  4. Speaking of Real Skydivers and video, how about a 1950's version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfQ_zNOT9K8
  5. ... Stereotypes are real, man. Have you ever been to Delaware? You'll see plenty of Mullets and Old Transams.
  6. Hmmm Maybe they are compensating for premature balding. Or maybe oblivious to pop culture or fashion from this century. Could be they really ARE mentally challenged. What if all the hair was long until some unfortunate and obscure accident forced a top cut. . I was wondering how retarded you have to be to put braile on a drive through ATM.
  7. Mike and I are very sad to hear this news. What a shock to have someone loved so much , gone so fast. Comfort and Peace to his Family and his Friends. Paula
  8. I once put Ben Gay on an Ex Husbands privates.... Of course it was a mistake of the tubes
  9. Hmmmm, oral sex with a Turkey.... Just can't see that being any fun....
  10. Speaking of Movies, I just got in SO MUCH TROUBLE WITH MIKIE for going to see United 93 without him. (I took my 12 year old Kendall - I know it's rated R, but he's mature) When I say " It's just a movie based on a true story" he thinks Im minimalizing the whole incident.... Am I?
  11. Truth : He had to 1) Be absolutely correct that he deserved a slap for the statement 2) Be short enough or sitting down 3) Made sure I had just enough cocktails before the suggested it. Walt, Beyond a doubt, you now understand the difference between the "inner thought" and the "outter thought" now while on the DZ. Luv ya man
  12. Hell, did he not ask for old friends
  13. Good Times and Friends last a Lifetime thru Memories. What we've accomplished is who we are. Paula
  14. You tell me.... Name 3 things about the situation that could turn out to be a good thing ~? Don't apologize for sounding Krass - No one can claim to understand..
  15. The inside story from Houston is, we haven't even begun to feel the impact yet. It's more long term than anyone wants to admit. My personal purpose will be more impactful for the current crisis in 6 months from now. It's not that people forget , life just goes on. Most people will be as good , if not better, recovered in 12 months max. Go Rugid Individualism.
  16. It's better to burn out...than fade away. 1984
  17. Im pretty sure that I exist to cross peoples paths - sometimes for good, sometimes for an example of what "not to do".
  18. Even with the bad weather, Im still looking forward to a good ole fashion Skydive USA party. Can't wait to see everyone there. Party in the hanger, live band, the Texas Wave. Booze Luze, Jello shots. Does it get much better than that???
  19. Clean it up. If she makes a raving deal about how great it is, keep it up. If she doesn't let it grow back. It's a tremendous thing for a woman to have her voice heard, but the grass is not always greener.
  20. I've taken a DZ.com layoff and I am not filled in on the whole drama. Someone tell me about the Good Lany . What can I expect to read in the future from this jumper?