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  1. Jumperpaula

    Riggers who are Alcoholics

    I seriously forget how much I love this sport.
  2. Jumperpaula

    Re: [scaryshari] JumperConway...RIP :(

    Mike and I are very sad to hear this news. What a shock to have someone loved so much , gone so fast. Comfort and Peace to his Family and his Friends. Paula
  3. Jumperpaula

    SUSA Reunion Boogie is ON!!!

    Even with the bad weather, Im still looking forward to a good ole fashion Skydive USA party. Can't wait to see everyone there. Party in the hanger, live band, the Texas Wave. Booze Luze, Jello shots. Does it get much better than that???
  4. Jumperpaula

    This is a very newbie question.

    A good fallrate on an average sized jumper would indicate to me that you are very relaxed in freefall. Is that the case?
  5. Jumperpaula

    SUSA Reunion?

    What exactly would a Susa Reunion be without Beacon rides - Hey , Does Phil read these threads? I mean, I would never ever abuse airport property like that.
  6. Jumperpaula

    SUSA Reunion?

    ..Which would be the second best place to have a SUSA Reunion. Their groups reminds me alot of ours It's the Chuck Influence!
  7. Jumperpaula

    New Houston DZ

    I started that rumor
  8. Jumperpaula

    What did you learn this weekend?

    I learned that if you show up at the Dz with a cast on your foot, the first thing people say is "Don't be such a whimp, you can jump with that on" The second most common reply is "Why don't you make a Tandem?"
  9. Jumperpaula

    New Houston DZ

    According to Clint, Saturday was slow. Only about 7 or 8 Tandems. Not sure about Sunday, didn't hear. It takes a while for the word to get out. $129.00 Tandems, wow. Think that will hurt Spaceland at all Trent? ... and my batteries are fine, thank you very much
  10. Jumperpaula

    New Houston DZ

    Appreciate what you have. Good friends move, DZ's close and vibes can fade sometimes. ...at least we can still skydive :)
  11. Jumperpaula

    New Houston DZ

    He made two jumps this weekend...he hasn't quit jumping contrary to popular belief! But give him hell anyway I had several offers to do Tandems (truth be told, the TM's wanted to cop a feel) I'm not jonesing that hard yet. (it would be my FIRST and I don't want to buy beer ) We had a mini Susa Renunion this weekend, Chuck and Dee, Jim and Laurie, Clint - Even Terell was there. All this talk and all the faces is making me homesick. I'll make a jump there, just to be over the good ole landing area.
  12. Jumperpaula

    SUSA Reunion?

    I shutter to think what might be in Josh's private collection I heard from Clint this weekend that some of our adventures almost kept another DZ from opening on that airport. Apparently they have just fixed the squeeky beacon , and there were some strange reports that people were walking on the runway naked? I don't remember all that , but then again - that is why the video comes in handy (an excellent point).
  13. Jumperpaula

    SUSA Reunion?

    You guys are really tempting me! Don't be planning a Susa reunion while my foot is broken. I'll just end up getting really plastered...and doing body shots...and the Wharton wave and... When where you thinking? - And I've spent the last few years trying to develope a good girl persona. One boogie and you could through two years of conservative behaviour down the drain and ruin my perfect reputation AGAIN! Did you say when you where thinking of having it? Can you make Josh leave his camera at home? He's been published way too often lately - scares me.
  14. Jumperpaula

    New Houston DZ

    It's not like anything Ive seen in the sport since. I've seen many many students come and go, but so many of the people who came through the old wharton are still in the sport. I wonder Chuck, do you have a good idea of the ratio of students who are still in the sport? I know several people who graduated AFF at SUSA and you can see them any given Sunday. At least 7 regulars on this board. There was definitely a magic about your DZ. Sometimes, it's better to burn out... xoxoxox Paula
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  16. Jumperpaula

    New Poster Child - Oh Yeah it's me.

    I second that one! Besides, if every party was like a DZ party, we would be too hung-over to jump on Saturday Welcome!
  17. Jumperpaula

    Racers and Riggers

    I agree with Hook, any rig is easy if you know the tricks. I think Racers are a little more mental. That is what seperates the mental from the mechanical. My adolecent 2 cents.
  18. Jumperpaula

    POPs Texas Record

    Congrats to all. It's very very cool that the record was set. Im very proud to have the record for Texas at my home DZ. Excellent job everyone. ~Sidenote : Im very flattered of the phones calls I got at home to invite me to particpate. **NEWSFLASH** Im only 34!!!!! Im sure it was I ACT 40 something, and not I LOOK 40 something. That would be the right answer, anyway. Way to Go on the Record!!
  19. Jumperpaula

    SkyVenture Tunnel Training

    Im going with a group from my Dropzone. Im Scheduled for 3 hours over 3 days. That's a lot, right? I was told to expect to be very sore.
  20. Jumperpaula

    SkyVenture Tunnel Training

    Since you brought up Tunnel Training How should I prepare for my first trip to the tunnel? What should I expect? What is usually the biggest "unexpected" from first time tunnel training? I'm headed to Skyventure in January. Thanks, Paula
  21. Jumperpaula

    Rigging and physical strength

    he he, I do climb up on the table sometimes Bill never climbs on the table. He says he can work longer and smarter without using his back and knees. It's all in the tools and the technique.
  22. Jumperpaula

    Rigging and physical strength

    Im learning on a table. Im not using my knees at all. Any tips regarding the difference between the table and the floor related to the need for physical strength?
  23. Jumperpaula

    A Special But Late Thanks

    That's a great compliment to Everyone at Skydive Houston and our local jumping community. Glad your back in the air and Glad you had a warm welcome coming back to the sport. Jump more often! Paula
  24. Jumperpaula

    Spaceland 20-way

    I am delighted to be out of my bet to sing "the silly song" on the picnic table if you won. I think it's amazing that we have the talent in H town to almost (short of a few people) have three twenty way teams of people who are competent, if not proficient, at the discipline. I accept your Graceful bough out
  25. Jumperpaula

    Rigging and physical strength

    Absolutely true for me thus far. The few times I have found something physically challenging, I have learned it's more your mind than muscle. "Finesse" is the perfect word.