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  1. umm, sir, this isn't that kind of theater. You'll have to leave or we'll call the police.
  2. I'm 42, and still not mature enough....I think all you need is that one bent dendrite in the deep recesses of your brain that causes a wayward synapse telling you to jump.
  3. mrGuy

    D B Cooper Unsolved Skyjacking

    That was a rhetorical remark I made regarding the Moderators. Sorry you missed it. And actually, I believe I do have the right to be a "dick" as you put it. Just like everyone here has the right to be a "dick" about my post. Not that I'm calling any of you "dicks" of course. However, I wasn't being a "dick." I was making a joke about a topic that seems to be sacred to many of you, regardless of the evidence. So Happy Thanksgiving.
  4. mrGuy

    D B Cooper Unsolved Skyjacking

    HOLY CRAP. Are you guys for real?? Unbelievable. I'm gonna contact those people in Nigeria....they'll be happy to know that the Gullible Pool has been filled to overflowing. Dragging MY NAME through the mud? WHERE ARE THE MODS?? It's ok to attack a REAL PERSON like me, but NOT ok to JOKE about an anonomous poster?? I see your true colors. I haven't once been pissed about any stupid ass thing I've read on here...but this is too much. You guys make the most disgusting comments/remarks/comentary ever typed online...and you have the nerve to question my character. Too fuckin rich. Bunch of babies. Come around Jumptown sometime and introduce yourself. I'll be the one who excuses himself in search of better company.
  5. mrGuy

    D B Cooper Unsolved Skyjacking

    A photo of the bear that licked his remains clean in the woods might be of some help. Seriously, this is just stupid. The guy who jumped in that storm, died in the woods, and parts of his stolen loot was recovered many years later in the mud. If in fact you're serious...(stranger things have happened)...the guy you were married to just liked to tell stories. Some folks just aren't satisfied with an occasional appearence on "COPS", and need more exposure to enjoy life. So my advice is to concentrate on getting that roof fixed on the mobile home, setting up your blinking, multi-colored manger scene for christmas, and toasting his memory by drinking another fifth of Jack.
  6. mrGuy


    Congrats. and condolences
  7. mrGuy

    Kitties... how much is too much

    those are some cool cats! Yours? Cost some serious change, I bet.
  8. mrGuy

    Kitties... how much is too much

    perfectly normal. they'll fight like that for a while, and then one will become the dominant one, and all will be fine.
  9. mrGuy

    Women -- piss like men

    Just a suggestion: try hanging out with less gay men.
  10. mrGuy

    A guide to Boston, Massachusetts.

    Oh, you'll hear an accent in Auburn, but nothing like the real thing..go thirty miles east and it gets wickid bizzah. But of course we all have accents...and the deep south, as well as the midwest "fargo" accent is just as strange.
  11. mrGuy

    2007 Goals

    buy a new... everything! Jump as much as I can. Stay alive and unbroken.-well, I think this will be at the top. Hey, Magic Guy (Corey) you gonna jump on bridge day, or just hang out and watch? I'm making the trip down next year...can't miss it.
  12. mrGuy

    A guide to Boston, Massachusetts.

    Yah? Ya got a problim withat?! No really...whats ya friggin point? So, you goin ta school in Bawstin, or ya just workin there takin good payin union jobs away from the southies? hu? ya gonna ansa that friggin question oh what? friggin tawrists.
  13. mrGuy

    Question about recovering photo

    I use PhotoFiltre to edit still images. And To answer the second question: The thumbnails I'm refering to are indeed those that apear in "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer."
  14. mrGuy

    Question about recovering photo

    When a photo is cropped and saved, but the thumbnail of that photo still shows the entire image pre-cropped, is it possible to recover the whole image? Or is the thumbnail completely separate, and has nothing to do with the full size image?