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  1. Why the heck don't we have the wit to stick a plastic bag filled with nitrogen or helium over an accused's head and feed it for 15 minutes from a cylinder of nitrogen. Then the self-superior EU can't ban the import of the stuff. I'd go with CO myself, it produces a prettier corpse and is less reversible but health and safety would get in a tizzy making the prison service use airtight chambers etc, so Nitrogen will do. What a phony pantomime of incompetence and ineptitude over executing a guy.
  2. Your idea of logic seems to be to insult when you disagree with a post. Now you're promoting some bizarre conspiracy theory. Manufacturers are typically passionate skydivers who know a lot about equipment and failures. Should we ignore their advice because you choose to ignore risks? We elect the BoD and they take their responsibilities seriously, if you don't like it you have a vote like the rest of us, you can even run for a seat if you care enough. The arguments have already been presented and are clear. This is about skydivers getting injured or dying after AAD activation where 700 ft is not enough. This is not to protect gear manufacturers dying in sewing machine incidents, it's to save OUR lives. Raise the AAD activation to 1000ft and you risk two-out incidents unless you get skydivers to pull higher. It doesn't take a conspiracy to understand this, it was made clear on page 1.
  3. A law banning drag racers and reducing the number of door handles on sedans and forcing the trunks to be welded closed will prevent such tragedies in future.
  4. I do. Then this rule if for you. It may save your life. That seems a highly opinionated and uneducated post. I'm sorry my degree is not in skydiving, but I'm happy with the company I keep, on this issue, after all it was not made a rule by neophytes? Your reply seems to be ad hominem and therefore suffers more profoundly from the issue you take with my post.
  5. Define safe. As a base jumper your definition is probably a bit more flexible than mine.
  6. I do. Then this rule if for you. It may save your life.
  7. The car was black and scary looking, it had at least 4 handles, one on each door....
  8. If you're using vertical separation to create canopy separation then you are part of the problem. Horizontal separation is what you should be aiming for. Most land in the same area. Vertical separation helps, especially for tandems and students getting out last and pulling higher. One can only guess how many tandems would have been involved in canopy collisions if they did not routinely get out last and pull higher. Admittedly they may not do this for separation, but it probably affects the outcome, regardless of dick swinging aphorisms.
  9. I've seen an entire load get out at 2k (there was a low cloud ceiling). I stayed in the plane with one other jumper. Your risk is a direct product of the choices you make.
  10. Wind shear causes it. i.e. flying through a change in wind speed; a region of air at one speed and direction into a region of air at another speed and direction. High wind does not affect airspeed and therefore does not affect flight performance as long as it is laminar (it will only affect ground speed), it is the turbulence that will cause an event like this due to the invisible variations in wind speed & direction you might encounter in flight causing sudden variations in air speed and angle of attack. Flying a small slow flying canopy you are particularly vulnerable to wind shear.
  11. Hook it!
  12. The sad part is you probably believe what you just wrote. Those are direct quotes from you on the AT&T NSA data scandal. You attacked Gravitymaster calling him silly in response to him saying it was legal, just as YOU are calling this activity legal now. Your own words are right there. ^^^^^^
  13. I think the Patriot Act and its ancillary laws are bad laws. However, you can't call someone a criminal for working within the laws, even if they are bad laws. Many of the congresspersons who are currently whining are the same ones who voted for this abysmal Act. Your stance that appears to confuse lawrocket is more simply explained by party politics. Where was everyone when Mark Klein reported on room 641a inside AT&T? I know where you were, you were here getting all constitutional on Bush's ass with: "It's the government, the folks the 2nd Amendment is designed to protect us from, remember?" - kallend, April 16 2006 When Gravitymaster pointed to the law authorizing snooping much as you are doing now you replied to him: "You know perfectly well that getting the records of Auntie Mimi in FL has ZERO to do with terrorist threats. It's a fishing expedition and your lame excuses just make you look silly." - kallend, May 17th 2006 Gravitymaster is equally hypocritical on this issue with just as short a memory. They say politics makes strange bed fellows but you guys seem to have swapped beds completely. My personal take on this is I'd consider it negligent if security agencies were not pursuing such investigative measures, at the same time I expect congressional oversight.
  14. This didn't start with the Patriot act. This predates 9-11-01 by many years. Decades ago I saw an RFP for a supercomputer system that could play 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon with a nation's phone records. What the fuck do you think the NSA and GCHQ does? If THIS is what outrages you then you haven't been paying attention.
  15. Ahhh, so that was the problem, the gear was not designed to be outfitted in free-fall! I'd never have understood what caused this incident without your insight
  16. Every skydiver knows that it is far more important to turn on your GoPro than do up your straps. It would be a tragedy to lose great video like this!
  17. I don't think too many has jumped from a paraglider with a skyrig, there is not enough altitude. I watched a jumper do this at Torrey Pines with a cutaway paraglider setup and a BASE rig. He was quite low for a skydive but very respectable altitude for a BASE jump, of course it was NOT technically a BASE jump. Some people on the beach called emergency services when they saw a PG pilot fall and the wing blow back onto the ground. He was instructed to stop by the gliderport management. It was cool watching him chop while I was in the air with him.
  18. An incident at Skydive Dallas on 1/15/2005 has a lot in common with this incident, that had a fatal outcome:
  19. That's the spirit, fuck it! Jump that rig! Not all friction adapters are designed equal and elastic keepers should not be the difference between working and failing friction adapters.
  20. There's a difference between giving inspections and signing a document certifying the correct rigging of someone else's gear each load. However the existence of any kind of formal check rule implies responsibility and threatens to financially ruin any jumper should someone go in reagrdless of fault. It sucks but that's the reality of the legal system that has arisen in the USA and elsewhere.
  21. That's insane. It exposes the signator to legal liability and implies a responsibility which does not and should not exist. After an incident the specifics of gear and events are often uncertain and open to speculation. People have been sued for selling a piece of paper used to record reserve I&R found in a bounce rig.