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  1. A few weeks ago I tore my ACL (not skydiving), I actually jumped with my injured knee before I saw the doc and got a diagnosis (it didn't feel that bad at the time). Since then I've jumped and my knee is definitely not fully recovered (nor will it ever without surgery), and the stresses we normally take for granted on landing seem magnified with my dodgy knee albeit with a slightly briused femur at the time. So I'm considering the possibility of surgery, a fairly serious business for an ACL repair with a long recovery. My question is does anyone else here jump with a torn ligament? Do you wear a brace? Yea I know there are folks who jump in worse shape, my main concern is really about additional injury to a weakened knee (long term prospects for arthritis)and whether to elect for the surgery.
  2. What's in a name? I'm all for equal & equivalent legal protection & civil unions, but why do some folks insist this is a "marriage". It seems like some groups expect some kind of affirmation out of this. I don't like the way this debate has been framed, i.e. marriage vs no rights when that's not what this is about for me or I suspect most people not on the extremes of the issue. It's one thing to expect equal legal recognition & protection, quite another to redefine the nature of an institution. Pretending people who object to this are somehow homophobic or opposed to gay rights is not just misguided, it's downright dishonest. Makes good politics though when you can label a whole group of people as anti-gay though when many of them are the exact opposite.