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  1. It reduces your radar signature. Sparky It makes for a smoother crater.
  2. And? This is the original factory mod to the suit, and how the handles worked in that mod. Perhaps doing away with access altogether is the thought in the instance shown in the OP's question. Or perhaps the designer should re-think the mod entirely. Fixing a bad design with a bad idea is...well...bad. Watch the video, it's showing that the reserve handle mod it is a death trap. A fine example of a "great" idea that just doesn't work and could kill someone. Beyond this it seems to me like it is modifying TSO'd gear and a great illustration of why this it is illegal for unqualified idiots to do so. Thank goodness zippers never fail either. I mean, once you find and grab the zipper tab your handle is hidden behind you can trust your life 100% to a zipper opening in a fraction of a second in 120 mph wind with fabric flapping away. Nobody has ever had a zipper jam on them! AMAZING! Some people are determined to find ways to kill themselves.
  3. My skydiving AFF school used an altimeter simulator for altitude awareness practice. It was only clockwork but we used them to practice dive flow before our first jump. This has utility and can offer better options for students too.
  4. I hope you realize how unsuitable that is? This thread is about a ground training utility. NOT about a real altimeter. Anyone using a phone or any other GPS device as a skydiving altimeter has a death wish.
  5. You're all wrong. Normal rules of probability do not apply to this jumper. Safety margins are his plaything. He cannot die, if he did, he would be unable to edit his bounce video to some cool music and upload it to Vimeo. FYI - The gun is to shoot him in the head if he survives another no pull, he's heard things can get painful when the guys from Area51 start their vivisection.
  6. You pissed off some people on the internet? There's a first! BEER!
  7. No question, he's a complete ass. But in the US, that's legal. Not that he's American or subject to US law. The persistent implication that Assange somehow owes the USA some fealty or has a duty of silence once information is made known to him is absurd.
  8. This should not raise any interest in his use of condoms during consensual sex. He did not steal documents. Bradley Manning gave him a load of classified government documents. Having a location where whistleblowers can release incriminating documents serves a useful purpose. It has exposed the fraud and corruption of criminals from executives in the Bank of America to officials in the State Department.
  9. He certainly has a different viewpoint from you, Bingo, and that's at the root of this, "He doesn't agree with me he had the audacity to act on his convictions with courage and to great effect therefore he's a pussy who must be persecuted". I disagree with Assanges politics but this is bullshit. People cannot seem to understand that he has absolutely NO obligation to act in the best interests of the US executive branch. They cannot seem to understand that it is not OK to broadcast headlines accusing him of rape after months of repeated corrections. Just how incompetent does a news organization have to be to get that wrong? The answer is it's NOT incompetence.
  10. He's a pussy? Why because he exposed inconvenient facts or he has a reluctance to be railroaded on politically motivated charges? Trouble with relations with women? WTF are you talking about, he banged two women in two days and they knew eachother so they went to the cops over some bullshit complaint that has no equivalent either in the USA or in the UK. Do you have something rational to say about him besides "he's a pussy" or he has trouble with women because he had two brief encounters with a couple of women who knew eachother? All you have is character assassination and you have to dodge the detailed facts to do it. I have issues with Assange but they're based on fact for example his commentary over the killing video was biased and bullshit, and he was timing his releases for publicity instead of just releasing the data. There's substance to these complaints not nonsense like "he's a pussy", he was certainly getting a lot of pussy, maybe you're just jealous, I dunno.
  11. It is an FAA requirement under canopy. Interesting, in my paraglider I am obliged to fly with a strobe 1/2 hour before sunrise or after sunset. I suspect that it is better able to be visible form the statutory distance too.
  12. Because as soon as you did it would be grounds for assylum in the UK. You keep saying this is not political but yet here you are constantly attacking a man you've never met in a political forum. You revel in his legal trouble centering around consensual sex he had with a couple of loose women (one tied to the CIA) basically because each woman discovered he'd slept with the other without protection. In the mean time "news" outlets in the USA like CNN pronounce that he's facing "rape" charges, which he certainly isn't. And now he's extadtited (imminently)from a country that has no equivalent charge where the case would be laughed out of court. Just what is it about Mr Assange's condom use that interests you so much if it's not politically motivated? Whatever the final outcome, this operation has certainly curtailed Assanges inconvenient activities. Someone at Langley deserves a pat on the back.
  13. It is an FAA requirement under canopy.
  14. I think there should be a zoo dive requirement for AFFI qualification
  15. Trolling is against forum rules. If you think my posts were taking shots at "tunnel flyers" then you've gotten the wrong idea. I book tunnel time and value the coaching there.
  16. Nice try but you're full of it. I'm flying the camera in the video titled "7-way ... chasing the low guy", so your comment as directed at me is a stretch. It is fun to try to catch a low timer who funnels through the base. I do train in the tunnel with tunnel coaches. I just don't confuse it with real skydiving and nothing in the tunnel comes close to that kind of jump. You seem to have missed the point of that video in your attempt at a cheap shot. That video is about adapting to a dynamic situation with the large separations involved with the adrenaline of a real skydive. You don't get that in a tunnel. EVERYONE on that jump, even the weaker skydivers gained experience you cannot earn in a tunnel no matter how much time you put in there. If any of those jumpers asked me if they should do some tunnel training they'd get an enthusiastic recommendation from me. Substituting tunnel time for freefall time for qualifying AFFIs is still a really dumb idea.
  17. It made the local news here (Bay Area), it wasn't just in the news broadcast though. It was used as the teaser broadcast throughout the evening to get people to tune in and watch later, including the shot of the PAX ass in the breeze clinging for life.
  18. Man I was in a really gnarly wind tunnel zoo dive once. It all went to hell on exit. The main chunk funneled and split and we wound up hundreds of feet apart, it took us about 5000 ft just to catch the low guy and then the levels were off and it whip-lashed like a bucking bronco as we reformed, but we got that first point in before we reached our break-off altitude. The pressure was unbelievable because we were running out of altitude. Who says tunnel time can't replace free-fall time?
  19. We need video or it never happened.
  20. But cloud busting is. Swings and roundabouts.
  21. Yep, many people will now try to copy this stunt. And many of those that try, will die. I'll bet that "not many" will try to copy. Not any more likely than those that have tried (and died) copying Bill Cole or Travis Pastrana's chuteless jumps, or those that have tried to copy Greg Gasson's stunts. Landings of a wingsuit has only been a matter of time for a long time. Aside from Gary's tremendous success today, there are at least three others with plans to achieve this same thing/different ways. I anticipate many canceled or altered plans. Building a million dollar secret sauce ramp and then threading the needle seems a bit silly today.
  22. +1 I think his stunt fall background helped him realize the solution was at hand and already in use. Cool idea to add a neck brace too. Just awesome, I never heard of his plan until a few days ago and the next thing I see he's done it and there's video. Just epic!