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  1. The thing about alternative medicine is if it works and is reproducible in quality double blind experiments then it becomes REAL medicine.
  2. Janet ...... this is the real you. Janet the game playing troll. See ya on the next page Jan ..... Heeds warning about trolling posts, ignores warning about not killing yourself with a distracting camera :-) The signature undermines any attempt at distancing from earlier bullshit. Wants a do-over and still wants to claim mad skillz. Oh what a dilemma.
  3. Your signature is a real gem: Ability correlates with jump numbers and few skydivers overcompensate for their lack of skydiving by posting about their mad skillz on the internet as much as you do.
  4. Me recognizing your sarcasm is how I know that when you wrote "I'm glad to see everyone blaming the camera", you hadn't actually learned a valuable lesson. I already stated it, but here's another opportunity to ignore it; unless that list affects your decisions on the ground before you jump and is not just fodder for the nonsense you post online then you're missing the point of it. Pretending there's not 17 pages of ample justification of my opinion of you up there ^^^ is what's ridiculous. You still haven't understood what's happened here. I thought when you pretended it was all a game you'd started to catch on and show some self awareness but you just couldn't maintain the fiction. I think that you don't know that you have a dangerous attitude.
  5. From his flying I'd estimate he has 10x your jump numbers and was probably 100% on his chest strap routing until that jump. Still trying your best to ignore the lesson I see. You read and cited DSE's incidents list but try your damnedest to learn absolutely nothing from it. Just add this to the list.
  6. Thank goodness, I mean it'd be just embarrassing to forget to turn on your GoPro. He looks pretty experienced the way he's flying (at least after his dive). +1 Now that he's seen this video JWest is even more of an expert, so he's good to go.
  7. In Paragliding we'd call what's in the third video wingovers, you use the power and pendulum swing generated from one to drive into the next, he does that a bit too but the timing is off and he's only using rears, because everyone in skydiving knows trusting your rears proves you have mad skillz. Be careful if you try this, under a skydiving canopy you can induce line twists if you get the timing wrong and whip a toggle while your canopy is lightly loaded etc. Tangentially I saw someone accidentally do what paraglider pilots call a helicopter under a skydiving canopy recently. I was watching them toggle whipping "wingovers" and getting the timing so bad that I was sure they'd go into line twists, but to my amazement they put their canopy into a helicopter. When they recovered they surged directly at me, fun times.
  8. I sure hope this guy remembered to turn on his GoPro before exit.
  9. Yes, but there were probably better options. If you're going to quit you might as well take it up the chain first. What do you have to lose at that point? People often quit their bosses, not their company.
  10. This is something that needs to be guarded against with every new mandatory block of training. It's not just coach ratings and jumps, it can happen with canopy instruction, wingsuit instruction or new notions like camera ratings that a few self-promoting folks like to push for. It's attractive to make and impose rules and mandatory training and always looks like taking the high ground, but the larger impact on the sport needs to be weighed in the balance. Before anyone says I'm anti-training I went on more than one canopy control course before it was mandatory or a sign-off and I'd be grandfathered in now anyway. It would be interesting to hear the howls of protest if the grandfathering element were done away with and everyone had to re-cert for any new training blocks we impose on new students. The requirements creep and some of the fleecing might end overnight.
  11. I don't need your permission, this is an open forum. If you want to take it to PMs you have that option. I now see your earlier reply, I'm not sure I trust it as anything but post revelation ass covering, but at least you agree it is unsafe. Since you seem to need it spelled out, I'd say he's mocking your credibility gap in yet another area where you're waxing lyrical in a safety & training forum.
  12. There is only one person discrediting you and it's not him. How do you know you're not uninformed? You're demanding an explanation and you have a track record of not receiving explanations well. You seem to think that every explanation should be responded to with your opinion. "720" spiraling down to 1k ready to start your downwind might be considered unsafe because it risks a low altitude canopy collision with others as you turn into trafficked airspace that you visually cannot clear. I doubt anyone is interested in debating this with you and enduring several hundred more posts of nonsense. For once just say "OK I'll stop", shut up and move on. Spare everyone the spectacle and yourself the embarrassment and start to restore your reputation. As for the rest, well I sincerely hope I'm wrong. I'm not interested in your Q&A. I've read quite a lot of what you've written. You're obviously curious and I remember being new to the sport and coming on here and making an arse of myself too.
  13. I love the way you cite the work of a guy who has told you that you are an incident waiting to happen. His personal beliefs about me do not affect the helpfulness/content of his incident thread. Reading that thread and in particular the vast number of distraction incidents in it does not mean squat unless it affects your decision making for the better. You show no indication of that. On the contrary it seems that it has imbued you with a delusional sense of knowledge. That is remarkable since an easily discernible dominant theme in DSE's incidents list is newbies with many of the views you have espoused here getting bitten. This is so glaringly discordant that I'm beginning to suspect that your deficit of self-perception and introspection might be clinical. You think you can throw internet posts at this problem when in fact your primary defense is to make good decisions on the ground before you skydive. Your word salad transmitting your rationalizations at others who know better won't affect anything.
  14. I love the way you cite the work of a guy who has told you that you are an incident waiting to happen.
  15. The analogy was largely about your credibility but woosh..... more water off a duck's back. You still think this is a debate or discussion, it is not. It's closer to an intervention that's turned into a farce because you don't know when to give up the gates. The phrase "You don't know what you don't know" is not merely a shallow tautology. It means you do not know the vast scope of what you don't know. It means you are not even in a position to assess just how much there is to know and how much of it you don't know and therefore how much of it might kill you. Unlike some I do not think it is at all silly. I do think to read it glibly is to miss the point and weight of the truism.
  16. He's already got this covered Kallend. To paraphrase Neil deGrasse Tyson, the Dunning-Kruger effect applies to you whether or not you believe it applies to you. Or less eloquently; if you spend weeks waxing forth verbosely about a topic you have armchair knowledge of and zero experience doing and you are debating professionals with thousands of skydives and years of experience doing then you just might be deep in the Dunning-Kruger hole.
  17. O RLY? Your perception of who is humoring whom here and what you look like is ever so slightly off, and it's not a generational thing. Forget cavemen analogies, you're a virgin offering opinions on how to organize a gang bang.
  18. There was no 360, there was a 270, and after that he was too deep in the corner to do anything but bounce. I eagerly await your inevitable opinion on swooping after you have mastered the art of camera flying.
  19. There ya go. My paragliding license does both, you get your rating, but you also get special skills listed like Cliff Launch, Surface Tow, Ridge Soaring. Each requires an instructor sign-off but they stay on there for the duration once you have them. Night Jump could be such a rating, along with many other disciplines. Camera, wingsuit, Freefly, Bigway, O2, Swoop. All the boy scout badges!
  20. My thoughts exactly, don't know why he didn't bail either, but I'll bet you he watches that video from his wheelchair and thinks the same thing. That's the difference between talking and doing. It looks ridiculous on video, but whatever was going on in his brain at the time might be the shit that kills you no matter how much you think you'd never do that. I don't know what you mean by that, but good luck to you.
  21. Nobody wants to see that. I hope you live to a ripe old age thinking everyone else was wrong. Wearing a camera is not the only decision you will make in skydiving and I see no evidence that you're actually absorbing any input. That's the meta problem here, I hope I'm wrong.
  22. He's paraplegic now. I wish he'd gotten away with it. A swoop pond under him and he might have. Fucking shame.
  23. Fuck it, you'll probably be OK, and if not at least we'll have video. Good luck, you'll need it.
  24. Who was this directed to--Stayhigh with SIX THOUSAND jumps? Really think he has a C license? (Although, why he should care, I don't know.) Really think he ever had to "man up and get out of the plane?" What is with you people? I replied to the last post in the thread at the time, what is it with you? It doesn't matter who the heck I replied to, the point still stands.