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  1. Wrist issues while packing? Here's another video to help with that
  2. I hope this helps :)
  3. Not trying to sell, just trying to help. I made that video myself and I'm on Long Island. For those of you who know me and have been helped by some of these moves, you know I'm not selling anything. . . Rather informing everyone on how to get THEMSELVES out of dysfunction and pain. I wish you all the best. :)
  4. Um nope. Just haven't posted in a while. Switched my name years ago. Not new at all. Thanks.
  5. After a hard opening, hard landing, or just chronic pain that you think you have to 'live' with. Its just not true. Having spent over a decade in the skydiving industry, I have seen my fair share of disc herniations, twisted ankles, and busted femurs. For the most part, the small injuries can be avoided when your body is working %100, and aligned efficiently. But even when you femur, dislocate, or burst something, you begin the pattern of compensation which not only inhibits your healing, but sets you up to get the same injury again. You twist your ankles consistently upon landing. You blame a spot in the landing area, or a down draft for your injury. Sound like you? What if I told you that its not the uneven ground, but your ability to properly load your joints that causes your repetitive injuries. Take a look at my video and see how you can help yourself. I believe we ALL have the ability to get out of pain, and avoid excessive trips to the hospital. And you can do it on your own!