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    Go Fast X-days, publicity discussion

    come on...u re jumping LF in the picture...whats that ?????
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    BASE TATTOO!!!!!!!!

    no. newer. :) use seach first
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    Malaysia 2007 need advice
  5. fastpete

    ITW Fatality

    This is so sad. We met you many times Eddie. Hungary, Italy, Norway, BD, KL, etc etc... We did your jump number 200 in PTL B at that night in US, that was amazing jump. You were so friedly guy, one of the friendlies that i have ever met...we came to visit you couple of yrs ago to your gave us room to us, showed us exits..gave us food and drink... We were planning to come to visit you again to BT with my GF. Eddie, Thank you, for all, I´m lost of words now...I will miss you so much... See you Eddie Petri Lehtinen Finland
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    Split this forum?

    yes...exatly...i totally agree !
  7. fastpete

    Nice one in the roof

    yes REALLY nice way to burn some objects
  8. fastpete

    BASE game

    if i remember right, antenna goes to 511 meters, and our exit was in 262 and lower was in 244...not so sure, but maybe someone can correct this.... I think its building...wind wont go thru....
  9. fastpete

    Which Suunto for BASE?

    I´m using X9, it has accuracy to has also compass and GPS receiver. I´m really happy about it
  10. fastpete

    Tracking suit.

    Martin, I agree with you...just came to walley !!!!
  11. fastpete

    How many jumpers are there in the world?

    quessing.... about 2500 ?!! basejumpers...i mean
  12. fastpete

    High Resolution Photo of Perrine

    i have one..wanna ? have seen no t shirts.....been lazy ha....? Pete