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  1. Alright, who's gonna be at heliboogie 2007? I know hydroguy and I will be going, who else?
  2. How much time it takes to turn a canopy around is NOT what's important. Rather, how much space it takes to turn is what you need to worry about. That raven turned quick but took up altitude and forward movement. My rock dragon on the other hand, while it seems like forever fixing a 180, turns about itself w/ no forward movement (if done right) and minimal alt. loss.
  3. CactusJack


    Scouted out some sites at snowbird (smallish) and jackson hole, gonna try to get something going here soon. Definitely hitting up lovers for about a week in march though!
  4. Dude I'm always down for CO jumps! Hit me back
  5. Anyone near dallas should come by for some fun . . . Call me an architecture buff, but there's a lot of construction going on and it's, uh, fun to look at. Shoot me a PM and we'll go, I've already done some solo "sightseeing" with success. I'll be around till the 6th but can still give info afterwards.
  6. do you mean that the rope really broke? jumping rope or tyrolean traverse? The sheath failed on a pendulator launch. The core of the rope survived and we were able to lower him to the ground without injury. Although it was a lot harder with all the screaming and crying . . .
  7. Hey Jason and Leroy, how wise would you think it would be for us military members to be on national tv BASE jumping and interviewing w/ pentagon news reporters? To your knowledge, is bridge day an activity that's offically approved for participation by CO's and supervisors? I know that for many jumpers bridge day is a one time thing, but what about regular jumpers? I was just wondering if there could be any negative consequences w/ military members associating with a sport that many view as mostly illegal. I suppose each individual situation is unique, but if you are in the military please consider the possibilities of such media presence and plan accordingly!
  8. It's not very high quality (taken from video), but that doesn't mean it's not wicked sweet!
  9. Dude I'm in! Will you drive me to the top each jump? Cause that would be awesome. I'd bring you lots of booze.
  10. Not to mention when he fell trying to climb a site near Colorado Springs that had been secretly jumped before . . . not gonna name it but it will pop up if you do a search.
  11. 22 whole minutes? Man abbie you're slackin'!!! Better lay off the cobra whiskey for a bit.
  12. Just tie two slipknot loops in the bridle about 5" apart near the PC......wrap them over the rail/bar, one loop on either side. Tie the loops together on the other side w/ the breakcord. Easy, simple, goes w/ you. Courtesy of RJ Money.
  13. I saw another jumper's online base log and decided to copy it. I really like using a blog for several reasons. First, you don't have to carry anything around. You can access your logbook from anywhere in the world that has a computer. I also like giving the link to my friends who've done GC for me so they can leave comments if they like. As long as it's anonymous (using base # for instance), no one will be able to find out who you really are. Also since it's electronic, maybe if you wanted to do stat analysis on your jumps sometime you could do it much simpler. Anyone else like using an onine log?
  14. I only have non-WS gainer experience, but here is what I know, take it for what it's worth. I practiced a bunch on a trampoline before trying it on a cliff, and at first the tendency when attempting a back flip or gainer was to twist during the rotation. You need to be able to rotate w/o twisting in order to ensure good body position/good deployment. For a WS, this would mean faster acquisition of full glide and ensure on heading initial flying. Again please take this w/ a grain of salt and listen to someone with actual gainer WS experience. Have fun!