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  1. Cool. We'll see you out here! For BASE instruction, I'm partial to Apex, but that's for another thread so I'll say no more.
  2. Just found this thread while doing a search to see what comes up under "Speedfly Soboba". Good to see people are talking about it over here. Naturally since I run the school I encourage everybody to come out! It is true in the above posts that it will improve your canopy skills immensely. One thing that I have been surprised by over and over again are competitive swoopers that let the wing get a bit out of hand, and then once on the ground they are honest in that they lost control. This isn't meant to scare anybody, only to demonstrate that there is still a great amount to learn no matter what your skill level. It's actually a very easy sport, just different from skydiving canopy flight in many ways. It's not necessary to learn to paraglide first. You will pick up a lot of "PG" skills through the training, which you can apply later to that sport if you decide to take it up. Both sports are a blast. Soboba has actually become a bigger speed flying site than paragliding now. We'd love to have all of you out to make it even more so. It's the Golden Age of speed flying in the US right now. Come be a part of it. Troy
  3. Reviving an old thread to point out a new speed flying school in California, near Perris and Elsinore -
  4. I have been put in charge of collecting names and photos of female tandem instructors for a commercial shooting in the later part of May. Photos don't need to be professional, just one normal photo and one on a tandem jump. Please respond directly to [email protected] - Thanks Troy Hartman
  5. birdtrick


    Cool. Qualified. Anybody in the area willing to guide one person (me), for some beer money? Expensive beer is fine. (Assuming the falcons and rangers aren't an issue)
  6. birdtrick


    Any snow at Lovers yet?