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  1. and dacron lines dont cut into u the way spectra does so lets say your hanging in a tree or of an antenna for a while or on a guide wire have u ever tried to climb up spectra it sucks and it will gut u like a kinfe as well trust me ive had it wrapped around me it sucks bad but not dacron its soft and easy to climb JT these kids will never learn
  2. please for the love of God this was a BS jump nothing happend and know one cares if it was a cool jump i could see u wanting to brag but give us a brake already I feel asleep reading it after 2 minutes so did anything even remotely cool happen
  3. no he stinks at golf but hes really good at playing house wife
  4. A girl I dated looked up stitistics on dangerous sports and ofcoarse the was all the other fag sports but they didn't list BASE as one because they wrote it was to hard to calculate they said basiccly its suicide with a parachute if u only jump pussy objects and u want to be a pussy u might live through it but if u really want to be cool u have to be willing to die or be a gimp
  5. call me craker my friend is a pro down hiller and has a sweet set up on his helmit kind of like the one 980 had on his
  6. base1072


    whats the deal with night base I would asume thats how most people got there BASE number where do u even send in for that or on that note where can i send in for a tard over and roll over base # not that they mean everything
  7. video is evidece what are u thinking the only video of u i want to see is you and your fiance
  8. we all know your gay but it has nothing to do with BASE jumping you were just born that way so stop fighting it
  9. base1072


    well your gonna live longer than us
  10. yah no shit DP is cool in fact its the best
  11. this is crazy talk take it off why add another element to the equation for an off heading maybe 9 times out of 10 your fine but that one time your slider catchs the side of your container or twists your risers and ban your eating a building. not me buddy ill keep mine off and so will anyone else jumping with me my stance on this is, if u want to come to my town and jump with me. then u do it with out a slider or u can find your own objects and jump alone sliders kill and if u have a riser release I have a very hard time beleaveing that a slider will save u Ill test this theory in the summer and video it hell I could be wrong ///out of a plane but on less your over alot of water or tress your gonna wish u were dead anyway and if u hook up a riser wrong and dont do a gear check then u deserve what u get
  12. yah so how much does it cost
  13. base1072

    razor wire

    I use a jet pack to fly over the top of the wire but jet packs are like sex they only last a few seconds
  14. base1072

    razor wire

    my firends mom is a nurse so when I was respecting the BASE ethics thing I just got stiches Know I just use bolt cutters but razor wire scares are cool, and they make for a good story