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  1. I should of known better! That will be my last post.... Thanks Tom, for all your work.
  2. I never said I still have a mojo, I am out of base for the time being. If I had base gear I would of course use it, and no, I don't think you are a ass!
  3. Because I feel this set up will work just fine at this location. I am for the most part done base jumping. But, since we are on the topic, will a 46" really distort my flying canopy? Or change my flare? thanks all!
  4. Can I use it? It would be for a Triathlon 210. I have used it on a 260 Mojo at the Perrine (1- 1.5 sec. delay). Of course I will have a 9 ft. bridle and mesh slider.
  5. Will a superraven 3 with spectra fit in a j-3? I am talking main parachute here???
  6. When I say kit I mean gear..Been having problems retrieving some posts, thanks to all who have answered...
  7. Any old school jumpers? Opinions please. I have quite a few jumps on sharpchuters, how do they compare to super raven3's? I believe a sr3 is not the advertised 249 sq ft,but more like 240?? Is the trim and aspect ratio diff. as well? I go about 182 without kit.