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  1. lol, Martin Reynolds would be the guy to chat to about that....
  2. Hey guys, from someone who's experienced first hand the cult like sillyness of the atmo crew a word of advice 1- Its almost a religion, arguing on a fact and scientific basis doesnt really have any effect upon them 2- It just gives them a forum to talk more pseudo scientific overly passionate dribble If you don't like the agenda, just ignore them. Its like celebrities or fashionable causes. If you dont talk about them and allow them to dominate the agenda then they disappear. Talking about them makes them seem of real significance. Just ignore them, they're comfortably confined to obscurity in a small corner of the world... Not too dissimilar to discussing Sarah Pallin or Scientology. The crazy followers don't really want to debate or listen to what you say.
  3. No comment! Surprised the atmo mafia thought police havent stepped in.... Relative rotation gravitational wind or something like that, crazyness!
  4. By many accounts he's been coaching there for the past couple of months... None withstanding... your avoiding the question, do you think its appropriate for him to be coaching at that level? As you obviously believe he'll learn very quickly(or has) then given he's been there for a couple months, he obviously started coaching there at an even lower level than this. Two bits of advice 1) Actually awnser the questions 2) Dont get into a slagging match with me
  5. Point by point 1) Olav isnt a certified IBA coach or instructor. Not to put that as a the holy grail(Bottrop and Bedford seem to get by just fine without it). But it is pretty generally accepted that it a solid system that produces highly skilled spotters and coaches. Ive had a fair bit of contact with him and Tiezzi(if this is what your refering to). In the formers case, I entered into a debate on physics which saw the Atmo crew shift away from a technical debate, to a religious one. In terms of Olav, yeah I've defiantly been critical. So be it, he's certainly given all of us more than enough ammunition. In taking the piss out of an unqualified and underskilled coach I make no apologies. In no way am I 'big ing myself up'. Ill ask you this, do you honestly think that it appropriate for someone at that level to be coaching?
  6. if you knew me, you'd know that aint the case!
  7. Well.... IMO There really should be a pretty solid base of skill before someone starts coaching, thats not to say good flyers make good coaches, which as we all know, isn't always the case... I feel that on the whole tunnel rats are those best suited to do this, given they are the ones with the greatest experience and exposure to tunnel skills Obviously he's done a freefly jump or two, but as we've seen, his judgement and skills when it comes to the tunnel is more than a little bit flawed(ie.... dismissing tunnel instructors advice and IBA regulation and breaking both of his arms). Olav clearly doesn't have a solid developed tunnel skill set and thus shouldn't be coaching... Going back to the initial point, i think it is really funny to watch!
  8. yes, the rats there have confirmed it.... + the big 'first school' jumpsuit is a bit of a give away + pics of him wearing that suit too
  9. Sorry dave but i think your mistaken. He is coaching and now is making a regular thing of it.... see http://www.freeflyschool.com/Olav_Zipser/Willkommen.html ----------------------- Learn to Fly with the Inventor and the Father of FreeFly . Olav Zipser I‘m inviting you to learn all about the FreeFly philosophy and techniques. Manage to harmonize you‘re physical action thru mental meditation . I will create a personal training program and film you life from the inside of the tunnel with a dynamic in flight head mounted and a stationary camera . Technical Briefings before and after the FreeFly Sessions are included. You‘re FreeFly Progression Video can be published on Youtube and /or Facebook. TUNNEL TIMES IN 2010 THIS TIMES ARE GUARANTEED for all bookings and arranging other times CONTACT : [email protected] Blocks 15 min. Tunnel time +coaching +video = 230.-€ 10 min. Tunnel time +coaching +video = 160.-€ every Friday ,Saturday ,Sunday march 13- may 2 every day 2x 15 min + 1x 10 min blocks book all day 40 min = 600.-€ ------------------------- Lets separate the two issues. 1) The morality and integrity involved with someone flying like this coaching others, IMO, is pretty weak 2) The Inventor of freefly etc.... Good marketing and self promotion at best.
  10. nope, im taking the piss out of someone who's coaching others when they fly like that.... especially when tunnel rats take years and years to hone their skills and really understand how to fly in the tunnel, some people feel they can rock up and start coaching
  11. but you forgot one fine point.... im not coaching others in the tunnel(which he is) and to be frank i'm a bit further on that what i've seen on that vid and lets not push the whole 'pioneered' line either, we all know thats pretty paper thin. and ask some of the guys in flyaway about who the first person the fly head down was...
  12. Check this out, is this just me or is this like a Commodore 64 style technique in the age of the MacBook pro.... Awesome!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5w5D6vC6Nf0
  13. ive used ultimate ears for ages, a bit of a tight fit with a full face, but still brilliant sound quality. my judgement is fairly poor so im splashing out for custom monitors, no way they can slip out + studio level sound. check em out... http://www.ultimateears.com/_ultimateears/store/custom/ue4pro.php
  14. Watch out guys, the AtmoCult has been at it on wikipedia again. PseudoScience at its best!
  15. Heya, I started to learn to fly head down via 'tracking into headdown' and then went with a US coach(Alaska Jon) who went the other way(purely head down from exit). Each has thier merits, the tracking one being that you have the potential to be exposed to some really exciting aspects of freefly such as full angle flight(tracking, tracing/atmo, head down then back over to tracking the other direction). It just really depends on how you implement the training. I have observed a number of cases whereby some flyers who only do tracking, atmo, tracing then try to head down afterwards after quiet a great deal of time just hitting angles they have real issues in terms of knowing when thier vertical and just general posture etc... As long as you dont go over the top and do a year of just angles then try to learn headdown, you more than likely wont have an issue. Its a fairly contingency based. If you have significant funds, then the tunnel is a great way to learn HD. If not sky coaching focusing on just HD in my mind is a close no.2. Ive seen people with good HD skills pick up angles in 1 or 2 jumps but vice versa(angled types with little or no vert experience) find it in relative terms more difficult to transition their skills set to vertical. My experiences anyways...