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  1. fedykin

    Ouragan FreeFly Suits

    By far the best suits i have come across, the customer service surpasses anything i have experienced. The amount of drag is perfect! Get one! 1 week delivery time!
  2. fedykin

    Skydiving in Italy?

    Right, close to Rome, there's Nettuno which isnt too far at all away, maybe 30-40 minutes south. Places to go that are likely to be busy are also Marche, home of the Atmonauti, check it out on www.skydivemarche or www.atmonauti.com. Fano is Ok, nice view, high winds, nice people, very well thought out facilities. Failing that Bologna isnt too bad as far as ive heard, used to jump in Arezzo, which has gone downhill a bit, but Arezzo the town has its pluses, as its only 5 minutes away. Sardinia has things going on from time to time too. Hope that helps Probably not...
  3. fedykin

    The Art of vRW. The way of freefly by Pat Works

    yeah, cheers for that, i guess ill go down to the tait and buy tracey emins next works becuause she clearly loves art(in reference to her i use the term very loosely), not because it has any inherent value or she has any technical ability. this is a completely new way of thinking for all consumers. IF THE MANUFACTURER CLEARLY LOVES WHAT THEY'RE DOING YOU MUST BUY IT gotta get my dolphin container and time out dytters on order 'cause they're so passionate about what they do, they put alotta thought into the products- irrespective of the fact that relative to other products they are inferior and on the point of having real nuggets, 'just feel it', yeah ill pass that one on to my next student, really usefull technical information that empowers others to further thier skill set... thanks kidwicked you brightened up my day!
  4. fedykin


    giancarlo triminarche used to spend alot of time there, though he's now got his own place in venezuala. theres about 3 AD B licences that have come out of Kolomna in the last 12 months so the likelyhood is there of a pretty good level. Giancarlo says theres a couple of guys there of a pretty good level. I've heard the weather isnt too bad, regional weather statistics back this up, apart from a bit of rain. Pretty vauge huh?
  5. fedykin

    British Parachute Schools, Langar

    i though the lift capacity was incredible for the UK the vibe was pretty good too some of the staff can be a bit terse and give mixed messages apart from that i was generally impressed
  6. fedykin

    Paracadutismo Etruria Arezzo

    my favorite dz incredibly progressive attitude the best food i have ever tasted the altitude is incredible the staff are incredibly friendly and professional thumbs up keep it coming olav and stefania
  7. fedykin

    Skydive Arizona

    the dz has figured it all out have the biggest lift capacity with low prices and the most switched on manifestor working themselves unbelievably hard + a well motivated incredible collection of coaches and LO's + a wind tunnel = eloy they have contributed so much to the sport and make such an effort to keep all of us jumpers happy
  8. fedykin

    RAFSPA - Weston on the Green

    i think this DZ has got the most practical location in the UK easist to get to and from london you can do more or less as many lift as you can expect to in the UK(5-7 is my upper limit there) the altitude isnt great wherever i go abroad the jumpers from weston are always friendly and energetic it would just take i bit more freefly LO etc.. to make it an awesome DZ and maybe some accomodation and better altitude
  9. fedykin

    Army Parachute Association - Netheravon

    a couple of years ago(2003) nethers by one means or another got its act together and started to resemble an progressive dropzone! but- the state of things now is somewhat different... the managment is either absent of disintrested most of the time and the lower level staff have been given no motivation whatsover to help things turn around. (they cut all of the Staff incentives this year for them to contribute to productivity and the general feel of the center). the location is probably the most ideal, for kite surfing in the UK (on top of a hill in the middle of a plain) ( Edward Sissor hand house, Ref) they just cant get thier act together and frankly dont seem particularly concerned, i think its partly due to the confusing nature of the organisation ie... APA, JSPC, Pilots, and anyother Tom Dick or Harry all thinking that they have exclusive controll of the center. despite recent efforts the manifest system is achaic and ineffiecent. They actively recruit and retain staff there that are totaly unsuited for the basic task of writing a manifest and communicazting with DZ control. If they cannot cope the window gets slammed in your face so they can have a little breather from the high stress environment of running a manifest!! Fair one! its not a case of bad managment or leadership, its a clear cut case of NO managment or leadership just because someone has made the right jestures, nudge nudge wink wink, doesnt neccesarily mean that they are capable of running a comercial operation(business backround, hmmmm....) its almost bizare in the fatalistic view of some of the people(IMSHALA like) in the senior staff, if things dont turn effciciently its gods will not due to any action or inaction on thier part. this all leads to apathy with the staff dissillusioned jumpers going somewhere else I.e. enduring a drive up north to jump where people are actualy interested in skydiving. if they could get thier act together then id be more than happy to comeback, but to be honest I dont think that;ll happen in my life time.
  10. fedykin

    Mirage G4

    amazed!!! highest quality ive ever seen in a rig, the customer service was constantly helpfull and friendly(justin). the colours are vibrant and the rig looks like it would last 10 000+ jumps easy, super comfortable, 100%freefly friendly simply the best, i think im gonna order a second rig as well
  11. fedykin

    Skydive Headcorn

    Appauling customer service, high jump prices, you never get to jump, the staff think they are world class skydivers but in fact are some of the worst I've ever met, water logged runways and landing area, bad food, unprofessional, the kit store will rip you off, and super cliquey scared low jump number skydivers and staff.
  12. fedykin

    Peterborough Parachute Centre

    i am sorry, i jump with trigger, he has lost it. like a lame horse fatally wounded i will put him out of his misery...
  13. fedykin

    Peterborough Parachute Centre

    cris allen is there, what more do i need to say? the jump tickets are 18+pounds a jump which concludeds me to surmise that there is price fixing in theUK with dz's, everywhere u go the price is pretty much equal which is hrd to justify given that there is no tax on avaition fuel nd that all of these planes are letted out from check or eastern companies relativelly cheaply, the uk is t least 10 years behind everyone else in virtually every regard in skydiving. god save the queen im off to lapalisse
  14. fedykin

    Skydive Empuriabrava

    this is one aweome DZ, great vibes, great people(apart from some stuck up british packer chicks that were there last summer + emm the most useless bird ever)Babylon is an incredible fly school(way better than olavs money making copywriting entitiy). The only downside is when the winds pick up but what the hell, just get pissed if that happens. this place is almost too good socially, i spent the last 2 summers jumping from 9 to 7 then drunk from 7:30 to 5 in the morning. mega. ps tom is a sky bitch