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  1. Is there any information on the influence of volcanic ash in VFR parachuting flights? Mount St. Helens was some time ago, how did this affect the (turbine?) planes in the region, was there an altitude limitation and for how long? In Europe there seems to be a lot of different rulings now.
  2. As IPC delegate from the Netherlands I can give the following comment. The Netherlands submitted an agenda item regarding a possible inclusion of wingsuit records within the IPC structure. At present only formation records with grips are recognized. The wingsuit formations in the US, and elsewhere, as such can not be recognized by the IPC. Assuming the US was making a formal proposal for wingsuit records the Netherlands put forward an agenda item with a possible alternative to the US proposal. After discussion here at the IPC meeting in Lausanne it was agreed to propose to start a working group. The initial focus is on no-contact wingsuit formations, and on how to judge them best. Not more. The proposed people in this working group are Larry Bagley (USA), Jackie Brewer (South Africa), me Ronald Overdijk (NED), Taya Weiss (USA) and Jarno Cordia (NED) with the possible addition of a sixth person. Taya and Jarno will act as advisors. The proposal has to be ratified by the IPC plenary meeting. Expected time for that is tomorrow sunday 31st. Ronald Overdijk IPC Delegate The Netherlands
  3. AFAIK, it is EU regulations that ATC people are personally liable for accidents due to their work. For some years now. The problem is that in Holland Airspace Class A is so low compared to other countries that skydiving planes, which fly there on a " controlled VFR basis" (which I think is comparable to class B). That means that a skydiving plane is mostly flying VFR, and sometimes getting directions. Then, if an accident happens between an IFR (airliner) and an VFR skydiving plane, the controller is liable, while they can not control is as much as they want. As the juridical department of Dutch CAA does not like to be liable at all, from their point of view it makes perfect sense to get rid of us.... Ronald
  4. Sony HDR-CX6E (HD Camcorder): This one does not have a firewire connection any more. So, if more camera's don't have that any more the IPC has to come up with acceptable wording, guaranteeing quality and format. Ronald
  5. Ronald

    outdoorgames LB

    Check out This weekend, base jumping is there. Of course, it is always there, but now with a competitive element of pictures. Ronald
  6. I was not there. But I have been to quite a few base events. If you are invited, you listen and accept the conditions. If you have a comment, you voice that politely to the base contact / responsible person. You do not voice your comment in an inapropiate way to the people who allowed the jumping in the first place. Period. Ronald
  7. It is not that the german base group is closed, it is that there are so many base jumpers around it is impossible to invite everyone. Ronald
  8. Yes, it was extremely nice indeed! A big, big thanks to Hannes & Ecki, and Ute + ground crew, plus of course, the very nice people which gave the necessairy permits. Ronald
  9. Have you done this on a slider down jump? It seems like too slow of a rotation for slider down. Tom, not myself. But I have seen people doing it (live, and on video). It can be slow, so if you want to be sure, practice on a slider-up jump is well advised. Ronald
  10. I have seen Martins video "pull higher" quite a few times, and so this one in Ukraine. IMHO, in both video's the mistakes are made right on exit, leaving head down / trying to initiate the frontgainer using the momentum of the exit itself. (yes, I did that myself too). Now, I try to exit looking at the horizon, and right after leaving ground/concrete/steel, initiate the front movement, curling up. That only gives you your own body momentum. After one or more loops (and yes, they are not so fast as the other method) you stretch out when you are head-up. Much better for me. With the extra momentum you get the other way, it is very hard indeed to stop your gainer, especially when you try to stop after the head-up orientation. Most of the times you end up doing one more flip.... And that in combination with this underhung wall. Ronald
  11. Send me a PM, there might be some possibilities. Ronald
  12. 1. make a SOLID grip on PC 2. extract pc to full arm stretch palm up (PC above hand). Add: keep your arm fully stretched up to throwing the PC 3. release, rotate arm counter clockwise. A very experienced swedish jumper thaught me that, for windy conditions. If you keep your arm stretched with a tight bridle changes that your bridle ends up caught on your body somewhere are much less then doing BOC. IMHO, I think it a sensible advise. Ronald
  13. Mmmm, 1 pilot died so a little bit less of smileys would be nice.... Ronald