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  1. Ronald

    So who is going to KL?

    Ask Gary
  2. Ronald

    BASE in Belize

    If you succeed in emptying the blue hole diving spot, yes there is Ronald
  3. Ronald

    ITW Fatality

    Damn, damn, damn. I met Eddie last year for the first time in Beijing. Such a nice and cool guy. I can't believe it... What a bad year it is. Condolences to his family and friends. Ronald PS (Eddie is on the left in the pic)
  4. Ronald

    Contact in Israel

    Ask Steve Braff. PM me for his email. Ronald PS: namaste is a hindu greet.
  5. Ronald

    Amsterdam from 10 to 13 of November

    Just send me a PM, Ronald
  6. Ronald

    Anything around Breda (NL)?

    I want to send you some info, but I can not find your PM. Sorry. Ronald
  7. Ronald


    Michael, Quite a few buildings, but generally the finished ones are not accessable any more, and the ones under construction right now are not high enough (that is, for me). 1 or 2 cranes are jumpable though. Send me a PM if you are still in Holland. Ronald Overdijk
  8. Congratulations! But I would never jump like that myself, PC on the ground between lots of branches... Go on like that and you might not get any record again. Ronald Overdijk
  9. Ronald

    Vrank's BASE edit

    Good old Frank! He showed this tape to me some years ago before we went for some jumps in Holland. Did you meet him in Barcelona? Some people, like Yuri, just travel, and just jump Ronald
  10. Ronald

    cliffs in eastern Europe?

    I was in the Rila and Pirin Mountains this summer, hiking, no gear. There might be an exit point close to the sedempte ezero hut, on the left side, looking north. Go check it out! Ronald Overdijk
  11. Ronald

    Book Recommendation

    Jaap, Wake up call. This book would apply to 90% of all so-called risk sports. How is life in BC and A? I guess better then our flat country. Take care Ronald Overdijk
  12. Ronald

    If Norway is too far...

    Uhmm, somewhere in Canada? It would be a real teaser if the pic would show the wall as well.... Ronald Overdijk