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  1. Hmmmm Back on the Obama payroll I see....... If Rump took a dump on the Oval Office desk on live TV, Marc would defend it.
  2. Rump = Will bow for gold Melania - High class hookers like to show off their hair Rump supporters = Hypocritical to the bone
  3. Add to the list of "achievements" for this fine example of a Rump supporter - plagiarism. His master's thesis on homeland security, for his masters from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. That makes him supremely qualified for this administration.
  4. If Rump took a dump on the Oval Office desk on live TV, Marc would defend it. There is nothing that Rump could do that Marc would see as unacceptable. Some people have extreme situational ethics. Other have none at all. Most people have a reasonable sense of right and wrong. A certain part of the population can't consistently make these determinations. Credit to Anderson Cooper for being the first to identify that there is NOTHING that Rump supporter would perceive as wrong, when done by Rump.
  5. The vision of the dirtbag Ailes being tossed into the pits of hell by Satan warms my heart. I wish that his entire entry interview was available on YouTube. I am sure that the shock and horror on his face during the process were wonderful. Good riddance to a filthy maggot. The world is a better place.
  6. David Clarke is a perfect example of the quality of people that support Rump. A complete lowlife dirtbag. I hope that that victim of the criminal conspiracy wins an enormous settlement. For those here that served in the military, I look forward to your commentary on his costume that he wears to impress the gullible.
  7. I want you to look at the attached. Source: Go ahead and take a careful look at it. What you're looking for is that vertical plummet right at the start of December 6. That's over 100 times the "penny" you said. That's movement that could not have been predicted by anyone without knowledge of Trump's tweet. The second thing I want you to look at is how many shares of stock are normally traded. The blue line just prior to then plunge in stock price before the tweet. See it? What's that about? I think it's worth somebody looking at. Facts are immaterial to the reich wing conservatards. It is completely pointless to introduce factual material into any communications with those people. They simply DO NOT CARE about factual information. The only information they believe is that which supports their beliefs. Any contrary information is discarded. It takes a studiously applied deliberate ignorance to be a Reich Wing Conservatard. Picking out only the information (however disproven to be incorrect) that support their beliefs is how their minds work. Half the population is of less than average intelligence. That is how we got to where we are now. Ignorant, ill informed people with completely defective bullshit detectors voted in the Russian backed Rump. I never thought I would see the day where Putin's pal could actually fool a good portion of the US population into voting for him. The fact that he picked a recipient of a Medal of Friendship from Putin as the SecState is truly amazing. The insane MYTH of a "liberal media" is completely exposed by the lack of response to the nomination of another of Putin's pals as SecState. If Hilary Clinton had done the same, the banner headlines on every news site would be in 48 point font, starting the day the nomination was made, and continuing until it was withdrawn. The facts are totally obvious. On the bright side for the racist misogynistic TURDS that voted for Rump, there won't be a nigger and his family in the White House on January 21, 2017. Happy times. The Rump family won't be moving in to the White House. They'll stay in New York and fuck up the whole neighborhood around Rump Tower because they care so much about the USA and small businesses. Especially the small businesses around Rump Tower. Rump's concern for those businesses is the same as all the contractors that he fucked over with the Atlantic City casino construction and operations - none at all. This country is fucked. A worthless maggot made it as POTUS. The USA is a laughingstock of the world. We'll be at war with China over trade and the South China Sea, while getting into the middle east with boots on the ground and body bags coming home. Calling the Republican party the RED party makes perfect sense. They are now closely aligned with Putin and Russia. Thank you, worthless maggots. You really fucked over the USA now. How is it that you came to hate the USA, it's government, and all of the values this country used to stand for?
  8. Are you fucking kidding me? Not at all. Niggers that suck Trump's dick like this one does are known as oreos. That would be black on the outside, white on the inside. It is s new era where political correctness and civility are dead. That is what the fucktards voted for. That is what they will get. Happy times are here again. MAKE AMERICA GREAT!! Just like it was before the niggers stopped being segregated and no longer subject to Jim Crow laws. That is what was voted in by this election. Isn't it GREAT! YEEHAW!
  9. As long as the American Electorate wants utter shitheads to be in power in this country, I can't think of a better candidate for Speaker of the House than Louie Gohmert. Go Louie!!!
  10. The oreo that is Wisconsin's Milwaukee County sheriff posted a tweet on 10/15/16 calling for popular revolt along with a picture of angry professionals wielding clubs and torches. His name is David A. Clarke. The tweet reads - “It's incredible that our institutions of gov, WH, Congress, DOJ, and big media are corrupt & all we do is bitch,” Clarke wrote. “Pitchforks and torches time.” It has been reported that he is a possible candidate for DHS secretary. I hope he makes it. The USA deserves to suffer greatly for the heinous mistake that the ignorant masses have made. With regard to the protests that are going on. I am not surprised that progressives are out in public, doing damage and risking their freedom. The cowards that are the Reich wingers would never put themselves at risk that way to express their feelings about the rigged election that occurred. They are far too cowardly.
  11. We are specifically talking about the words people have used. As usual, you have nothing whatsoever to back up your claims. As usual you avoid the point "avoid the point" normally is used in reference to a point actually made. For those of us who understand language and meanings, your words had no point at all. Just the usual misdirection and silly bullshit.
  12. This was so perfectly written that I had to copy/paste it. It is very odd that so many voters despise the USA, its government, and everything it once stood for. They voted for the most despicable human being ever to run for office in this country. The hatred fomented by the Reich Wing Media has come home to roost. I truly hope that Reich Wing is somewhat successful at implementing their vision for the country. We deserve nothing less. Stupid people are the hardest to teach the most obvious lessons. Once they see what they actually voted for, they might get a clue. The American Electorate picked the party that hates government. It takes really stupid people to hire people who HATE the organization they were hired to operate. Expecting competency in governing from them is bat shit crazy. On the bright side, the playbook on how to disrupt, delay, obstruct, and fuck up the system has been well documented by the Republicans for many years. I hope that the Democrats are capable of exercising these tactics to prevent the worst of the damage. Begin quoted text >>> The virus that kills democracy is extremism because extremism disables those codes. Republicans have disrespected the process for decades. They have regarded any Democratic president as illegitimate. They have proudly boasted of preventing popularly elected Democrats from effecting policy and have asserted that only Republicans have the right to determine the nation’s course. They have worked tirelessly to make sure that the government cannot govern and to redefine the purpose of government as prevention rather than effectuation. In short, they haven’t believed in democracy for a long time, and the media never called them out on it.
  13. The FBI will soon announce an investigation into the private email servers that are known to have been used by Colin Powell and Condi Rice. The investigation will focus on the issue of classified information being sent/received on these servers. The investigation will also look into the possibility that the servers were hacked. This is going to get VERY interesting. If Powell and Rice are found to have had classified material pass through the servers they operated, what will the FBI do?
  14. A complete load of bullshit served up to the gullible pinheads that are the Reich wing conservatards. Dumb as rocks. Can't tell truth from fiction. How does anyone fall for such obvious crap? Substandard education and slavish devotion to ideology over reality. How is the active practice of Socialism working for you, Ron? Do you still accept Social Security payments? Do you still use Medicare benefits? How do you rationalize your professed HATRED of Socialism with your 100% use of the most Socialist programs administered by the Federal Government? Isn't that the definition of hipocrisy? God is going to judge you very harshly when you go to meet your maker.
  15. The conservatives and the mainstream media have been hectoring and harassing Hilary Clinton over her use of a private email server. The expected hypocrisy is in full bloom. None of the same people have any concerns over the RNC email server that went missing. The server that held the emails that would have documented how ShrubCo and associates "fixed the facts around the policy" of invading and occupying Iraq. The foulness of the stench of hypocrisy from the reich wing and their media pawns is nauseating. The reich wingers are pissed off about 4 people getting killed in Benghazi. They could not care less about the tens of thousands of Iraqis that were killed during ShrubCo's invasion and occupation. Their complete lack of concern for the millions of people displaced is par for the course. The USA is fucked. The reich wingers control the media and the message. Only intelligent people see through their bullshit. The sheeple mindlessly follow along.
  16. Yes, very much so. My ex-wife, who is a devoted Christian and was a rather strong liberal when we were married, now supports Trump because she wants a wall built. My kids are just pullling their hair out trying to determine what is wrong with her. Jerry Baumchen The only answer I have been able to come up with for Rump supporters is that they have extremely bad cases of SHIT FOR BRAINS About 40% of the population appears to have this issue.
  17. For those that don't understand Ron as they haven't been exposed to him enough, here is the translation - Funjumper linked to a story that should be a real story, not a sarcastic commentary, on just how low the Republican party has gone in search of power. It doesn't get much lower than Rump and his supporters. Now my own words - Half the population is of less than average intelligence. About a third of the population reportedly believe in "creationism" as factual. These are the people who Rump has fooled into believing what he has to say. That get his his 40% Dumb as rocks, ignorant as hell, but still eligible to vote. I think Rump has done a GREAT job of exposing the current Republican base and party for what they are. I'll bet that Murdoch got rid of Ailes due to the extreme stupidity that Faux Spews has engendered within a very credulous portion of the population. Murdoch want them stupid and easy to control, but not THAT stupid.
  18. Your version of "facts" do not match up AT ALL with any of the peer reviewed scientific research done on the subject at hand. Here is a true fact. Repeating something that has been shown to be factually incorrect, over and over, does not make it become factually correct. It doesn't matter how many times you repeat incorrect information. It is and remains factually incorrect. Factually incorrect = wrong Continuing to repeat factually incorrect ideas after being shown the true facts is a direct form of lying. Why do you persist in lying on a public forum? As a conservative, you are well versed in intentionally lying and spreading factually incorrect information. P.T. Barnum had it 100% correct.
  19. How do you feel about supporting the same politician that a grand dragon in the KKK supports now after he has dumped trump? Viewed "Hillary's America" yesterday, takeaways: 1) Liberal is not an accurate term for describing the Democrat Party, it is Progressive. It supports eugenics and other forms of social engineering. 2) The KKK was the Democrat Party's enforcement arm. 3) Negroes have good reason to hate white Democrats. There are others, go see it. You will learn something. You went to see the fictional fantasy "movie" the the conservatards put out and thought that is was a factual documentary? Your bullshit detector utterly fails you. This time, and essentially all the time, based on your writings here. How is your active practice of Socialism going? Are you still collecting Social Security and using Medicare services? When you stop taking the benefits, you will be living up to your professed beliefs. Given you self avowed HATRED of all things socialist, the stench of hipocrisy around you is extremely foul. That is to be expected of a "christian" conservative. There is no moral or ethical consistency for you and your kind.
  20. The best news I have read all day... The points made resonate with rational people. Probably not the 40%, unfortunately. Maybe a few will see the light.
  21. A whole bunch more of the local baggers have lost their elections in Kansas. The utter failure of the practical application of Conservative policy produced these results. Voodoo economics has been proven to FAIL over and over again. How many times does it take before conservatives catch on to the reality of the horrendous results their policies produce? The great experiment in actually implementing key Conservative policies in Kansas has been a massive failure. The voters have partially caught on, and started to throw the bums out.
  22. That would be what respectable, responsible Americans would do to Rump. Unfortunately, Republicans these days are neither. Hatred and bigotry are normal. These are the exact same people who disparaged and belittled an actual war hero, distributing band aids in the shape of Purple Hearts. They voted for the drug addict draft dodger over the authentic war hero that actually served his country honorably. The nastiest people among us. I have nothing but complete and utter contempt for those false americans. They know NOTHING of what makes this country great. The scumbags booed a service person's mother who asked what Pence would do about Rump and his attacks on a Gold Star family. Why do Republicans hate the USA, and everything it stands for, so much?
  23. As a student, I had issues with adrenaline causing poor performance on the first jump of the day. I ended up doing an observer ride as the first aircraft ride of the day. All of the in aircraft experience of a skydive was present, without the actual skydive. This burned off a good portion of the adrenaline. I worked with the instructors to be on the next load (small Cessna DZ that was not super busy) and greatly improved my performance on the actual skydives. I don't recall how many observer rides I did before it wasn't helpful any more. It was at least three, for sure. YMMV You can do this. You are already hooked. Do what works for you to get past the jitters.
  24. Trump's nomination may come down to needing to win the California primary. I picked up a stack of Republican voter registration forms and have been sharing them with like minded friends. We'll be participating in the June primary as Republicans, voting for Trump. With Trump as the R candidate, the Republicans will lose BIGTIME in the November election. The filth that is the current Republican party has been clearly exposed by Trump and Cruz. Trump is a GREAT patriot. He drove out all of the candidates that might have fooled the public in a general election, leaving the election wide open to the party that always has to bail out the country after the Republicans have majorly fucked us over. GO TRUMP!!!
  25. Once again, a quote from the bible cherry picked so as to support an opinion that makes no sense to the non-religious. Isn't the KJB the one that has all the info on how to sell your daughters into slavery, the restrictions on un-natural fibers in clothing, and the restrictions on what you can eat on Fridays? The USA is a SECULAR nation. You are free to believe in whatever fantasy man in the sky you want to. Keep that shit out of the personal lives of the non religious and we can co-exist peacefully. Try to inflict that nonsense on my sisters, my nieces, grand nieces, and their families and you will get severe pushback. One of Cheech and Chong's best lines is "I used to be all messed up on drugs. Now I am all messed up on the lord." Religion appears to work well for the weak minded. As long as they don't try to inflict it on others, no problem. As far as the subject of this thread, the scumbag that tricked morons into believing that Planned Parenthood did something wrong, he needs to go to jail for a long time and lose all assets in a civil suit by PP.