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  1. Compared to the clintons, he's Mary Magdalene. You are absolutely correct. Mary Magdalene was an incredibly successful whore whose name is known to generations of people. GREAT comparison. You get it. I am really surprised. Good. Now let's take a look at the cleanliness of the clintons back yard, shall we? Or are you afraid of actually seeing the truth of all their dealing. Why don't you start a new thread on the topic of the Clinton family and their supposed financial crimes. Be sure to provide links to the information sources that theoretically provide documented factual information to support your assertions. It will help making debunking the lies posted in that thread ever so much easier.
  2. Rachel Dolezal was raised by some very messed up parents. Given the sickness of her parents, it is no wonder that she remade herself into something far different that her parents wanted. Is is pretty sick what some of the fundy "Christians" do in the name of religious beliefs.
  3. Compared to the clintons, he's Mary Magdalene. You are absolutely correct. Mary Magdalene was an incredibly successful whore whose name is known to generations of people. GREAT comparison. You get it. I am really surprised.
  4. Posted on Youtube here - Sweet video.
  5. What part of the factual information provided in the linked story did you find to be false? What source did you use to confirm that your opinion is based on factual evidence that proves the linked story to be false?
  6. Jeb is as corrupt a businessman as his grandfather and brother were/are. The Bush crime family continues the tradition through the generations. Excerpt from the link below - In March 1989, Jeb Bush arrived in Nigeria to a royal welcome. More than 100,000 American-flag waving Nigerians lined the streets of Gombe to watch as the US president's son was honored with a 1,300-horse "durbar," a festival typically reserved for heads of state and religious holidays. Bush later met with Nigerian dictator Ibrahim Babangida, who had come to power in a 1985 military coup. They chatted about Cuban human rights and the failed nomination of John Tower, Bush's father's pick for defense secretary. But the president's then-36-year-old son was not visiting Nigeria on a diplomatic mission. He had come to promote an industrial water pump company. The visit—and the $82 million deal tied to it—would form one of the more controversial episodes of Bush's business career and dog him for years after he jumped into politics. The deal became notorious because of allegations, outlined in thousands of pages of court documents, that the transaction had been greased through massive bribes to Nigerian officials paid for by American taxpayer money loaned through the US Export-Import Bank. The deal triggered a federal criminal investigation, as well as nearly two decades of civil litigation by the US Department of Justice that in 2013 resulted in a federal jury finding that the water pump company, MWI Corp., had defrauded the federal government of millions of dollars.
  7. More info on Prescott Bush and his political and business dealings. It is nice to see the facts put together so well. I'll be starting a new thread about Jeb shortly. Needless to say, he is as crooked a businessman as his grandfather and brother were/are.
  8. The only mistake I have made in this thread about US History was incorrectly identifying when Hawaii became a state. I was off by one year and JerryBaumchen corrected me without sounding like a dick. I would say "Yes" to a degree. Certainly to the person(s) who were singled out. "Maybe" to the children depending on the affect it had. "No" to the grandchildren. Just my opinion - yours may vary. I am a dick on this board, mostly due to the fact that it gets to being a reich wing echo chamber here without folks like me and Amazon. I am deliberately unpleasant and controversial, calling out those that are parroting the current talking points. I make the reich wingers squirm when I refer to a conservative black man as an oreo. That is what black people call them. "Fat white cunt" got quite the reaction. Whining about racism ensued. It was far more sexist than racist, but that went right by the reich wingers. It is pretty clear to anyone who has been paying attention to the news and reading from sites like Reddit's Bad Cop No Donut site that blacks and Hispanics are treated much worse that white folks, and have been for generations. This official oppression continues to right now. Slate had a story recently from a teacher in DC. Her middle school students that were stopped, frisked, and their backpacks search by LEOs frequently, as in once or twice a week. They considered this normal and cooperated as though what was being done to them was legal, ethical, and right. It is NONE of those things. It is ongoing harassment, plain and simple. The exercise of power over those who have none. These are the kids that grow up to be thugs and criminal. If the pigs shat on me the way they do those kids, I would hate the bastards, and the government they worked for. In terms of Hawaiian history, the natives got totally fucked over by white people. We took their land and blew up their system of governance. Look up Liliuokalani Even the brief Wiki entry has useful information about how the native Hawaiians got jacked. It has nothing to do with when Hawaii became a state. That happened long after we fucked over the natives and took their land from them. Reparations for the descendants of the natives makes sense. We cheated them out of their legacy. They should be compensated.
  9. Events pretty much buried them with just how wrong-headed they were. I believe q couple of todays uber conservative families were doing quite well with business interests in Germany at the time. They had financial reasoning going for their personal bank accounts... not how evil they were buying into... hmmmm sound familiar???? Prescott Bush made a shit ton of money doing business with Hitler. You could say the compound at Kennebunkport was paid for by some of the revenue from those business ventures. Charming, isn't it?
  10. The heinous treatment of the descendants of African slaves did not end when the Civil War ended. Once again your lack of knowledge of US History is showing. Are you familiar with the Jim Crow laws? Are you familiar with the deed restrictions that prevented blacks, Asians, and Hispanics from buying real estate in many areas? Restrictions that were in place for generations? Restrictions that were kept in place in California via a proposition that won in a statewide election in the early 60s. Restrictions that deliberately segregated people of color to certain area that did not see the real estate value appreciation that places like Leavittown, NJ did after being sold exclusively to white people. The USA has a long sordid history of treating those who aren't of white, Northern European ancestry quite badly. If you and your family/ancestors had been singled out for generations by discriminatory laws that restricted your freedom to live where you wanted, and thus prevented you and your family from progressing economically and educationally, would reparations for such treatment be appropriate? This is a test to see just how well you can step in to someone else's shoes and walk a mile in them. Empathy is something that is profoundly lacking in most people these days. If you view the issue from the perspective of those that have been shit upon for generations, reparations start to make sense.
  11. Your opinion of the matter seems to be based on a substantial lack of knowledge of the history of the Hawaiian Islands and how the USA came to be in possession of them. Are you in favor of blowing off the treaties the US Government established with Native American Tribes that happened on or before 1921? If not, why not? The US Government has the right to abrogate any treaties or agreements that become inconvenient, correct? Times change. The US Government can't be expected to follow every agreement to the letter of the law when there is money or power at stake. That would be totally against well established practices.
  12. Yes. Orange County allowed houses to be built all around the airport that was there long before the houses were. The wealthy people in Newport Beach don't like the noise. The departure procedure is max climb for a short while, then an abrupt pitch over and power cut to glide out over the ocean, then power comes back up and normal operations resume. The pilots used to use the briefing to let people know that the departure procedure is unusual, and not to worry. It has been quite a while since I have flown commercial out of John Wayne airport. The wonderful people in Orange County, when they had a choice as to what to do with Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, decided to NOT use the existing airport facilities to replace John Wayne Airport. They decided to take those 4,682 acres of already developed land that had runways ready to go, and turn it into the Orange County Great Park. This decision has had a major impact on the passenger count at LAX as John Wayne can't support long haul aircraft with the current facilities and noise abatement procedures. OC residents chose NOT to reuse existing facilities to service their travel needs, and instead chose to inflict those impacts on LA County and its residents. A $100.00 per seat additional airport facility fee for OC residents that fly out of LAX would be a fair way to mitigate the impact.
  13. If that oreo wore civilian clothes, lived in or even walked around in, certain parts of Missouri, and spoke to LEOs the way he does his commentary, he would most definitely be taught to be respectful of LEOs via percussive educational methods.
  14. Perhaps the willfully ignorant who are worked up about the Benghazi attack could become educated as to prior events related to embassy/consulate security. I don't see a thread here calling out the POTUS at that time for the security failures. I wonder why that is? Interesting factual info here - — John Garamendi on Monday, May 5th, 2014 in an interview on MSNBC's "The Ed Show" said "During the George W. Bush period, there were 13 attacks on various embassies and consulates around the world. Sixty people died." More info - Garamendi said that "during the George W. Bush period, there were 13 attacks on various embassies and consulates around the world. Sixty people died." There are actually different ways to count the number of attacks, especially when considering attacks on ambassadors and embassy personnel who were traveling to or from embassy property. Overall, we found Garamendi slightly understated the number of deadly attacks and total fatalities, even using a strict definition. Garamendi’s claim is accurate but needs clarification or additional information, so we rate it Mostly True.
  15. The headline of this story reads "Little Rock police slam non-violent blind man to the street. Guess his race." The lying sacks of shit that assaulted the poor guy tried to lie their way out of responsibility for their assault, as is usual for LEOs who have done wrong. The video proves that the LEOs are liars. It appears that the LEOs forgot to turn off the dashcam before assaulting the man.
  16. Identifying the perpetrator ACCURATELY by the color of her skin is racist? Interesting, if wrong, conclusion. I'll cop to sexism by using the descriptive epithet "cunt". The good news is that actions have consequences.
  17. Reich Wing Conservatives have a great deal of difficulty with factual information that conflicts with their beliefs. Actual demonstrated racism took place during the event in question. A fat white cunt telling black teenagers to go back to their section 8 housing is 100% racist bullshit. Unless you are a Reich Wing Conservative. Then it is totally normal, and the mud people can piss off if they don't like being treated that way. The most insane thing about the actions of the pig is that he was a training officer that used to train other LEOs. Perhaps in Texas a training officer used to be able to get away with such behavior without being held accountable. Now that cameras are everywhere, those kind of LEOs will CORRECTLY have very shortened careers.
  18. And for more historical context on how well white people have treated black people since their ancestors were forced into slavery - The more I read about the institutionalized racism that white people have subjected black people to, the more I understand the logic behind the movement for reparations to black people. They have been treated like shit by white people for generations.
  19. Here is some useful information regarding the bible and its origins. See the attached graphic. Do some research of your own and you will discover that the graphic is factually correct. It is very odd that a purported "Christian" would be opposed to Obamacare as it has provide MILLIONS of people who did NOT have health insurance access to health insurance and health care. I thought that Christians cared about the poor and the less fortunate, and actively worked to help them. Am I wrong? In your mind, what would Jesus do regarding the Affordable Care Act?
  20. Canadian, but still nails it perfectly - Begin quoted text >>> Newmarket, ON -- On Monday, an unarmed male black bear roaming through Newmarket backyards was shot dead after police claimed the bear made a distinct motion for a responding officer’s gun. “It’s always unfortunate when a police officer is forced to use their firearm in the line of duty.” explained Chief Gordon Tompkins of the York Regional Police. “But we strongly believe that in this case the use of force was warranted.” In the interest of a fair investigation, police have publicly released a document detailing the personal failures and legal troubles of the now deceased bear. Chief Tompkins explained that if the public knows that the bear was homeless and never completed high school then maybe, somehow they will think the slaying was justified. “Additionally, we have reason to believe the black bear may have been involved in gang-type activities, and was possibly armed and on drugs," explained Tompkins. "As always, the important thing to remember here is that when someone is shot by the police it is never our fault.” Tompkins was responding to mounting criticism over the use of deadly force against the animal and father of two. The York Regional Police have received significant flak on social media for not making attempts to subdue the bear before resorting to deadly force. The officers were originally tipped off to the black bear’s presence in the neighborhood by a concerned area resident who claimed to have seen the bear stealing a pie. Police arriving on scene stopped the bear and asked it for identification. It was at this point the officers allege the animal became erratic and were forced to shoot him 18 times in the face. “I wholeheartedly disagree that this shooting had anything to do with species.” said Joliffe. “Our mascot Bobby the Bear is a black bear.”
  21. How come the NRA has done absolutely nothing to help this man? Bryant Heyward appears to be a perfect candidate for the NRA to support. Here is a quote from the story linked below - "Bryant Heyward is a citizen of the United States who legally used a gun to defend his home from intruder who shot at him. While he followed the law and did everything right, he was shot by the police he himself called. His case represents a nexus of circumstances that should make the NRA immediately jump into action and turn him into a 2nd Amendment martyr." How come the NRA has done nothing? Make your best guess, before you click the link and read the story.
  22. The Red Cross has some explaining to do - Keep these facts in mind the next time you are considering donating to the Red Cross.
  23. I got to see the movie last night. All of the above is totally accurate. A must see for anyone who has interest in skydiving and BASE jumping. It was amusing to hear some of the comments from the whuffos in the audience.
  24. My guy may have a shot at beating the crooked bastards in Bell County. No knock SWAT raids for recreational plant substances deserve to be met by fierce Second Amendment opposition. Why aren't LEOs taught the history of the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution and why the Twenty-first Amendment was necessary to restore some level of sanity?