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  1. DiverMike

    Canopy burn

    I know I sound like an old man yelling at kids on his lawn, but is this the picture that should be on the cover of the official publication of the USPA? Should the USPA really be promoting lighting your canopy on fire? It gives it a sense of legitimacy and may even make some people think they can go to the SIM to find out how to do it.
  2. DiverMike

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Rather than spending $25,000 for the museum, perhaps the money would have been better spent developing a web portal (like AOPA, PADI) that members could 'vote' on issues presented to the BOD. Maybe then, the BOD wouldn't be surprised by the hostile reaction to this expenditure
  3. DiverMike

    182 engine failures

    Please take this as a compliment. You are providing pertinent information that should be read by as many people as possible. Personally, when I see a 'wall of text', I don't bother reading it. If your post were not informative, nobody would have complained about the format - they would have just ignored it and expected everyone else to do the same.
  4. DiverMike

    Cool Skydiving Exits

    My favorite was a 15 way Magic Carpet
  5. DiverMike

    Wrong Place/Wrong Time

    Wingsuit Meat Missiles
  6. DiverMike


    Keeping the skies above Middletown Ohio safe
  7. DiverMike

    TI FAA medical?

    I completely agree it is a stupid USPA requirement. They will probably 'compromise' and allow a Basic Med, but as I stated in my previous post, to my understanding, you cannot have one of those without being issued a 3rd class medical certificate within the last 10 years. So technically you wouldn't have to be holding a current valid 3rd class certificate if the USPA starts accepting Basic Med
  8. DiverMike

    TI FAA medical?

    I don't see how this has any affect, other than USPA possibly adding a BasicMed certificate as a valid health certificate. You can't get a BasicMed without already having a 3rd class certificate, so they will still exclude people with multiple DUI's and/or drug convictions. This won't help people who want to become a TI, and for some reason cant' get a waivered 3rd class certificate.
  9. DiverMike

    12 Way Sequential

  10. This is a tough one. You probably shouldn't jump if you don't feel you are mentally prepared for it. Would you have the same fear if you just repeated an earlier jump like the cat 'B' jump? If not, try that. If you are afraid of doing an easier jump you have already accomplished, don't jump. My opinion is worthless by the way. Talk to your AFF instructor(s) and any mentors around your DZ. They know you better than an internet stranger
  11. DiverMike

    Exit injuries

    I had my finger pinched in the roll down door of a Cessna Caravan. I was helping close it after a hop and pop. I bled like a stuck pig, jumped anyway (last load of the season last year). Eventually lost the fingernail
  12. DiverMike

    Stolen Gear - What would you do?

    There are several lawyer types who could answer better than I, but the risk in buying used gear off the internet is if it discovered to be stolen, you must return it no matter how many times it has been sold before it got to you. I have purchased a lot of gear from DZ.com and I never checked the stolen database. I will in the future. If it were me who bought the stolen gear, and knowing Karma is a bitch, I would try to negotiate a settlement with the rightful owner. Maybe around 50% of what I paid, but technically (not morally) I should be out 100% and have to return the stolen merchandise.
  13. DiverMike

    full protection helmet

    My only hint would be don't take advise (or candy) from strangers. Discuss this with your instructors.
  14. DiverMike

    Balloon exits?

    Your plan is sound. Think back dive rather than back flip. It is much easier to increase your rate of rotation if it is too slow than decrease it if it is too fast. Continuing to watch the balloon after you exit will help slow down the rotation. If you totally mess up and barely rotate, you can do half a barrel roll to get to your belly.
  15. It would have to be a pretty crappy DZ to consider an inquiry from a prospective AFF student a waste of time. Call them. or post the link.