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  1. I got mine back after a second DWI. The FAA will tell you exactly what to do. It up you to do it. It can be done with AA. I can vouch for that.
  2. I used them last season and will definitely use them again. My advice is to be smarter than me and practice using them with someone who really could do without them. My first time using the pants was with a 100 Kg quad. The learning curve was steep.
  3. someone told me once to push the risers together at the three rings.......has worked for me with lots of twists...pretty easy to do and takes the tension out of the line twists.
  4. I have a question for anyone local. I checked some stuff out but I don't want step on any toes or any thing along those lines. Please respond By PM. Eric.
  5. SickMonkey

    Des Moines

    I have a question for the locals. Please PM.
  6. SickMonkey

    Des Moines

    Please PM
  7. High definition porno machine for the masturbation enthusiast...lovely.
  8. It is gay as balls on another man's chin.
  9. so very, very gay
  10. I really wish I had the option to get Skydiving Magazine instead of Parapoopist with my USPA membership. Or not get any magazine and pay half of what a membership costs and just read the magazines in the DZ bathroom.
  11. Some of the finest cinema I have ever seen. I highly recommend it for the whole family. Seriously. No, Really.
  12. this is the perfect time to learn to pick locks. there are a lot of resources out there for you. i learned to pick locks via the internet. good stuff.
  13. The Warriors Blues Brothers The Dirty Dozen The Holy Grail