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  1. Jesus... I actually focused on that initial instruction bit, expecting to get some deep wisdom out of it. Thanks for laughs and yes, I didn't really trust myself that day. I wasn't feeling ready I suppose.
  2. Thank you everyone for constructive and encouraging replies. There are weird thoughts running in my mind but there is still this urge to do it. So I will most likely do it again sooner or later.... sky won't go anywhere..
  3. Hello everyone, I did a tandem jump a year ago and liked it a lot. I applied for AFF a month ago and had my AFF1 today. We had some wind issues and had to wait for a good portion of the day. To make a long story short, when we came to me getting on the ledge and jump with both of my instructors I chickened out and landed with the plane... I have some serious doubts about skydiving if its even for me. I was really in to it after doing tandem and waiting for the season to start again. Now I'm thinking of quitting completely. I feel massively disappointed about myself.
  4. phew!... with almost a year of me reading this forum since my first tandem, I though I was the only "armchair skydiver" around here. I'm starting my AFF theory today and hopefully jumps as soon as skies clear.