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  1. I have jumped 5,936 round canopies from 22' to 35' diameter with no broken bones........lots of reserve rides!!! 1,034 Ramair (square) of various sizes with no reserve rides.......I believe that I made the 1st live jump on a Ramair from Dominic Jalberts Beechcraft Bonanza in 1962.
  2. Chuteshack, Yes that howard did belong to Steve Snyder.I bought it from him 9/66 and it was totaled 11/68.It was a good flyer..........POPQuote
  3. South florida Parachute,[email protected] Airglades Airport,Clewiston,Fl.1962/3.Jerry used to stop by and make a few jumps when he was driving a Semi for TI showing of their stuff. POPPENHAGER D47Quote
  4. No that was not John ! He flew jumpers for me, Ripcord paracenter,Tommy Bartlets water show at Wisconsin Dells,Wis.in the 60s and 70s.Quote
  5. Long time jumper John Coppe D265 passed away this morning in Staurt,Fl.
  6. As far as I know Airglades does not have a paint shop but has an active DZ , but so did thier stop befor at 28j !!!Quote
  7. I saw G***ary Dupuis D242 last year and he was alive and well riding his bicycle around the Deland Airport ramp.POP D47
  8. Hi Dick,My log says 1600'.Wasn't there some one else on that jump ? Seems to me there was cause I don't think I was the only one standing in front of the grand stand! Didn't you land in the trees on the day jump ? Been a long time ago and at 78 my brain is getting a little slow !!!Quote
  9. L18 Loadstar w/wright 1820 1200hp engines(early models) had 1000hp.POPQuote
  10. We had been using KAP3's and PC's for 9 years when you made your 1st jump.Glad it made you PERFORM. POPQuote
  11. Steve, Army Jump School has always been at Ft.Benning from the beginng.I went through jump school at Benning in 1950.I think Bragg started a jump school there around 1955 and Campbell had one too(I think).............POP
  12. *** As of 1/1970 no static line jumps were used at my DZ (South Florida Parachute) Indiantown,Fl.All students started with 5 sec delays and were exempt from the USPA required S.L.'s.Retention of students doubled after we started the FF program.And our students progressed much faster than SL programs................POP
  13. The Tampa Skydivers (club) first occupied that building in 1962.They were the first Skydivers to jump at Zhills.Warren Coffman was President. POP
  14. Hi Pat,I made my 1st baton pass from 7000' in Ft.lauderdale,Fl.with Dick Shuford D-100 on my 62nd jump 8/16/1959.On 8/23/1959 I made a double baton pass from 7000' with Dick Shuford and Bill Elfers D-28.After that baton passes were routine ! 3,4,and 5 way stars were common in So.Florida from 1966 and the california guys made their 8 way which forced me to buy a bigger airplane !!! POP D-47
  15. 1968 John coppe was the pilot and jumped on his day off.Roger Wolford,Robby Jenks,Wimpy (cant remember his real name) were the jumpers.I made 2 jumps there when visiting.Bill Ottly was there when I was but did'nt jump.It was a tight area but had the water for a way out if needed. POP
  16. Yes,they were T-7 28' trill canopys.the T-10 came into service in 1/54 with a few jumps on them in late 1953.The T-7 was the hardest opening shocks I ever had in my 50 years of jumping out of airplanes.And the aircraft are C-82's which were replaced by the C119 in 1950 at start of the Korean War.The C-82 was named the flying coffin because of all the crashes they had . The 82 only had 2000 hp and the 119 had 3000hp with G model having 3600hp (per engine) POP
  17. I'll 2nd.that one!!! We were using T-7's during the Korean war which were the same as T-5's but had the single point release harness.The first T-10's came out near the end of 1953 and that is when I started to enjoy jumping out of airplanes........POP
  18. He read lips and could speak (almost)normal.Harold was a teacher at a school for the deaf for many years.............POP
  19. I went back thruogh my logs of 3000+PC jumps and it seems about 20% were in 20 or more mph winds.Most meets at the time did'nt stop the comp until 18 mph or more and the only reason for that was to keep from giving rejumps! I have been beat up a few times from high wind landings in over 6000 round jumps and have never had a broken bone.(hey grew up on raw milk).......POP
  20. Hi OldMAN,I concur 100% on that one.I jump a PC about once a year but I'll be damn if I would jump another cheapo 7TU unless it was a matter of life or death.......another OLD MAN..........POP
  21. Harold Wright D-112 started jumping in Florida 1959 or 60.He trained and put out students from his luscomb (while flying) at the same time.He was the first jumper at Deland,Fl.He was stone deaf since childhood.He was also a private pilot and parachute rigger.I signed him off for his rigger ticket in 1962.A great person who accomplished alot with his handycap...............POP
  22. Made my 5000th jump from that ship 12/31/72 Bill Sweet was flying. POP
  23. The Widow maker was the C-82 not the 119 which was a fine aircraft for what it was made for and for it's time.My Squadron (435th troop carrior)flew 10 million miles without a lose! POP
  24. I have known several people that have made over 1000 jumps on a Paracommanders without a mal and one was me.Most all were using a D-bag. POPQuote