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  1. There is also a 'Floating Tack' that is on most equipment that would be a good part to check. Most floating tack on cutaway cable housings float 1 inch allowing some movement of the housings for the odd cutaway situations. If the tack breaks or is excessively loose this could also cause the sort of problem you've described, as well as too short of cables themselves.
  2. J, that's a great price for resizing. Got a rig that can hold a 113, 92, and a surf board too?hehehe
  3. Ahh the Jedei! Mine is a 92 with inner stabilizers. This one came out right! I freak'n love to swoop that bad boy. CRW too. Has more range in slow flight as well as really fast flight too. Openings nice and soft. On it's 3rd line set getting ready to make and install it's 4th line set. Ohh if it were possible to have another one exactly the same. Gets my adrenaline pumping just thinking about it. I've done several tests with this one. Once I sank it in over the peas starting from between 3,500 and 3,000 hanging in brakes the whole way to see if I could sink straight down from up high as if I had a tight landing area to land in, well, it worked. The landing was a little rough but I stood it up. Gotten that little fella to go really fast too. Can pull down both front risers do right diving 360's then while still in the dive on fronts,go to left 360's, it's pretty hard to do the switch but do able. Have jumped the crossbraced canopies and can get to about a 270 with fronts and the riser pulls up hard as steel. Like to do a series of turns to gain momentum and speed getting ready for the final throw. I would'nt suggest any of the types of flight here on this post to anyone 'cause a mis judgement could easily make for a bad day. Play hard up high, safe landings.
  4. Relative Workshops website spells out how to wash a rig 'the old fashion way'. It's the way i've washed more than a hundred rigs. I leave the housings in the rig for sure. I had the same question on a new rig before.The new cutaway cable when disassembled from the gear for inspection , had excessive black grime on them more than usuall. Apparently the housings were cleaned in solvent, tumbled, but possibly weren't rinsed and dried. I called the manufacturer of the rig, who was very helpful. I was instructed to run a long peice of suspension line through the housing attach a small enough lint-free cloth to the end and pull through the housing till clean.
  5. Oh yes! Gotta agree with that one! Are those really real?
  6. Now is a descent time to go. I'd choose to jump early in the day before the winds get squirrly in the afternoon. The air is really nice till about 1 pm. You can get alot of good flights in before then. then go to the beach!
  7. pack your own alot,according to parachute manufacturers instructions. learn to pack every rig you know of by reading the parachute manufacturers instructions first. i've packed over 100 in one day on 5 seperate occasions plus some tips at $5 a piece.You can do the math. are you of spanish origin? if so go see the head packer in perris.
  8. Jeffro, Omar, and Jeremy's video of the use of the hooknife has got to be the most fun way to use the hooknife. For those of you who have not seen the video,I can tell it is hilarious and it did get several votes at the Flyboyz Freefly Film Festival this past Film Festival.
  9. The advertisment at the perris manifest window advertises a 60 way world record is planned. No secret. The secret stuff may be how many kiwi's are there at Perris that'll be on it. I've seen a few kiwi's around the dz!
  10. And once your done F**** on your flat pack cause its cool just complete packing steps 18 to 48 and jump it, your parachute dang near cleans itself just to do it all over again! Flat packing is cool, so is pro packing!
  11. Welcome to sunny southern california! The sun just peeked out maybe theres hope for jumping soon like thursday, maybe. So your making the most out of these weather days. Well, if you'd like to be educated on how to's, what not's, and why's of parachute packing by a well qaulified and reputable skydiver before your next jump with your packjob, then email me at the [email protected] address and you might gain the knowledge and confidence to pack your own parachute. I also jump at Perris. I've found that those who have viewed the pack like a pro video absorb more info from my packing lessons than those who have not. You'll get there!
  12. Having several fello jumpers that use the sabre 2, i've delt with similar concerns,such as diving to the right at the end of an on heading snivel, slider hanging up part way, slider damage, line trim, and so on. Within this forum i've read most of the answers that have been given to my customers as well,such as contacting PD support, packing, body position, line trim issues. Body position , packing and symmetry of canopy and lines, canopy design are all part to do with a nice sniveling opening or a hard crappy opening. One instance a young lady apprix 5'6 110 lbs jumping a sabre 2 120 had her slider hanging up about 1/3 of the way up from the connector links and end cell closures. As a freeflyer she always tightrened her chest strap very tight which in turn brought her 3 rings closer together as we loosened her chest strap to a comfy length where she was confident that her shoulder harness would not come off while freeflying we had gained approx. 4 inches more spread in the 3 rings which nearly matched the width of her slider causing the slider to slide down to the tips of her risers, we also sped up her opening by changing wher she placed the nose during packin from shoving it deep into the pack job to setting the nose in between the a lines to keep it centered.Her problem was solved.
  13. Do you actually spend time rigging? Or do you like opposing suggestions from the manufacturers on their equipment/ arguing?
  14. I have chosen 501' to 1000' to pull the silver handle if I have not yet pulled my main and found myself low and in freefall. Although, 1500' is my descision altitude for choosing to fly the main canopy to landing or to release the main and pull the reserve.Hopefully I am never surprised to be at 1000' in freefall. I have found myself in the past pulling low due to being on zoo loads and being under people while tracking away.(Low being 1500',deciding to stay with the main by 1000'). I would'nt suggest pulling low, but,pull. Quote