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  1. Thanks for all of the input - I really appreciate it.
  2. Thanks for the replies – I’ve also received one offline indicating that the line bits look large. I should have given the specifics on canopy / container size. Looking at the UPT tool, it is appropriately sized. Sabre 2 190, PDR 176, and the container is a V350. Container was ordered new for these canopies, so I am assuming the bag is correctly sized. I will give it another shot paying attention to the size of the line bites. Thanks.
  3. I am ramping up to make some jumps after a few year hiatus and I am struggling to get my main neatly packed up. I’ve owned a Javelin before. When packing this up, the main (in bag) set nicely down into the main packing tray and I could close things up. With this Vector the main closing flaps more or less wrap around the main (in bag) creating the packing tray. My issue is that either my packing skills blow (highly likely), my main is too big, or I am missing some critical steps to neatly pull this off. I basically end up with gaps between the side and bottom closing flaps. I’ve gotten a few completed without these gaps but I’ve had to spend so much energy tucking the exposed lines under the flaps that I no longer trust that the line stows are in order for deployment. I’ve attached some pictures for reference. I have lengthened the closing loop quite a bit. I can get a ‘decent’ looking pack job if I place the lines to the back pad, however this does not appear to be a recommended packing method, and it puts a large amount of stress on the closing loop, exposing the closing grommets. Does my main appear to be too large for the container? Any comments or tips / tricks to closing a modern Vector that may be helpful? Thanks.
  4. I watched this film with my mother when I was a youngin, I’ve always been fond of the flick. np
  5. Are there any "infrastructure" changes that need to be made on a Vector when switching from a metal cable to the Spectra cable, or vice a versa? I have recently ordered a Vector and on the fence as to which cable to install. I am almost certain I will elect to have a metal cable installed however would like to have the option or the Spectra cable once it has been field tested a bit more. thanks
  6. skip


    Damn, though not very close, we shared a few kick Ass skydives.. . Condolences to those close to Mikal.
  7. Thanks for all of the stories, opinions, and advice. Its a huge decision; I've been pondering since the offer came through Friday morning and I fell no closer to a decision than I did Friday evening. again thanks. np
  8. I’ve been offered a nice, very nice job as a computer consultant type. Everything pans out very much in my favor except for the travel which could be up to 80% Monday morning through Thursday evening. Fridays are worked from home (paperwork). The company touts a nice life work balance culture and has many programs in place to support such; however I’m still concerned about the travel as I do have a wife and 6moth old child. Has anyone done it, what did you like? What did you dislike? Would you do it again? Do you have children? Thanks for taking the time to provide some input – the demographics are huge on this site and I figured there’s got to be someone on here that’s done the consultancy thing. np
  9. I sent an email to Mirage asking about this. The reply was that it will be announced soon, and that we will be able to retrofit it to Mirages that are currently set up for an RSL.
  10. Looks like Skydive Spaceland.
  11. ITEC 4375 – Project Management & Practice – Wednesdays 7-10pm LOGT 2362 – Intro to Logistics Technology – TTH 4-5:30pm ITEC 4397 – Select Topics in Info Systems Technology – TTH 5:30 -7pm And that will be it for my bachelor’s degree, I will graduate in December! I took my first college course in 1995; it’s about time… NEil..P
  12. My wife and I are having a baby and there is quite a bit of inner turmoil going on in my head about what my future in skydiving will be. I have not been skydiving very much since we married a year ago; however have always figured sometime in the near future I would be found around the DZ more frequently. And then comes a baby - which I am very excited about by the way. I know my poll questions are rather vague and there could be many more scenarios, however I just wanted to jump start some discussion about other people experience about skydiving and parenthood. There is a similar archived discussion found in the Women’s forum, I just though I would cater one towards fathers; however lady skydivers please feel free to contribute. np
  13. Probably 10-12 times, fertilizer kicked in 7-8 weeks ago and it has been weekly since. neilp