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  1. Before going into my review of the helmet, I'd like to give you all peeps some of my experience. I've been on a stomach flying team as a camera flyer and an inside flyer on a 4 way VFS team. I have done AFF alone(scary) and with another instructor I have stomach flown while video taping tandems I have been on tracking dives I have been on angle dives (formerly known as automonauti when they were lame and only done by bad flying Europeans) I have been on hybrids as the hanger, sometime soon I'll get the opportunity to fly on my stomach in one I have been on lots of vertical world records, including the biggest round ever last may in Spaceland. I usually wear an open face because i'm a man. I've never worn the KIss. Feel free to contact me about my accomplishments, I love talking about myself. Oh, almost forgot, I've been under canopy when the space Shuttle lifted off and I saw it with my bare eyes because of my awesome open face. When I'm not skydiving I like to internet skydive on this awesome website full of nothing but facts.
  2. That was nothing. Good job Luke controlling the moron in front. The link below shows how not to throw a drogue for real. Brighten up morons. I'm sure some tool will make this clicky as I could care less. fucktards. edited to include the link, yea, duh.
  3. It's attitudes like this that get people killed. People, please use the manufacture guidelines for the containers. They've done all the testing in the world and if it could fit something else, don't you think it would say it could fit something else? Of course there are always those who don't abide by the rules. Beerline is probably a BASE jumper.
  4. In post #281, someone puts a link to your lens comparison. When I look at these comparison images, seems like the diamond actually looks better than century lens. DSE, would you please clarify that the century .3 will actually be a better lens for inside a formation wilth this camera versus the diamond .2 I am using now with my pc1000. looking at your lens comparison page, I'm left a little confused.
  5. freefli

    Skydive Sebastian

    Visited this place and I love it. Great people are really welcoming and very helpful to make you feel at home. I will definitely come back.
  6. Well "I" for one can't wait to see how this all plays out in Eloy. This raging debate has me all bunched up and can't wait to see all of the new cheats this has created. It's going to be total anarchy. All "I" can hope is that the particular skydiver on the cover has figured out which hand to use. If he is in the worng slot or uses the wrong hand, HOLY SHIT. "I" can't imagine all of the email Eric will be getting, there will be tons. The judges already have a ton of work to do at this event, there doesn't need to be more work created for non judges because of one silly lazy skydiver. "I" for one find it to be just rude and uncalled for. "I" mean really, why can't he do it like the pretty little figures. A lot of time went into those pretty little figures. "I" think they are cute and should be followed exactly. The automonauts use protractors, and the rest of you should follow suit. Well we all will see how it goes down soon. "I" can't wait.
  7. And the winner for the most retarded post goes to............lambeav2 Congrats.
  8. I know all involved that killed JFK, but I'm not telling I know all about area 51, but I'm not telling I know how the twin towers fell, but I'm not telling oooooh, isn't this so much fun?
  9. The best deal out there right now is an unusual deal that is happening at boogies. There are a few members from Skyventure Colorado that are going to boogies and organizing jumps along with selling tunnel time. At the boogies they are selling COACHED tunnel time for $600/hr. Yes, coached time. They are at Skydive Oregon in Molalla this weekend for their boogie.
  10. In post #8, there is a comment about Greg using a neck brace. can someone show me what a neck brace looks like? I'm interested in one if they help on openings......
  11. Could you please just tell us what you know?
  12. I think every national team or any team that is on the podium at nationals would disagree with your lame tunnel to swimming comparison. Tunnel teaches you to fly your body without any other outside worries like going splat. You will simply not learn to fly your body faster or cheaper than in the tunnel. Check your sources cjd
  13. I suggest for those 3 months that you take a break from skydiving and the $27 per jump you will spend and instead fly in the tunnel. It will be a much better experience. Everyone at the tunnel is awesome. Many coaches available. Note, I have no affiliation with the tunnel, I'm not even in that state.
  14. That's some really good planning on the part of all involved. The black cloud still sits over Mile Hi.
  15. I'm glad to hear that there is a DZ that has passed the increase onto the tandems and not the fun jumpers......I commend your DZO
  16. I think the DZO's should be inflating prices on the tandems by at least $10 per instead of fucking the fun jumpers in the ass the the increases. Like the tandems care about $10....
  17. There has already been some experimentation with 8 way both in the tunnel at Paraclete and in the sky in Sebastian. There will be some 8 way being held at summerfest either Tuesday or Wednesday with Team Mandrin. I'm looking forward to it.......
  18. John, I had the same experience as you are talking about. Mine was at Mile High Skydiving in Longmont Colorado. For me, it was the main place to do a tandem in the state. The DZ was owned by the late Jeff Sands but I happened to do my tandem with the current DZO, Frank Casares, who was about as entertaining as watching a bowl of goldfish. He didn't say shit the whole time. I started conversation under canpy, asking if pulling down the strings pulled the back of the parachute, making it turn. He said "Yea". End of conversation. He was a tandem robot. His claim to fame was doing 18 tandems in one day. It's sad to see people lose interest in the sport and look at it as purely a form of income. He is a prime example of that now, more than ever. Luckily for me, I knew I wanted to go further in the sport, so I had already signed up for my FJC before my tandem. If I hadn't, I might have thrown in the towel after his drooling experience.
  19. freefli

    Ouragan Suits

    Ouragan was the best on the block for a while. Being the best increased the demand, along with prices to a point of stupidity and arrogance. I used to push Ouragan but stopped after the people kept getting shit on. The new guy on the block making the same quality suits is now Julio from Liquid Sky. Ask anyone who owns one, customer service goes above and beyond anything before him and prices are not even close to Ouragan.
  20. freefli


    This post is here to set in motion their self fullfilling prophecies they've created out of a neglect for attention as children growing up. By slapping a fancy name on something that's not much different than tracking, they have become the inventors of something and have reserved themselves a spot in history, but only for those who don't know any better. As far as to why it's in the INSTRUCTORS forum, the explanation given is total bullshit. There is nothing that REAL instructors will have to learn or discuss about this so called discipline. It's in here for recognition and nothing more. Regarding exit order, it's not any different than tracking. The "automonauts" travel across the sky, endangering other groups that fall down the tube. So if yourselves as so called "automonauts" ( the most retarded term to come out of skydiving to this date) don't know where you should be in the exit order, you obviously have no right exercising such an awesome discipline. REAL instructors don't need to be educated by you dribbling on about lift and how different you are from tracking. REAL instructors have an established organization that provides documents and courses that determine how they should be instructing. Organizations that are recognized by everyone which took years of experience and knowledge to form. Your organization was formed by a few primadonnas and is only recognized by a minor few misguided youths. REAL instructors expect that you know where to be in the exit order and you will properly place yourselves there. It's not the job of REAL instructors to police you retards. It's a shame that a forum like this one gets this kind of propaganda. Of course REAL instructors as myself could just pass over this garbage and look at threads that concern REAL instructors. I guess I like calling a spade a spade. Feel free to throw your doodooami justifications at me, it's entertaining if nothing else. Like Forrest Gumps mom said, "stupid is as stupid does." I have a feeling his mom knew about autmonani before anyone else did. Friends don't let friends Atmonauti.
  21. freefli


    yes neato pics. This pics do prove a point In America, we call it tracking. In Europe, you call it atmonauti. In Europe, you might dip a knee, but not always by looking at the pics. some of these threads bash it only because you guys make such a fuss over it, it's so lame. I think even the godfather, JP will admit how stupid this all is. Back away from the computer and sew more orange on those jumpsuits.
  22. Will they be selling bingo squares around the target? I'd like to buy one if so...
  23. dictionary definition angled flight--what skydivers do when they can't fly straight down. synonyms--automosnotty, whosbeennaughty, whosyourmommy, autmonotgonnahappen, autmonono, outofcontrolflying, gay, lame, European flight, protractor flying, 42 43 whatever it takes, death defying, maniacle, ludricrous, slanted flying, jumping wit my 45's, bad tracking, autmodummy, and others..... I'm open to hearing more synonyms.... Honestly, why debate it? just do it. Just my point of view, like you asked Feel free to discuss......