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  1. I really don't want to take 3 months off of skydiving because then its winter and I won't be doing much until spring and while I"m excited for a tunnel, I love skydiving too much not to. I was considering downsizing recently but plan on putting that off now so that should help a little right? I'm currently 1:1 wing loading and was going to go a little smaller canopy to 135. I'll stay with the 150 and see. Any spend time at the other dz near denver?? Can't remember the name.
  2. I'm moving to Denver from Hawaii in late august and wondered if anyone had info/advice whatever about dz's around Denver. I've never been in that area at all and am taking a 3month travel job there. I have about 200jumps now, all in hawaii where I learned so far. Is the altitude really a big change for landing?? A little nervous about that. Also looking for any advice on things to do/see while I'm there. I'm into anything active and outdoors. climbing, hiking, etc. Thanks!!
  3. Hey there...I'm in Hawaii and learned at skydive hawaii. There is also a dz called Pacific and they are right next to each other and rival enemies. So...keeping that in will hear a lot of smack from each about the other. Skydive hawaii has a caravan that is down at the moment but is should be up by that point, had the engine redone or something and in that it costs $20/jump. Pacific has the Kingair and costs $23/jump. I personally like the people and atmosphere of skydive hawaii better, people help me out more when I have questions and look out for each other. Not to say the people at Pacific aren't nice as well, they're friends too but its just more fun at skydive hawaii. They both have a van that drives into town for customers so you can look them up and give them a call. Skydive hawaii typically runs later each day b/c they have a lot more tandems so if you want a longer day go there. Weekends are a good time to meet up with other upjumpers too. I wrote you a novel here. No matter where you go, its all the same area and beautiful....just make sure you get a good briefing and pay attention to the winds and warnings if people tell you. They can be crazy sometimes even in typical tradewind days. blue skies! See you in Feb!
  4. There may be a dz opening in Hana, Maui but it will also be only for tandems b/c of the winds and lack of alternate landing zones. Its either the dz or ocean there!
  5. We'll see you out here then! As most said, with your jumps and a good briefing that you pay attention to you will be fine. On south wind days none of us jump b/c of the mountain turbulance. I've learned out here and its a great group of people who all look out for each other and any newcomers. See you soon!
  6. Anyone have suggestions for good goggles to use to protect my contacts? I"m using the basic ones right now but during flips and stuff the wind gets in sometimes and shifts my contact making me temporarily unable to see closer then 1ft in front of me. I don't want to lose them in freefall b/c I would never be able to land safely without my contacts as my vision is so bad. thanks