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  1. BigSky

    Warren Miller "Epic Conditions"

    All of my life I have been thinking.........If I could just afford to ski a few more days a year maybe some day I will get in a Warren Miller movie. Now it looks like I have to feel that way about skydiving too........Damn you Warren Miller
  2. BigSky

    Skydive 899

    Here is one [URL][/URL]
  3. BigSky

    Skydive Lost Prairie

    This airport and drop zone were made by skydivers for skydiving. If that isn’t enough theirs the beautiful scenery, friendly people, riggers and instructors with decades of experience, and one of the best and longest running boogies in the world! If you haven’t been to Lost Prairie yet it should be at the top of your list. Its well worth the trip no matter how far you have to travel.
  4. BigSky

    Very Happy Chap

    Sweet........I think What is an FF1
  5. BigSky

    Sky Down Skydiving

    I had a grate time at this dropzone. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Even though I have low jump numbers I was made to feel right at home. The C402 is a fun plane, it is very fast to altitude and also a comfortable ride. I drove seven hours to this DZ so I could get some new years jumps in, and it was well worth the drive. I will definitely be back
  6. BigSky

    made me want a jump

    Wow that could be my dad flying that thing. He flies for Ericson Air Crane and he works on a lot of fire contracts. He told me a really cool story about some skydiver that was working for them talking one of the pilots into taking him up for a jump at like 15,000 feet. I think bolth of them lost their jobs though and he assured me that I would never get that opportunity on his shift