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  1. Ahhhhhhhh stupid shit.......right. Thanks for the insightful commentary, I'll double check to see if this is the part where you blow me. I'm pretty sure it is, but I would hate to be misleading. It's a question. Individual opinions are what I was after, you're not going to change my opinion, I've spent way too long developing it...........AND I already stated my opinion and that would be "what I think". The question is: (leaving growth of sport and development of gear aside) Would it be more fair if the equipment used had to be commonly available. Coming soon to a bowl of Wheaties near you!!
  2. Perhaps a prototype class where manufacturers can win bragging rights.............I'm willing to bet "A" games would be brought Coming soon to a bowl of Wheaties near you!!
  3. Personally, I think it's crap. The whole "can't see the label, please no pictures, I can't talk about it" procedure. I believe in order to keep competition competitive (truly) the competitors should have access to the same gear. That is not to say all competitors have to use the same gear.............but the access should be there, you shouldn't need to know the "right" person or be on a special team. After all.... This is skydiving, do we need all the cloak and dagger?
  4. Seems to me you kept asking for inspections and line trim checks which are generally performed on the ground. Sounds like what you really wanted was someone, with more experience and knowledge to test jump the canopy and either confirm your findings or find something else. THAT is what you should have asked for. Test jumps are a different animal then simply asking for a line trim check, an no, test jumps are not part of an inspection. Unfortunately, YOU SCREWED YOURSELF by not jumping the canopy before you paid for it. I would be focussing my energies on obtaining a refund from the man who sold you the canopy. As for the service center, I agree that they should have done more to keep you informed and should have kept in closer communication, but based on what you posted, they performed the services you asked for. Coming soon to a bowl of Wheaties near you!!
  5. Go Hard or Go Home by E-40 Dopes to Infinity by Monster Magnet Learn to Fly by Pink Floyd (when I get pissed and need to recenter) Let it Go by Def Leapard Coming soon to a bowl of Wheaties near you!!
  6. Joey jumps an 87 VX, unless he borrowed another canopy or something..........gotta go Coming soon to a bowl of Wheaties near you!!
  7. SkyDive The Farm is $15 to 5-6000 out of the Otter. Coming soon to a bowl of Wheaties near you!!
  8. If we're trying to do landing and beer, Hit N' Chug with standard rules say 20 feet from the edge of the pond just to make it interesting..........sink or swim bitches!!!!! Coming soon to a bowl of Wheaties near you!!
  9. You knopw what would be kinda cool, this is something that Chris did in the beginning of the FLCPA. put a 2ft X 2ft square worth 100 points dead smack in the middle of zone 8. The catch was that you had to stand up the landing in the box, but the run if successfull was worth 160 points. Might be a little gimicky, but I think stuff like that is fun. Coming soon to a bowl of Wheaties near you!!
  10. I thought I'd just throw my two cents here, and cover something since it seems to be the popular thought. For the record, this is not going to be a continuation or rebirth of the Thomaston's Freefly Festival. The thought here shared with Greg, Hans, and a few others is bringing the boogie back to the jumpers. There won't be a carnival cattlecade to distract everyone from the raised lift tickets, or the high boogie fee. To borrow a line from Richmond '03 "It's a different kind of boogie. The boogie fee is the same as a lift ticket (20 bucks), the lift ticket prices have been lowered (instead of raised like a lot of boogies) and there is no camping fee. Sooooooooooo bring your grill, your cooler, and your costumes and get yo jump on, take advantage of free organizing for all disciplines (hell try a different discipline if you feel froggy). See all you fellow skyjumpers there. Coming soon to a bowl of Wheaties near you!!
  11. I'll be dair 2, all of that Florida humidity will be good for training for Nationals in Texas. Texas by the way........ was the first place I found it could be 100%+ humidity and not raining. Coming soon to a bowl of Wheaties near you!!
  12. Hopefully we will top the 4th of July with this one, although I think it will be really hard to beat. I know Janet has been working hard with her magnet board and will no doubt have some kool stuff for all of you wierdos that fall in the deployment position. Coming soon to a bowl of Wheaties near you!!
  13. The USPA website states that jumps for nationals were to be $16 per jump because................that was the bid nationals were awarded on. Jumps are now $22. Everyone screams and yells and rants and raves about skyride pulling the bait and switch, I was just wondering why all the silence. Why is everyone so afraid to ask their representative what happened with the $16 lift ticket price, why is it $4 more to train but $2 more to compete. How does one justify a nearly 30% surcharge. Just wondering why............. Coming soon to a bowl of Wheaties near you!!
  14. Actually to be technically accurate the shirts are only tight on myself, Hans, and Big Steve Coming soon to a bowl of Wheaties near you!!
  15. Like I said, ask your local or Regional representative . I can tell you that there was a BOD vote on what to do. Basically $22 was not the bid on which Nationals (not CPC or PST) was awarded. If your local tells you they can't talk about it, remember you pay to belong the USPA and that voting season is coming up. Coming soon to a bowl of Wheaties near you!!