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  1. mgoldade


  2. I had the pleasure of working with and living with Ian. Truly an amazing person. He will be sadly missed. I'm lucky to have shared a part of his life! 2K Composites Dealer TonySuits Dealer Larsen & Brusgaard Dealer CSPA C, Coach 1, Rigger A, Instructor A, Tandem Videographer / Photographer, EJR
  3. Granted I'm a bit biased as I'm a dealer for Tonysuits, but there are some great options out there. Some good points were made so far in this thread as well. I own several suits and use each for different diciplines. I have a freefly suit with flat grips (Tonysuit Spacesuit) that I absolutely love. However, I would not wear it on an RW jump. Just like the fact I would not wear my RW suit with booties on a freefly jump. I know the cost of equipment keeps piling up, but proper suit selection is important as you progress in the sport. And unfortunately that comes with increased cost... However, a good suit (properly fit) will last you a long time if you don't pack on the pounds. My suggestion is whatever brand you buy, get cordura on the butt and knees to extend the life of the suit. Nothing worse than spending $300-$400 on a suit of your dreams and then tearing the butt out on a bad landing... 2K Composites Dealer TonySuits Dealer Larsen & Brusgaard Dealer CSPA C, Coach 1, Rigger A, Instructor A, Tandem Videographer / Photographer, EJR
  4. Tony, I personally think that selling a main with the knowledge of a built-in turn is just wrong. I have handed this main over to a close personal friend who knows more about canopies than most. He is already pulling the canopy apart. The thought of turning around and selling this main to another skydiver never even came to mind, and I have nothing positive to say about the seller I purchased it from either. Selling equipment with built-in turns is not only wrong, but it could prove to be dangerous to the buyer. 2K Composites Dealer TonySuits Dealer Larsen & Brusgaard Dealer CSPA C, Coach 1, Rigger A, Instructor A, Tandem Videographer / Photographer, EJR
  5. I do have to agree woth some of your post. I was a fool for buying a canopy without a test jump. The seller (Alex Chong) definately screwed me on the sale of this canopy. And if I had received the service I requested the 2nd time I shipped my canopy to Para-Concepts, it would not have been as much of an issue. But I sent it to them and they held onto it forever. They never actually checked the main the 2nd time to find the problem even though I made it clear I would pay for them to find & resolve the problem with the main. So, no, the level of service from them absolutely sucked the 2nd time around. I guess my whole point of this thread is to let other skydivers know about the level of service I received from them and Icarus (which will hopefully influence their decisions as to who to send work to), and to get feedback and hear others opinions about this situation. I know not everyone will see my point, and some people will have differing opinions of what constitutes an acceptable level of customer service. But to me, the customer is the one that allows a company to function, and the company needs to cater (within reason) to the needs of the consumer. The actions of Kirk Smith and his staff the 2nd time I sent the main to them is the issue with Para-Concepts. If you look up at the initial post, I was quick to point out how quickly they took care of getting the reline done and getting my main back to me the 1st time. The real issue with them is how I was handled / treated the 2nd time I sent it back to them. As for Icarus as a company, I will NEVER purchase another Icarus main again. I promptly went out and bought a PD Katana immediately after this incident and will never leave PD again! 2K Composites Dealer TonySuits Dealer Larsen & Brusgaard Dealer CSPA C, Coach 1, Rigger A, Instructor A, Tandem Videographer / Photographer, EJR
  6. This is exactly what I'm talking about. I have heard many many stories about PD doing this. I have also heard many stories of Icarus doing the same thing to others that they did to me (nothing). I feel I need to clarify the issue with Kirk at Para-Concepts. The part that really upset me and caused me to rant about him / them is the fact that I sent it back to them after discovering the issue. When they received it we were now at the beginning of the jump season and I am down a main canopy! Then they never kept me in the loop at all and left it on a shelf. When I offered money to have them find the problem and fix it, they (Kirk) said they would look at it, then they told me they would talk to Icarus, then they still had the canopy for an extended period of time. All the while, he nevver actually did anything, and this is the point of contention. He never did actually inspect it further when it was sent down the 2nd time. If he did, he would have noticed some differences in the control lines, he would have noticed the differences in the ribs, he would have noticed the stab. BUT, he just told me it was a manufacturers defect and we agreed it should be decertified. But he never at any point gave me any info as to what was causing the turn. He was probably too busy with relines that generate good money for little work and didn't want to take on a job of trying to find the cause of my problem. Their website clearly states: "Para Concepts provides professional and complete rigging services for modern skydiving equipment. We have invested in the specialized equipment and the advanced training for our rigging staff so that we can repair or modify your equipment to factory standards. We can do just about anything, including: •Main Canopy Maintenance ◦Relines ◦Patches ◦Trim Analysis " So, I feel this would fall under Trim Analysis. Would that not be correct? But they were unwilling to perform that for me. Instead they would just rather take my money, send back the main and be done with me. They had a great opportunity to gain a lifelong customer by handling this the right way, instead they kept my main in their shop for WEEKS and did absolutely nothing. How would you feel as a skydiver having your main that you just bought and sent for a reline and only put 6-7 jumps on, having it sit in a different country at a manufacturer authorized repair center and they do nothing at all to it. At what point do we finally hold the "Authorized Repair Center" accountable for poor customer service? If you took your car in for an oil change and it came back to you with a defective (manufacturer defect) Power Control Module (the main computer that controls the car), you would want them to fix the defect. And the dealer (Authorized Repair Center) would do that. I know because this happened with a Dodge I owned. Now if they took it in to fix the PCM and kept it for over a month and never did anything and told you to take it back, how would you react? Would you be upset? Would you expect them to resolve the problem? You are damn rights you would. And it's the same with a main canopy that is defective. The garage took my car and fixed it right way at no cost with no questions. They provided me a courtesy car and never batted an eye. Oh, and it was a car I bought used as well. So, if Kirk wants to post "Para Concepts has been contracted by Icarus Canopies to act as the Icarus Canopies Chicago Support Center." on their website, then they should be willing to act as such. It is no longer just a rigging loft, it is an authorized service center for the manufacturer. 2K Composites Dealer TonySuits Dealer Larsen & Brusgaard Dealer CSPA C, Coach 1, Rigger A, Instructor A, Tandem Videographer / Photographer, EJR
  7. The biggest issues with me are the facts that he kept it as long as he did the 2nd time around and never really did anything. I had offered to pay to have him re-inspect and to have him fix any problems. He at one point told me that he never had the time to find the problem, and that I should just test jump it and make adjustments to the lineset to trim it out. If this was a PD Canopy, they would have at least offered me a discount on a new main. Icarus, not so... 2K Composites Dealer TonySuits Dealer Larsen & Brusgaard Dealer CSPA C, Coach 1, Rigger A, Instructor A, Tandem Videographer / Photographer, EJR
  8. At the end of the 2008 year I purchased a used Icarus Safire 119 over Prior to purchase I requested photos and more info on the canopy. I was informed by the seller that the canopy needed a new lineset asap. The photos proved that. We agreed upon a price and the canopy was shipped to me (In Canada). The canopy sat in the box and just prior to the beginning of the season I sent it to Para-Concepts in Chicago. The initial dealings were with Amber at Para-Concepts and we spoke on the phone. I had paid for and requested a canopy inspection / lineset with installation. Once they received the main, Amber informed me that there were additional fees for the customs brokering (or something like that). I agreed to split the costs with them, even though it never made any sense that there would be any additional fees on a main being shipped for repair. They were quite prompt is completing this task and getting the main back to me. But this is where the real problems started... I hooked the main up and jumped it and on every jump there was an immediate L/H turn on opening. I would release the brakes and it still turned left. I then had another jumper / rigger check out the main an jump it. He confirmed what I wasa experiencing and suggested I send it back to Para-Concepts. I did the following day (as well as phones Amber to let her know what was happening). The main arrived at Para-Concepts and was not looked at for quite a while as the master rigger (Kirk Smith) was away. Once he finally returned it still took an extremely long time to get any answers. Finally I got Kirk on the phone and explained everything that I have experienced to that point. He told me that it was a manufacturers defect, that he was meeting with the owner of Icarus that day and would bring it up with him. The final outcome was that Kirk smith did absolutely nothing for me. The canopy was deemed a manufacturers defect, Kirk came back and said that the owner of Icarus said the canopy was old and he would do nothing for me either. Finally the Manager of Para-Concepts contacted me and told me that all they would do is ship back the main. I mentioned that they were supposed to do an inspection (as that is what I initially paid for with the lineset), but was told that they don't check the trim of the main in the inspection process. I also asked them if I could get them to find out why the canopy wasa flying that way and all they would do is check the trim on the lineset I paid for. I had offered to pay them to fix the problem and they wouldn't. Kirk's initial suggestion was to keep jumping it and make adjustments to the lines to trim the canopy out. The final suggestion from all of them at Para-Concepts was to retire the main completely. So I asked for some kind of consideration from them in the regards of a discount on a new main purchase, or a refund on the lineset. I waas told that they could do no such thing at all. All they would do is send back my main that they have kept in their shop for almost 2 months total time. So here I am with a main that is not jumpable, I have paid shipping to Chicago twice with UPS (insured and packaged properly), paid for some BS brokerage fee from the first time I shipped it to them (funny, there was no such brokerage fee the 2nd time I shipped it and it was shipped the same way), paid for an inspection that wasa obviously not done right the first time, and paid for a lineset that is now useless. But they were nice enough to include a couple Icarus stickers when they shipped it back!?!?!? WTF??? I have since taken the time to hang the main up and inspect the lines myself (I am also a rigger) and found some issues. Obviously they never even looked at the main when I sent it back the 2nd time... I also have had several other Riggers & Master Riggers look at it, and they have confirmed with certainty that the main is a manufacturer defect, and that what they found was done on a short inspection that took less than an hour or so (I gladly would have paid Kirk for an hours labour and made that clear). "There is he stab that is out a little. Lower control lines are out but the biggest thing is one rib is out by an inch and another one is out by 1/4 - 1/3 inch" (one riggers comments) So the final outcome... Kirk Smith and Para-Concepts screwed a skydiver for the almighty buck! Icarus (according to Kirk) does not support their product at all once you own it. I am out a lot of $$ and had to go buy a new main. This time I went back to PD and will never buy another Icarus product again. I have heard several times where people with PD mains have had issues and PD has always gone to bat and taken care of the customer. Obviously Icarus and Para-Concepts do not care about the customer, they just want your $$. I still feel that Kirk Smith and Para-Concepts should at least re-imburse me the funds paid to them due to the COMPLETE lack of customer service, the fact that they never completed the job properly the first time and Kirk should have his rigging ticket pulled for being so incompetent! 2K Composites Dealer TonySuits Dealer Larsen & Brusgaard Dealer CSPA C, Coach 1, Rigger A, Instructor A, Tandem Videographer / Photographer, EJR
  9. Yeah, I was just walking to the otter for a 10-way when we all stopped dead in our tracks to watch ether land off. The problem was that she was headed for the runway sign "D22". When she hit it, we all thought she was dead! Fortunately she was ok and joined us for the Rodriguez antics later! ;) She learned a few great lessons that day. 1 - don't focus on an object during landing or you will hit it. 2 - Be very careful around thr Rodriguez Brothers when drinking Tequila! lol 2K Composites Dealer TonySuits Dealer Larsen & Brusgaard Dealer CSPA C, Coach 1, Rigger A, Instructor A, Tandem Videographer / Photographer, EJR
  10. Yeah. The FF3 is definately the way to go. I have an FF2 and love it. But the versatility of the FF3 is sweet! See the info below from the 2K site: FF3 Freefly Helmet - Flat Top for your Stills Camera - Has recess to easily fit a CameyeII - Two Internal Audible Ports on the right hand side - Comes standard with Ratchet Chin-Cup Fits all Sony PC cameras except the old Sony PC7 and PC10 and the full range of Sony HC cameras including the HD HC 3/5 and 7 and the new CX6/7. And yes, I am the dealer for Alberta / BC for 2K Composites. So I'm a little biased. ;) 2K Composites Dealer TonySuits Dealer Larsen & Brusgaard Dealer CSPA C, Coach 1, Rigger A, Instructor A, Tandem Videographer / Photographer, EJR
  11. Well, 240 in 12 could be like me... I did 13 in the first 2 years, then took many years off and came back to the sport in 2006. Now I am doing over 150 per year. But I agree, being current is most paramount if you want to consider strapping on a camera. The first time your d-bag bounces off your lid and your canopy opens and you realize you just got lucky that a suspension line never hooked your helmet or camera.... I'm sure you get the picture. Also, the extra weight is something you really need to consider on opening. I currently jump 2 sabre-1 150's and have been spanked a couple times. But getting spanked with that extra weight on your head is a whole new world! Can you say Chiropractor??? Basically, just be safe and make sure you are current enough to handle the extra's of the camera. And think hard about your helmet purchase. A lot of helmets have tons of snag points. Consider a 2K Composite helmet due to the type of box it has. No snag points at all. I have had mine for a year now and it is truly the best lid I could have ever spent money on. Hope that helps... 2K Composites Dealer TonySuits Dealer Larsen & Brusgaard Dealer CSPA C, Coach 1, Rigger A, Instructor A, Tandem Videographer / Photographer, EJR
  12. I have the HC96 and love it. Again, the only downfall is that it does not have the firewire directly on the camera which means you need the docking station to transfer to another camera or pc. The width is not a problem. I have it sidemounted in a 2K Composites FF2 and it is great! 2K Composites Dealer TonySuits Dealer Larsen & Brusgaard Dealer CSPA C, Coach 1, Rigger A, Instructor A, Tandem Videographer / Photographer, EJR