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  1. Skydave103

    Skydive America, Oceanside, CA

    I've seen the name and logo before. He must not be very creative.
  2. Skydave103

    how to be a tandemaster

    To start you must have D License, 500 jumps, 3 years in the sport, coach rating, a signed logbook (with all qualifications) and a cut away. (im sure i'm missing something) you have a little way to go if your at 2 jumps.
  3. Skydave103

    Broken pc1000

    the $$ you would spend to fix it ($250 min i think is what Sony charges + parts) you can buy a new digital camera and not have to buy tapes, no moving parts, HD etc etc etc
  4. Skydave103

    light box

    Mount it on the front where the still camera would go.
  5. Skydave103

    European H/D record 2009

    Are you using this as a try out camp for the 100way? Or just organizing the European fliers for some fun big ways? Either way we hope you can bring some great fliers over for the FFWR in Chicago!! Fly safe and see you @ SDC.
  6. Skydave103

    cheaper lens for a starter

    Look around a little.
  7. Go to ebay (I typed in wide angle lens 30mm)
  8. Skydave103

    Flat Top Narrow & HC5 attachment ways?

    I just configured this last week using a Cookie Liquid flat lock and a L bracket I had made. I tried using the front mount for my stills, but I didn't like it. A 20D with a 10-22mm Canon lens is too heavy for that. XTi would work better. It is top heavy but I don't mind that. With the vertical stills mount the pic's have great depth that I wasn't getting with a horizontal mount. I cut a piece of wood to support the lens. covered it in gaffers tape. Gives the camera a lot of support. I would recommend some sort of support no matter how you mount your camera. Dave
  9. YEAHHHHHHH more fun at the FARM!!!! Shouldn't it be called No Labor Day? Cause I'm not workin'
  10. Skydave103

    Women's Vertical World Record Details

    Clicky for the hard to find page. Good luck ladies p.s. It is very easy to call them as well. The number is on the bottom of the page.