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  1. I always loved this promo video. Not much wingsuit in it, but I remember it being one of the first videos to get me interested in flying wingsuits. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-Sl9PecN0w Flying Hellfish #470
  2. JumpCrazy


    I ordered mine through my local dealer because it costs me the same either way, but if I order through him then he gets a cut. His full time job is skydiving/rigging/selling gear, so I thought it would be nice to help him make his living. I didn't have any issues with delivery time. Flying Hellfish #470
  3. So excited! I'm going to do my best to be there again this year. Last year was amazing. PS. Isn't it F&D 8.0? (Last year was 7.0 wasn't it?) Flying Hellfish #470
  4. Red/White You're part of a really badass, albeit nameless Canadian wingsuit team Flying Hellfish #470
  5. You give me hope! I ordered my Ghost 3 on April 15th from Robi at F&D! I guess that means it should be here in a week or so. Wooohoo! Flying Hellfish #470
  6. Just changed my flights. Now I'm getting in on Apr 12 at 4:15. :) Flying Hellfish #470
  7. I just booked my flights! I'm arriving at the Tampa airport at about 4:15pm April 13th. I can't wait!! PS is anyone else arriving around that time? I'm thinking of just taking the SuperShuttle..... Flying Hellfish #470
  8. 01 - Scott Bland 02 - Macca 03 - Robert Pecnik 04 - Jarno Cordia 05 - DSE 06 - Tom van Dijck 07 - Butters 08 - Mike Miller (maybe) 09 - Skwrl 10 - Michal 11 - Kallend 12 - Ralph K 13 - Kyle 14 - Simon 15 - J-Sho 16- Jeremy Tyer 17 - Andreea (SuperGirl) 18 - Matt "You snooze, you loose" S 19 - Veno!! (copland007) 20 - Spike 21 - Jackie 22 - Mark "Birddoctor" Duber 23 - Scott "BSR" C 24 - Eduardo 25 - Christian "AirRebels" Waard (maybe) 26 - Stu Lange 27 - Kipp 28 - Smoothie. 29 - Eduardo G. 30 - Paul from Montreal 31 - Ben Knoop I'm planning to be there! I'll be flying my a$$ off in my old S3 to keep up to everyone! Tony, and Robi; I can't wait to see the new suits (and maybe fly a couple). I want to spend some money and order a new suit during F&D this year! Edit to add: I hope to be there early too. Maybe on the 9th or 10th depending on the vacation time I can get from work. Flying Hellfish #470
  9. I bought my S3 when the first V1 was just being released. I've flown the S3 on many jumps since then and have been thinking of an upgrade for a while. Now I know what suit I'll be buying next summer!! Flying Hellfish #470
  10. thanks for all the tips! I'm sure I'll just go to a few places around Edmonton and check everything out :) Flying Hellfish #470
  11. Hey everyone! I am moving to Edmonton, Alberta next week and am wondering where I should be doing my skydiving? I'm not trying to stir any pots or anything....I just want an honest opinion. I also think that skydiving is a great way to meet people, since I don't know anyone in Edmonton! I've heard of 2 large dropzones near Edmonton. Eden North, and Skydive Edmonton. I have about 450 jumps, and they are mostly freeflying or wingsuit. I'm not much of an RW or CRW kind of guy. I'd like to skydive somewhere that has people I can jump with a lot. Does one of the dropzones have more wingsuiters or freeflyers? I am coming from Ontario....and as an example, if I want to do a lot of wingsuiting, I'd go to Burnaby. That just happens to be where the wingsuits are. Is it lke that in Edmonton? Any suggestions? Which dropzone would you recommend? Flying Hellfish #470
  12. I got a bonehead mudflap mount and modified it to hold a Neptune. You have to cut the mount down to size, sand the sharp edges, drill hole in the right places, and get longer screws for the Neptune. It works like a charm though! Plus its not as bulky as mounting an Alti Galaxy on there. Flying Hellfish #470
  13. haha. the first post in this thread was made in 2002. I think everyone is a bit confused now
  14. I have over 300 jumps on a sil 150 loaded at 1.1 and I think it performs just like a Sabre 1 of the same size. The only difference is the Sil never opens hard and is really really easy to pack. The difference between a Silhouette and a traditional F111 canopy is the sil won't lose performace with age nearly as much as an F111 canopy will. Oh, and loosen your cheststrap and collapse and pull down your slider after deployment. This will help the flare a lot. Just be careful when you pull your slider down because you don't want to accidentally release a toggle. Also, this should only be done if you have mini risers and soft links. Flying Hellfish #470
  15. We've done really tight 4 way WS exits from our 182. You can fit 3 on the step in a poised position and the 4th one sits in the door. The 3 on the step all leave at the same time and the 4th one follows asap. The 4th WS pilot jumps out and rotates mid exit so they are facing the front of the plane along with the other 3 WS pilots. The 4th slot is the most challenging but we have had exits were all 4 WS are in slot perfect formation within 4 or 5 seconds of exit. Actually, I find this easier than an Otter exit with as many wingsuits.
  16. Darren! I think that is a great idea. I am going to try my hardest to come to this event (problem is that its the week before my exams start). Greig will try to come as well. Greig and I deeply miss our wingsuit buddy Mark. Here is a pic of Mark, Greig and Myself all learning wingsuits from Darren last chrismas in Zhills Flying Hellfish #470
  17. Sounds like you are running a pretty old firmware version. I know this because you say that your buttons are hard to press and that the response time to the buttons is slow. This problem was fixed long ago with one of the firmware updates. The buttons are now more sensitive and the load and access times are 100x faster than before. My Neptune has never caused me any problems in the year that i've had it and over 100 jumps i've put on it. Its also always bang on when compared to my protrack. I have worn it on my hand, in my helmet and on my mudflap. Get an update and replace your battery....it should help alot! Flying Hellfish #470
  18. I'm 6'2" 155lbs without gear. I used to have the same problem.....it kinda sorted itself out over time and I don't really know why. I think you will get it with more experience. Flying Hellfish #470
  19. Thats a sweet video....Nice flying! Hey does anyone know the first song in the vid? I have been looking for it but no don't even know what its called. Flying Hellfish #470
  20. This happens to one of my buddies. It first happened to him on jump 15 or so, and he needed to pull his reserve because he could not reach his main. It has now happened 4 times in total within 100 jumps. The second time, he managed to extract his pilotchute with his left hand. The third time it happened, a very heads up jumper who already knew of my buddy's shoulder problems pulled for him. After all this, he converted his rig to have the BOC on the left (easy to do). He also picked up one of those shoulder 'braces' (kinda like a knee brace). The brace has helped a lot however he has had one dislocation in freefall with the brace on (but this involved extreme circumstances...a badly funneled exit and an odd position of the arm that resulted....he should have released his grip). Keep in mind that you could move your BOC and get a brace but this only slightly reduces the danger that you put yourself in with a shoulder like that. It would be very difficult to cut away with a dislocated right shoulder. You could use your left hand for both handles it would take a long time....time you may not have. Also, he has found it difficult to convince doctors that he needs surgury, because they tell him that the risk of the surgury is not worth the rewards in his case(obviously they are not skydivers). Anyways, I hope this helps you, and I hope your shoulder doesn't give you much more trouble......although it probably will. Flying Hellfish #470
  21. This is an excellent one as well. It shows some ground, plane, exit, freefall, canopy, and landing stuff. Its this guy's 6th jump so he only has one instructor with him. http://www.skydivingmovies.com/ver2/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=1604 Flying Hellfish #470
  22. Tell them to think about it this way: Back in the day, round parachutes were used. The round chutes did not create any 'lift' like a square does. But....deploying your round chute still slowed you down after it opened. The mass of the system in this case doesn't change as a result of deploying the canopy, but the drag does. If what your friend is telling you is true then when you deploy the round chute, you will not slow down at all.....that would make for one hell of a hard laning. Flying Hellfish #470
  23. Smallest rig I've seen personally (so obviously there are smaller ones) is a mirage G3 with a Vengeance 89 and a Phantom 22' round reserve. Its pretty tiny! These are the parachutes it was made to fit but I don't know the size code for the container. Edit to add... actually, the same guy has a homemade harness and container. The only metal on it is the grommets, pins, and 3 rings. No joke. The leg straps were not adjustable, the chest strap was fastened by some kind of stiffener type buckle (no metal). there was no cutaway handle, just the bits of yellow cable up near the three rings. The reserve was a throwout pilotchute. This rig weighed in at around 10lbs with two parachutes in it! Oh........and uh he put like 1000 jumps on it. And these included a couple cutaways I think. Flying Hellfish #470
  24. Here is a link to an old post on the subject. There is a video link in there that is dead and I couldn't find it on skydivingmovies.com. However, I have a copy of the video on my hard drive. I cut out the part with the rear riser stall for you and attached it. The quality is fairly poor because it had to be small, but you still get the idea. The original video was called BajaTrailer.wmv Flying Hellfish #470