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  1. Ah yes thank you, busting a birdie... i will give it a try
  2. Heading out to cali for fathers day. Any birds out in Paris, CA? I should be there saturday or sunday. ben
  3. I will be in Riverside, CA June 16th,17th,18th. PM me.
  4. Wingsuit Jump number 12, (skydive #302) flying a Birdman GTI yesterday sunset load. I exited at 13,700 flew my regular pattern flew balls out and after I pitched at 3,500 feet my sabre 1 170 snivled which was wierd, I was in the saddle by 2,700 and once on the ground the neptune read 133 seconds of flight and 44mph at 3 grand. Lucky enough Lurch was there to witness the read out. Thanks for the help Brian. Fly further... Ben
  5. I will be there, I will try to find as many birds as I can. Lets flock soon.
  6. I was his first student and made my first flight with him a few weeks ago. Very positive and a great teacher. Can't wait to fly with him again.
  7. Thanks for the help. I will have to give it a try soon.
  8. Thanks for the help Nick. The DBag from Apex is as long as a base container so I was a little confused. I will post pictures in the morning. I didn't know if I should just slide it in like it would look in a standard container.
  9. I just reveived my Direct Bag from Apex, but have no idea how to pack it. Does anyone have any instructions. I emailed Apex but wanted to see if there were multiple ways to pack it. Also what is the lowest you have taken a Direct Bag jump? Thanks for your help
  10. I flew for the first time this weekend. PFI Brian Caldwell. Great teacher and a great first flight. Flying an original classic birdman. Can't wait to join the flocks.
  11. Good luck. It took me 8 months to find one and it was from a guy in England.
  12. Thanks for the help guys, off to the store to go get a cf card.
  13. The microdrive works great for low altitude jumps from 300-800feet.
  14. Actually yes I am using a micro drive... I will try a CF card if this doesn't work on the next jump.