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  1. Just to show you an alternative design to make you think (it's not my design btw - talk to Renier at Ram Air) Fits under the leg wing, cutaway on inside of leg works whilst wing is zipped up + the whole thing has a couple of foot leash around your ankle) on it so if you do cut away it doesn't fall into a crowd killing a bazillion people (BPA requirement) And the smoke canister is a nice distance away from the wingsuit. And you can remove the smoke canister and mount a go pro... Jump more, post less.
  2. Can't wait to come back - paid for my flights etc this week, got my trailer booked. Got a free upgrade voucher for car hire. IoM @ F&D 11 - it's on !! Jump more, post less.
  3. looking at the photo a comment might be made about how the lines don't look like they are under tension, this will then be made to sound like an issue with semi stowless bags. Sooo - here is a photo from a deployment with a standard bungeed bag. Jump more, post less.
  4. Jump more, post less.
  5. MrCat

    Turn dbag

    Same here - grommet to pin for the win Jump more, post less.
  6. Yep - I've noticed a definite increase in the time mine takes to get a lock (etc). I was jumping with one of my friends and his was noticeably quicker at getting a lock than mine despite me doing all the warm up procedure on the ground etc etc. I lost maybe a third of a jumps data on that one :( And it's been happening quite a bit for maybe the last year. I'm also getting patchy tones out of mine - sometimes it will just cut out mid jump and then chime back in 10 seconds later with a sound like a sound effect for a dying plant (tricky to describe...) Mine is a version one though so when I get some cash I'm going to replace it.. Jump more, post less.
  7. 4k - I want everything unzipped and flying by 3k. Jump more, post less.
  8. Did he nearly rotate through the lines at about 2.10 and in slow mo at 3.47 on the video ?? Jump more, post less.
  9. You are the opposite of me, I always wanted to wing suit really well but I actually achieved wing suiting really badly... Jump more, post less.
  10. pvc tube Jump more, post less.
  11. there is a way of doing it online so it doesn't matter if you are on linux. mac, PC or BBC model B Here is one I made earlier... Jump more, post less.
  12. The awesome program that is paralog allows you to import logs from a GPS (or alti etc) and then if you pay a little bit every year you can have them hosted in the cloud as an online log book. Here is mine. You can access any of the jumps on the left hand side, look at the flight stats and graphs and also view them using a google earth plug in. Jump more, post less.
  13. There is only one way to make a little money in skydiving - start with a big pile of money... Jump more, post less.
  14. Doh - just worked out who you are !! Is that Matt's V4? Is he lending you the V5 when that arrives??? Jump more, post less.
  15. Splat - if it will fit you I can lend you my ghost. Not using it that much at the mo' Jump more, post less.