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  1. Speak for youself please, i would have been disappointed either way. Im gonna see it from the only positive way i can, which is that this might send a signal to politicians and polotics in the US and maybe even elsewhere to start dealing with shit in a different way. It will be like one of those storys that you tell your children - "Just look what happend to the US, we dont want a Hillary vs Trump situation"
  2. Are you 100% sure you're not on acid?
  3. I saw the infographic come across my FB feed and thought that was the dumbest interpretation of either of the issues that anyone could make. Its more humor than anything else. We're gonna see the same logic being used now after the gay club shooting.
  4. And for anyone who read or joined the bathroom discussion - this is apparently the guy you dont want in a bathroom with your daughter.
  5. I think Rons general problem is that he is afraid that women might meet someone like him in the bathroom. Much like the reason radical muslims dont shake hands with women, its because of the fear of what it with do to themselfs. (Get all horny n' stuff) There are alot of parallels to draw between radical christians and radical muslims, its like hooligans from different teams in sport events. Edit: Funnily enough, that would mean Ron might have a point in this argument. But the strange people he is talking about would include himself.
  6. For once, i do not completly dissagree with Ron... which feels wierd. This type of thing is the act of a 14 year old girl and only brings the debate climate in the US election to a lower level. Use real arguments when discussing serious stuff, not things like this. I dont really care to much about it, people can do what ever, but when doing something like this, you're about as much of an idiot as Trump.
  7. If you remove a majority of anything that causes anything you will be left with less of this anything. Am i understanding this right? So basicly, lets just think like this about all problems and statistics and it will all be fine. Good. If we dont count all the extremists doing wierd shit, no wierd shit is happening, end of discussion.
  8. Both of the identified suspects were born in Bryssel and brothers. Video testament from one of them found where he says that he "doesnt know what to do", "Im wanted everywhere", "i dont feel safe", "i dont wanna risk going to a cell like Abdeslam". The police started looking for these men days before this happend but in relation to the attack in Paris. So far it seems as if this was relativly unplanned - they planned something but it seems this was an emergency plan now that they were under pressure.
  9. If you're a christian, why pray to a saint when you can pray to God directly through Christ? Saints are just dead christians - they can't hear you. Praying to the dead is just another remnant of Roman paganism. You're right, praying to something that never existed in the first place makes much more sense.
  10. This argument, i see it so many times forumcrawling and all it ever does is reveal the ignorance of the person using it.
  11. Do you really expect people who believe in a 2000 year old storybook to use that type of logic?
  12. You've got a goverment that was willing to pull of Operation northwoods and years later when interests are growning, bets gets higher - do you think that any goverment will be truthfull to you? I'd start praising santa or the spagettimonster before that happens.
  13. ...congratulations? http://i.imgur.com/eAGNGlj.jpg If you want to use statistics, it helps to learn how to look at them and how the presenter has used them. For the fun of it, we could just come to the conclusion that US citizens are bad shooters. ;)
  14. Before the name came out CNN was reporting that, because the attack was on a government group, it appeared to be a right wing militia group. Fucking idiots at CNN did it to themselves again Not necessarily wrong, if they turn out to have religous motives they would be considered conservative/right-leaning. ;)