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  1. 66 jumpers. I was one of them. john desantis.
  2. If cypress is such a good company, they would recall every unit efected by this SB. after all, they helped put argus out of buzz. Note, back up your produce. john
  3. Lodi, Is open every day. Now i would say there aircraft are as good as any dz. Jumps are 15.00. Blocks cheaper. Plus a guy name Ed is a wing suit ins.
  4. Jack Cupp, We made a lot of jumps together at Piru & Taft. I am still jumping. John DeSantis.
  5. Security parachute Co. Made a 26" conical sport reserve for the 1964 US Parachute team, that was in there security piggy back harness & container.
  6. 55 Ways. 15 cessnas. Snohomish, Wash. Dave Rucket org.
  7. Jim Wallace skydiving school. Perris Valley.
  8. Skydive San Diego takes Skyride Skydive Taft, takes Skyride
  9. Seeing your husband holds an instrutors rating. Just go to him for currency jumps.Quote
  10. I am one of the jumpers in that pic. John DeSantisQuote
  11. Argus Approvals Aerodyne Jumpshack Mirage Systems RWS /United Parachute Technologies Sun Path Sunrise Rigging Rigging Innovations
  12. The best skydiving center with in 100 miles.Quote
  13. I read your post. I think it said. I AM NO PILOT.Quote
  14. Jan, You have to much time on your hands.Quote
  15. So those that don"t go to the meeting will not know what the suprise is ?Quote
  16. [Tim, Don past away several years ago. John De.reply]