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  1. Does anyone know of a school that does the ground school portion of the pro rating.
  2. the Items you have mentioned are what I would be Very intrested in how to accomplish plus my special intrest of replaceing panels in round canopys especially Paracommanders as I have one that I would like to repanel it with zero P. Tell me when and where and I will be there. Paul Gundlach
  3. When I bought mt angelfire I sold my PD 176 and have never had to look back.It is a very solid and well constructed reserve canopy.It has a great recovery range and really no bad habits.
  4. I am in real need for a set of new crown lines for my RW PC.If any one has a set or knows of someone who has a set please let me know. I want to jump this canopy at the convention,so please help if you can
  5. It depends on how much the crown lines are. The answer is yes if it reasonable.
  6. If you would give me a quote on the cost and when they would be ready. Thanks Cissco101
  7. I am looking for a set of new Crown lines for my RW PC. I would appreciate any info on anyone who has a set or knows where there might be a set. Thanks Paul G. Senior Rigger
  8. I really do appreciate the info that you gave me and it will help me a great deal. Stay safe Cissco101
  9. I am looking to get a copy of AS8015B or find the WEB sight so that I may get it myself. I would appreciate if someone could foward that info to me.
  10. call ralph at western parachute 800-200-5867
  11. I jumped at Hinckley,ILL and the Pig Farm In WisconsinQuote
  12. No I am only 200 out the door and the canopy is like new less than twenty jumps,but I wanted a little softer just for my knees. I have about 2500 PC jumps thats why I want softer. Thanks for your advise
  13. I have a question does anyone know how many slots in the apex can be sewn shut before the opening sequence is affected.The reason being I want the canopy to land a little softer. The fabic is all 1.55 O-P special made for me in 1980 the apex is 1.1.I have got the gary lewis book on the PC and thats all I have. any competatant help would be appreciated