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  1. You get that little oxygen issue figured out this time? Or are you still running trial and error?
  2. I also highly recommend ParaConcepts and have ordered Hurricane linesets from Kirk in the past.
  3. Define "member has a current valid Class 3 medical". Many things that invalidate a medical are required to be reported to the FAA if/when they happen not just at time of medical renewal. So if there was a known issue between medicals that the Member didn't disclose to the FAA that they are required to and that issue became know to the USPA then maybe.. they were within the realm of responsibility to act on it.
  4. They are the same. The one difference that comes to mind is that on the MC-4s I have seen (DOM 84ish) they used Flat Braid Dacron and the "Cascade" was simply sewn to the side of the continuous line. On the BASE canopies that are finger trapped into the line.
  5. I think it may have been the WatchThyBridle guys? They basically demonstrated (with pics) how to lock up every BASE rig on the market if the right combination of shit was to align.
  6. You can not compare these 2 rigs. There is more differences between these 2 rigs than just cutter location.
  7. Manufacturers are now all offering "Contrast Stitching" on containers, binding etc. because people like the look. So they are already doing this to a certain extent and charging a mark up for the extra effort. As for military requiring contrasting harness stitching. They aren't going to care about aesthetics and manufacturers will do whatever is necessary to maintain those contracts.
  8. I have no clue about the document you listed so total speculation here. But it could possibly be due to incidents/accidents being caused by forgetting to sew a harness after hot gluing. Rare but has happened (even in recent years) but it couldn't happen if it was never glued in the first place. I seem to remember hearing that some military are now also requiring contrasting harness thread for the same reason. When was that document last revised?
  9. support at parachutesystems dot com
  10. I recently hit them up for information regarding line trims for an old Chute Shop Hurricane 135. Got an email response the same day.
  11. I second RockyWoods and buy lots of materials from them. But I am not sure they have the PC style Marquissette (I order mine else where). They definitely carry No See Um Mesh though.
  12. I agree. This is a sore point for me too. I would also include any sport rig that the manufacturer has decided they will "No Longer Support". If they don't want their old gear out there anymore then they should step up and issue an AD. Instead they are trying to dodge liability by dumping the onus on the field rigger.
  13. The OP will pack smaller than the LPV. In my experience the LPV offers the least bulk reduction of all the low bulk reserves I have packed. As a side note, the Icon sizing isn't great from my experience and I wouldn't trust using their chart to confirm fit on extreme ends of their scale.
  14. I suspect it would go along the same lines as AADs. If it's not TSOable then simply insist that it can't impede normal reserve function.
  15. I feel it is important to add 2 additional comments on design differences so that people don't simply walk away with your 20lb vs 40lb statement. 1) The Javelin RPC doesn't need to push past all the flaps that Vector/Icon/Mirage etc do, making its job easier. and 2) The Javelin RPC also stands taller than other RPC designs giving it launch benefits that I am not smart enough to quantify.