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  1. ChrisHoward

    Required pull force for main d-bag extraction

    A side note to consider, extraction problem or not, pulling immediately out the door is begging for line twists. Even if you solve your extraction problem you should still consider taking a longer delay to generate the airspeed necessary to lift the bag quicker and cleaner than a 2 second delay will provide. P.S. I jump an RSK 1 and an RSK .5 and have found that overly tight configurations will cause the hesitation you are experiencing. Something I have noticed to be beneficial is to ensure your closing loop is tight, the tighter the better. This will keep the canopy compressed nice a neat inside the container until the pin is extracted at which point the container will relax some making it easier for the bag to lift out.
  2. ChrisHoward

    Parachutes Australia Airforce reserve TSO or not

    Does anyone out there remember a little thing called "Google"? A quick search turns up this: Seems like a good place to start. The Airforce Reserve is not listed among PAs other TSOs.
  3. ChrisHoward

    Proper way to seal reserve

    I don't know about "peer reviewed" but there is a long list of credits in the manual the Poynter gives recognition to.
  4. ChrisHoward

    Rafale vs. Freak2 ?

    Sounds pretty intimidating
  5. ChrisHoward

    Non-permanent marking of line attachment points

    Simple. The length of the line is the single easiest way to identify a line group. A's being the shortest to D's being the longest. Colours are irrelevant.
  6. ChrisHoward

    1 or 2 Pin AAD on 2001 Infinity?

    I thought it was a much better idea to get the information myself instead of blindly taking it to rigger for them to solve. The best learning experience could be to simply take it to your local rigger
  7. ChrisHoward

    How old is too old?

    They have done no such thing. That would require an Airworthiness Directive, but you already know that. Pulling support for their equipment is obviously their choice, one that I can understand, and an obviously effective way of phasing out older generations. But to try and dump the onus of grounding gear onto the field rigger with the implied threat of civil liability is definitely a sore spot for me. If they don't want their gear out there anymore then They should ground it.
  8. ChrisHoward

    How old is too old?

    In the USA? Sounds more like she was saying that she "won't pack it anymore", not "she can't". I have definitely told customers that they are welcome to find a different rigger that is willing to continue working on their old junky equipment that I was no longer willing to maintain. Edit: There is no rule to my knowledge that would allow one rigger to pack something that another rigger could not based on age.
  9. ChrisHoward

    Using a Slink to attach bridle at d-bag?

    The new SunPath PCs have eliminated the hard links from their design. They also have a new kill line attachment that is genius.
  10. ChrisHoward

    Back/Chest/Lap/Seat - Why?

    I'm skeptical. I do not believe that the vast majority of riggers go and seek additional training in things they believe they are capable of. Yes, a good rigger would realize their limitations and take it upon themselves to further their education. But in reality guys are out there taking money for whatever comes in the door because they are permitted to do the work. Edit to add: I agree with Lee, to some extent. I would like to see skydive back mounted reserves and PEPs separated. Both of them being considered "Back" is just silly.
  11. ChrisHoward

    Vigil PSB-01-2018 Firmware Update

    Just had one turned around fast (2 days). Shipping will take longer than the update.
  12. ChrisHoward

    60" drogue

    It makes a noticeable difference in freefall. Openings are good, a little more drag but still better than the higher airspeed openings of a 250lb passenger on a 54inch. Great for what you are suggesting. As someone else mentioned they do try to sneak out of the BOC due to their extra bulk.
  13. ChrisHoward

    RDS Lanyard

    As in the lanyard from the slider to the DBag? Spectra will do the job.
  14. ChrisHoward

    Relines - snippety snipp snipp - Scissors?

    Box cutter. Works great and new blades are cheaper than new scissors.
  15. ChrisHoward

    Question About Stowing Aerodyne Tandem Brakes

    Does each line have a brake setting? That should answer your question. Although if it doesn't have a brake setting on the flare toggle then you would have to find out if Aerodyne recommend stowing the excess brake line in a rubber band at the canopy. It seems that practice is slowly disappearing though.