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  1. reactor

    New Reserves and Packing Data Cards

    thanks for the information. so is it mandatory or common practice to have packing data card goes with reserve? do i violate any regulation if i sell a reserve without packing card? because there are already box on canopy label that can show number of repack and use.
  2. reactor

    New Reserves and Packing Data Cards

    FAA require rigger to write down date/place/work performed on packing data card. simple maintenance might not need to be track, but what about major repair or alteration? I had a container that has been altered previously, a rigger fund out some issue on the alteration, and use the detail on data card, he got in contact with the person who performed the alteration. They then discuss what had been done, how should have been done.
  3. reactor

    New Reserves and Packing Data Cards

    if packing data card goes with reserve, then harness container owner will not be able to track what has been done on harness or container.
  4. reactor


    you can use shopmate service from australia post. have the ebay seller send his item to shopmate's us address.
  5. reactor

    ZLX lines from Aerodyne

    I had my pilot zpx 117 re line from hma to zlx. The opening became brutal. Sent canopy back to Aerodyne, checked line trim has no problem, still waiting for further investigation.
  6. reactor

    Double Amputee

    i have had a harness made by Scott Christensen for a customer who has nothing below hip. very well made.
  7. reactor

    Basic pack job video? Check out PD's youtube channel