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  1. Aerodyne said the line trim were off by a lot. The rigger who done the reline said he did everything by the manufacture's marking. At end, I spend my own money to change line set again to HMAn.
  2. thanks for the information. so is it mandatory or common practice to have packing data card goes with reserve? do i violate any regulation if i sell a reserve without packing card? because there are already box on canopy label that can show number of repack and use.
  3. FAA require rigger to write down date/place/work performed on packing data card. simple maintenance might not need to be track, but what about major repair or alteration? I had a container that has been altered previously, a rigger fund out some issue on the alteration, and use the detail on data card, he got in contact with the person who performed the alteration. They then discuss what had been done, how should have been done.
  4. if packing data card goes with reserve, then harness container owner will not be able to track what has been done on harness or container.
  5. reactor


    you can use shopmate service from australia post. have the ebay seller send his item to shopmate's us address.
  6. I have not met her in person but I seem her promote skydiving on Chinese social media or tv many time. I though she did great too until now. Yes, it's doesn't matter she is first, second or even not certified by China Aero Sports, she is still USPA AFFI. She can still bring her Chinese students to US and teach them there. Bluffing about her Chinese qualification to skydivers outside China? What is the point?
  7. "In China, as you may or may not know, there’s almost nowhere to jump. There are no commercial dropzones." I don't think all these word and content were concoct by Annette O'Neil. Although this isn't big deal, it is still false information she has provided to author. I don't know why she wants to lie about it. The truth is, in China, there aren't many place to jump. Only one commercial dz that opens all year round and fun jump friendly, few other are seasonal and are tandem first operation. Chinese skydiving are slowly growing up. We love to see people promote Chinese skydiving. We also love to see article that cover Chinese skydiving but not when someone is lying, especially it has referred to "China Aero Sports".
  8. I can say I am the first person using AFF style training in China. I know what I am talking about. 5 years after my first AFF jump, I still without Chinese AFFI rating. All instructors that provide AFF style training in China are USPA, APF or other foreign rated. "AFFI rating IS ACCEPTED by commercial DZs in China" doesn't mean she is certified by China Aero Sports. I did not deny things she has archived. I simply said there are false informations.
  9. This article contains many false informations about Chinese people, Chinese skydiver, Chinese skydiving. Although there are things she has achieved that no other Chinese have done, she is definitely not the first certified Chinese AFFI by both China and US. There is no AFFI rating in the Chinese aero sports regulations. This article is more like a advertorial to herself.
  10. I had my pilot zpx 117 re line from hma to zlx. The opening became brutal. Sent canopy back to Aerodyne, checked line trim has no problem, still waiting for further investigation.
  11. if it was custom made for the owner, it will be a bit small for you. can fit in doesn't mean good fit.
  12. you can speak to these guys at Louding, Guangdong.
  13. i have had a harness made by Scott Christensen for a customer who has nothing below hip. very well made.
  14. I am quite surprise people don't take this recommendation seriously. I am a TM, I enjoyed fly by, some passenger did so too. When I saw this thread I started think about the possibility, the risk, the things involve. Dose it worth the risk? Does passenger know the risk? Fly by isn't common practice of regular tandem skydive. Does it address the risk in the waiver? Does instructor tell passenger he or she could die if get hit by wingsuiter? Tandem passenger come for skydive isn't because there is risk to die or injured, they come because they like the thrill skydive give them, just like taking thrill ride in amusement park. Two qualified driver/race car driver/stunt car driver could end with disaster when driving in control environment. Qualified wingsuiter and TM's plan base on their believed could end up bad too. It's just the matter of when. It is only recommendation though, but it's time to think about how to make our sports safer.
  15. see attached drawing. if riser didn't come out and slider came all the way down, the it will be behind your head, not on top of your head